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  1. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/article/40411/ Especially around 1 minute 26 seconds remaining.
  2. Iwan scored 19 in the League in 1998-99, and four more in the FA and League Cups.So while it''s true that he scored 23 goals, Hoolahan''s Middle Finger was right to say we haven''t had a striker score 20+ in the league since Sutton.
  3. Couple of urban myths that I''ve heard over the years, but my painstaking ten minute research has thus far shed no light.1. Did he really respond to away fans who had been chanting ''you fat bastard'' at him all game by doing one-armed push-ups in front of them when he scored?2. Did he really wear a Norwich shirt under his Reading one when he played for the Royals, and reveal it to the Ipswich fans after scoring against them?Any more that you know are true (or false) - and can you supply links to video or articles to back them up?Looking forward to hearing some Flecky memories, if nothing else.
  4. I did post a couple of weeks ago that my friend had spoken to Huckerby when he met him after a San Jose game. Huckerby told him he was retiring due to his hip injury, as well as more or less everything that has appeared in his press interviews over the last 48 hours. The moderators deleted my post (I''m not sure exactly why), but not until after ''When Saturday Comes'' and ''Lineo'' had had a chance to call me a ''bullshitter'' (pardon the language - I''m just quoting). See http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/1821467/ShowPost.aspx for the responses to my message, though my opening post is nowhere to be seen. I wonder whether the moderators would consider finding the deleted post, including quotes, and re-posting it?Anyway, it just goes to show that not everyone who comes on here is making things up. Still smell like bullshit, fellas?
  5. Having read replies to this post as well as others, it appears that some people are fans of Drury and others not. Those who are defending him are saying that he defended pretty well, got in some timely blocks, etc. Well I guess I have to agree - he did defend ok. My major gripe would be that his distribution was just so poor! He hit long hopeful balls up front nearly every time he got it. And Strihavka wasn''t winning anything in the air, which in turn led to Cureton not getting a sniff. Maybe Drury is under instruction to look long every time he gets it, in which case I don''t blame him but rather the management. When you compare Drury''s performance to that of Otsemobor, I would say they defended at a pretty similar level, perhaps Otsemobor just shaded it, and he was also far, far better going forward, overlapping, putting crosses in (did you see it when he stripped their left back for pace in the first half over a 20 yard sprint?!), and playing the ball into the midfield or forwards. Why do we find it so hard to be patient and just keep hold of the ball? It''s not the end of the world if you have to go back to your ''keeper to retain possession on occasion. For crying out loud, these guys are professional footballers, they should be able to keep the ball for as long as they like. I don''t think we should ever lose the ball except when taking risks, trying the killer pass, taking on defenders, but only in the final third of the pitch. I guess Drury was just the worst culprit last night, and that''s why he annoyed me so much! But yes defensively he was ok, in my opinion. Also, I''m aware that this was a one-off game and, not going regularly enough to get a balanced view over many games, I''m perhaps basing my arguments on rather flimsy evidence, but I''m just saying what I saw..
  6. 1. Nice shiny scoreboard. 2. Zamora was quality, one of the best players on the pitch. Ditto Mark Noble. 3. Why was Ashton getting booed? So he left us to play at a higher level - so what?! How do you think we got him here in the first place?! If your career was only 10 years long you wouldn''t hang around for a year at somewhere you didn''t want to be, so why do you expect footballers to be any different?Small minded bigots, especially the guy who sat behind me and started shouting homophobic abuse at Ashton. Very clever mate, your parents must be so proud... 4. Drury is shocking. Every single time he got the ball it was a long hump up the field. Why oh why oh why can''t players learn to JUST KEEP THE BALL?! 5. Otsemobor, Marshall, Croft were our best three players. Otsemobor got forward very well and looked comfortable on the ball; Marshall made some great saves; Croft was full of running, and was willing to take players on in the final third. So what if he lost it a few times? At least he was doing it in the right areas of the pitch. 6. We need a centre back, left back and another striker to complete the squad for this season. Shackell and the Doc did ok, but were caught out of position too often. We need a quick, strong player at the back. Lappin should start ahead of Drury on that showing. Not convinced by Strwhateverhisnameis, though Brown looked ok, as did Cureton. 7. Fotheringham and Chadwick were both ok, nothing more nothing less. They seem to me as though they''re bog standard players. Players such as these will not get us promoted. Chadwick ran a lot but was ''one-paced''. Didn''t seem to speed up when he was sprinting. 8. I''m happy because I''d much rather to have Russell at the club and a million pounds in the bank that have Etuhu still here! 9. I''m also happy because I had my photo taken with Eggert Magnusson on the bridge after the game. Quite what he was doing there I have no idea. His suit felt very cheap. He''s probably got no money left for clothes, what with giving £60,000 of his money to Lucas Neill every week!   10. Whenever the ball was wide in midfield and we were looking to feed the ball into our strikers, West Ham flooded the area with players, making it really difficult for us to pick our way through. When they had the ball wide in midfield, we kept our shape - 4/4/2 - but as a result passes into their forwards'' feet were too easy as we didn''t get extra bodies to close the space. This was the one of the major differences for me, and it explained why they moved the ball into the final third so much quicker and more effectively than we did. Please let me know which points, if any, you agree with or otherwise.
  7. What do you think the chances are of us getting a couple of West Ham players on loan? They have an abundance of strikers - Tevez, Zamora, Carlton Cole, Sheringham, Ashton (when fit), Harewood, as well as lots of defenders (whose name''s I can''t be bothered to type, but here''s a link - http://www.whufc.com/team/?page_id=1219 ). With Grant''s connections, will any of the players who aren''t getting a regular start be interested in a loan spell with us? As much as I like the guys who play for us, most of whom are nice as pie when I speak to them (quite frequently in my job), we could do with some defenders, couldn''t we?!  
  8. http://home.skysports.com/list.asp?hlid=396655&CPID=10&clid=2&lid=2&title=Kev+surprised+at+Hulse+talk
  9. Just to add a touch of balance to the story, here is the full version of Worthington''s quote (I have italicised some words): “It''s a time when a lot of people in football are taking their holidays, myself included, but there is still a lot of work going on behind the scenes,” he explained. “We have identified a number of players who would strengthen our squad and it''s a case of putting in the phone calls and seeing what the situation is. It''s question of adding everything up - the transfer fees, the salaries, whether clubs are prepared to let certain people go out on loan, and such-like - and then seeing if something can be sorted out. “These things take time and, as I said, it''s case of everyone being patient. You never say never in football so I wouldn''t rule out the possibility of something happening soon. But I should imagine it will be a little while yet before we are in position to announce any new arrivals.” (from http://new.pinkun.com/content/ncfc/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PinkUnOnline&tCategory=Norwich&itemid=NOED22%20May%202006%2017%3A58%3A55%3A450 )  
  10. How can you say we''re stuck with him? I''d love it if we were ''stuck'' with an entire squad full of players who are heading to the World Cup instead of some of the jokers we''ve got at the moment...
  11. Can you please post the link for the Newcastle story? I can''t find it!
  12. Seems like exactly the sort of player who would win us games at this level. Not pretty, but effective. We would be able to offer him a pretty good package compared to other Championship clubs, and a certain starting place, which he may not get if he stays in the Premiership.
  13. I saw the highlights of Saturday''s game and it looks as though our pitch is a bit ropey?! When it was installed we were promised  "This will be as updated as we can get it in today''s world. There will be no difference in the pitch in December or January than August and it lasts for 10 years." (''John Hewitt, managing director of Hewitt Sports Turf - which brought the Dutch design to this country). http://new.pinkun.com/search/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&itemid=NOED19%20Jun%202004%2000:15:18:483&tBrand=PINKUNOnline&tCategory=search So what''s the deal?
  14. I saw Mike Walker shopping in town yesterday.  
  15. Does anybody have any update on this issue? I''ve been away for quite a while, and I''m wondering if anyone knows any more details about what''s happening?
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