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  1.     How about the radio norfolk commentater "Shoes" (Neil Adams) right sided midfield player great crosser, great corners and his penalties weren''t bad either
  2.    How many people have noticed how slow moving games are these days. What I mean is of the 90 mins that a match is played how much of that time is the ball actually in play. It takes an age to take throw ins, goal kicks, free kicks players going down fiegning injury to get the game stopped (for example michael rickets for cardiff after his embarrassing shot stayed down holding his shin, ref stops play, he gets up nothing wrong) I''d be surprised if we actually get to see 65-70 mins of playing time this can''t be good for football.     I for one am getting very annoyed about this and the fact that the refs, don''t even seem to notice until the crowd start getting aggravated then he motions for play to continue.     On tuesday in the 2nd minute of the match against cardiff my brother said to me they''re playing for the draw here, How right he was, it was funny to see them rushing around trying to get the game going when they were 1-0 down.     But to be fair to cardiff they''re no worse than any other side in this div and that includes my beloved Norwich, as a paying fan i want value for money and that means 90mins of football not 70 mins of football and 20 mins of a load of grown men being pathetic rolling round on the floor as if they''ve just had their precious pedicure ruined, or taking an age to get the ball back into play cos they can''t be arsed to run around for 90 full mins.     I''m so tempted to take a stop watch to the ground on a match day and keep stopping and starting it when the ball in play or out of play just for my own piece of mind more than anything else.     What are all your views on this subject
  3. [quote]same old yellow and green tinted specs on. Most of us can see the frequent mistakes from our Manager, but there are those that still think he is untouchable because he got us promoted. I think W...[/quote] QUOTE from stevanage fan "If Worthy does turn it all around and we do go up again, well done to him, but you have to ask if it is purely down to him or the fact that when all our players are fit we have the best squad in the league and that was true the season we won it too."      Who the hell put the team together in the first place.
  4.     I totally agree with these comments but you also forgot to mention the fact that we''re pretty much down to our last fit 1st team players (bench at luton ward, ryan and rossi Jarvis, Jarrett and louis-jean very limited) are there any other fit players at NCFC that weren''t involved on tuesday.     I am getting more and more annoyed by those that can''t wait for us to lose again so they can continue their apparent vendetta against worthy (one of the most successful managers in our history). Ok we''re not doing as well as I thought we would be, But he tried to sign morrison didn''t he (foreseeing leon''s dip in form before the rest of us) If we''d have got him we''d have probably had more confidence in front of goal resulting in scoring more, having more self belief and thus winning more games. Who''d have thought leon would have only scored 2 goals by now.    Trust Worthy Come on you Yellows
  5. robbo07 yes i did see holt that season he didn''t particularly stand out for me yes he was here there and every where but when he got there he did fcuk all although he did get hit with the ball a few times and yes you could count these as blocks.     anyway after he got player of the season i decided to actually watch what he did and that is what i had to do for the rest of his time here because i couldn''t believe a professional footballer could do nothing but run all over the pitch and little else.     the reason why i blame holt for our relegation is not because he was crap but because he was taking up a very valuable space up in the side which we could ill afford to do     P.s. the reason why Iwan was a god (in my eyes too) was because of his goals, i mean if he can score that many goals for us (a poor team at the time) what could he have done in a good side. We love Iwan always
  6.     Following on from jonny and yellow rider r.e. holt yup he was crap and yellow rider got it spot on with his description of holts game. as for him being found out in the prem, rubbish i found him out after that first season. I couldn''t believe he got player of the season, so i started to watch his game then and he did what yellow rider said he ran all over the pitch doing nothing (fooled worthy for 3 years tho) Gary holt was the main reason NCFC got relegated FACT.     On the subject of Andy Hughes it''s a bit early to make hard and fast judgements, but i like what i seen up to now, committed tough tackling ball winner who can actually pass. i think in the crewe game he was trying too hard to make an impression in front of his new fans.     And i would say to you all that you need to give players a chance to prove their worth before you slag them off i.e. Jarrett how many times has he played for us and you''re all calling him crap, maybe he is, maybe he isn''t but give the fella a chance first. (remember the doc was crucified on here not too long ago)
  7. In, In, In.     He deserves our full support for the success over the last 5 years. Give him the whole season with a demand that they finish top 6.     COME ON YOU YELLOWS     Trust Worthy
  8.     What a joke a fortress is only a fortress when the enemy is intimidated to come to it and the home natives are safe.     Lets show Hull tonight and our new players (who still don''t know) what Fortress Carrow Road can be like. Lets give the team support tonight the likes of which haven''t been seen this season up to now. I''m sure if we can sing, cheer and support our boys in their battle tonight then we will get the positive result all our efforts would deserve. I know it''s a 2 way thing but why can''t we lift our players for a change rather than have them lift us. They will respond.     So go to FCR tonight sing. cheer, enjoy we will then get the positive result we all desire. NO MOANING allowed.     Make FCR strong again     COME ON YOU YELLOWS
  9.     Football fans all over the country are calling for their managers heads e.g. ally mcliesh for rangers 4 months after winning the league title, david moyes after champions league qualification, ian dowie after his promotion, and harry Redknapp, it''s amazing how fickle fans are, happy when things are going well, but 8 games of an indifferent spell SACK EM they''re crap. how fickle fans really are, Glory hunters? want to be there in their clubs good times, but not prepared to stick with em in the bad.     I wonder how many of these (Fans?) actually stuck with NCFC during our really poor hamilton rioch days or how many of them are newish season ticket holders (since the jarrold stand went up). If you''ve noticed we''re not selling out at the mo are we, glory hunters not turning up?     I too am embarrassed to be called a Norwich fan at the moment, these fans should be ashamed of themselves. You can here the moaners all the time a slight pass astray BOO, a miss-understanding on the pitch BOO, nice possession football BOO, all the time, GIVE IT A REST. I''m sure their are people who only go there to moan and complain.     Nigel Worthington is going to go down in the history books at Carrow Road as one of the most successful managers we''ve had and you want to cut short his appointment, just because we''ve not won every game by a hatfull of goals, like we all expected to! RUBBISH. Stick by your manager he knows what he''s doing look at the squad he''s assembled, look how we''ve played most teams of the park and lost 1-0 not the result of a poor manager just poor luck (bad finishing) in front of goal. If we were playing rubbish none entertaining football with no hope, and worthy had lost the dressing room, which he clearly hasn''t, then I would say sack him, but none of these are true, so get behind him and the team.     I''m coming away from moaning carrow road thinking that, we played well, had loads of chances, just that the ball is not bouncing for us at present. Also thinking that I hate some of Norwich city''s (FANS?)     What must the new players be thinking about us, why the hell did we sign for Norwich their fans are awful.     So when the teams run out tonight for the match against Hull lets give them the support we all know we''re capable of and show the new players what FCR is all about.     COME ON YOU YELLOWS Trust Worthy
  10.     I''ve got to say every game he''s played for us he has been absolutely fantastic. when he''s fully fit and can last the full 90mins he will be without doubt our best, most important player. He''s the best midfield player we''ve had since..... townsend?? crook??? if jags from sheff u is worth 5million then so must Safri. FANTASTIC.     when he come on against crewe for 25mins he was pushing for man of the match imo. Just love the bloke can''t say it enough he''s fantastic and makes me happy       Morrocan all over the world
  11. well all i can say to that is i''m glad gary holt''s not here because he was crap
  12.     He''s just signed a new 5 year deal at palace, looks like he''s staying there then. Lots of pens for palace this season then. Cheating Ba*$ard
  13. I don''t care what anyone says about louis-jean thats not important the fact that we got holt of our books and actually got something for him amazes me completly. Gary Holt was crap I have watched everything he has done over the last 3 years f%&k all sums it up nicely. 3 goals in 182 appearances pathetic for any midfielder. He couldn''t pass and he couldn''t tackle all he did was mark an empty space when we didn''t have the ball and marked an opponent closely when we did ( so we couldn''t pass to him) what the hell was the point of him being on the pitch total sh$%e. the bonus is we didn''t have to pay him to leave Louis-jean I''ll give you my support you can''t be any worse than Holt. Hopefully he will be a good right back. I honestly haven''t noticed him before so does that mean he can''t be that bad as he would have stood out otherwise. come on you yellows
  14.     It''s true yoda "The man can trap a ball further than I can kick it"
  15.     marty first of all how dare you say it''s people like me who got us relegated, if you can find someone who makes more noise, sings any more or claps more than me during a game I''d be amazed. Maybe if there had been more like me some of the other stands might start to sing, or maybe worthy would have got the message 2-3 seasons ago about holt. If more people appealed for penalties or freekicks as i do then maybe we could have influenced referees a bit more.     As for it being "rather personal and also a little un-healthy" i too prefer to watch talented footballers with the ball, but, alas, all i can see when i look at the pitch is that clown holt strolling about out of position hiding away from the ball, with some people singing "he''s here, he''s there ....."
  16.     ou est ansilin (loved old cedric by the way) just for the record i''ve been slagging off holt for 3 years now as i saw the light on holts "activity" on the pitch way back then. I''ve not been a member on this site since then but have for about a year (no idea how long really) and if you look at any of my posts there would probably be a mention about holt in most of them.     Just so you know exactly what my problem is with holt it''s this: his game play; he jogs up the pitch and he jogs down the pitch, 18 yard box to 18 yard box. When opposition has the ball he stands 5-10 yards in front of man with ball, then when the ball is passed away from holt he stands there or has a little jog. the next time the ball is anywhere near him he''s not marking a soul he stands in big spaces with no-one around him.     When we have the ball he doesn''t look at it. he jogs about a bit trying to look busy by starting to run towards an opponent so he can''t be passed to. If by any chance the ball lands at his feet and he manages to control it, he will try to pass it sideways or backwards, if attempted pass is more than 10 yards it goes directly to an opponent. trust me he''s ruined 3 years of my season ticket because now that i''ve seen what he does i just can''t take my eyes of him. i can''t believe that you can get paid thousands of pound a week doing this and even get called up to his national side even they could see how shit he was and dropped him pretty quickly.     100% effort where and what''s the point in having a man giving 100% if he''s awful. also for a "tough tackling midfield holding player", how is it possible to play 29 games in a season and not get booked. (he doesn''t tackle that''s why)     HOLT OUT NOW OR WORTHY OUT IN 6 months time if he continues to play holt. I am worthy''s biggest fan, i''ve sat through what hamilton, rioch, etc... served us and I''m not prepared to go through more of that crap. I want worthy to stay but the fan pressure will start to mount against him if he sticks with holt and we''re not near top, which we wouldn''t be if we start with 10 men every week     Come on you yellows! not you though holt!
  17.     Ricky i really disagree strongly when you say we wouldn''t have stayed up without him. I agree that you can''t blame one man, but it''s because he''s so crap that our defence was under so much pressure all the time. if we didn''t have holt in the squad we would have had another player in his place I hear H Dumpty is better than holt.     Just for the record i did wait until the season was over before starting with these negative comments but i have got to say them.     GET HOLT OUT NOW PLEASE!
  18.     I have to admit that every time holt comes on i boo him. So yes i must be a moron. But I am not booing holt the person, it kills me to get on the back of any city player, it really does but I''m fed-up with worthy selecting him (for most of this season ahead of saffri total insanity) So I''m trying to show worthy how i feel about him.     It''s not holt''s fault he get''s picked and I''m not one of these people who want worthy out I just wish worthy could see how completely useless holt is.     As I have said many times before to who ever will listen it''s like playing with 10 men whenever he is on.     Has anyone watched a full match yet as I requested to study holts inactivity and very poor positional play. You''ll be amazed when you actually watch what he does. To be fair to holt don''t pick the Fulham game to watch as that was a particularly bad game for him. To be even more fair to him pick a game we won and watch that one.     One descent display from holt this season that even I have to admit to is the 4-4 draw with boro pretty good for holt he made the difference, although not quite sure how.
  19.     This is unbelievable, all those of you who say gary holt isn''t that bad can i ask you to do something for me. I have watched this mans every move in every game for the past 3 seasons, trust me I have, could you watch a recording of any match you can get your hands on(the whole game) and just watch gary holts every move please.     What you will see is a clueless man marking an empty space, when we don''t have the ball, never man marking.plus he''s so deep he''s level with our defenders (or behind) not attacking midfield opposition (result become overrun in the middle of the park). When we have the ball he''s either not looking at the ball or he runs towards an opponent, so he''s not available to pass to. As for what he does when he gets the ball a complete joke.    Ok so against fulham we were all crap (not the fans) but he must have only touched the ball 4 maybe 5 times in an hour totally unacceptable.    So please could you do this for me to see if you can see the light on gary holt    P.S. mook i agree that his inclusion is worthy''s decision (poor judgment) but best player for the past 3 season whatever sort of football do you want to see . lets face it even scotland dropped him i wonder why.
  20. oh my god why didn''t we think of this, it could have been the answer 3-5-2 greeno flem/eddy/doc shacks charlton/drury helveg bentley francis saffri hux deano leon you know I think I could be on to something here I think this would strengthen our defence and midfield, would give support to left back area and almost free hux to do what he does best, attack. worthy give this a thought
  21. At last people who see sense about holt, did someone say east stirling, he''s not even good enough for wroxham, he can''t pass or tackle but has "instant first touch close control" as a "tough tackling no nonesense battling midfielder" did he get a yellow card this season?
  22.     You say who else could you bring in for 100k? that''s not the issue, he''s not up to first division football, let alone the premier league, saffri is better but he''s been left out most of the season to accommodate holt. I agree it''s not possible for one player alone to get a side relegated, it''s the fact that playing with him in the side is like playing with 10 men, because he doesn''t do anything, therefore we are a weakened side before we even kick off.     Please believe me when I said that I have been watching him for the past 3 seasons I have and he''s been crap for 95% of those games and the other 5% he''s almost average. Watch yesterdays game again and just watch out for gary holt and what he does it''s scary.that was a typical holt performance no midfield cover for the defence, in fact he''s normally level with the defenders or even behind them. He should be blocking/tackling for the ball further up the pitch stopping the supply to opponents forwards, this he doesn''t do.     GET HOLT OUT NOW!
  23.     Chicken you are one of these people who just can''t see it with holt he does nothing an absolute waste of space and as for being respected within the club that too must be a joke. He does not bring anything to the team. how many time did he just touch the ball yesterday 4 maybe 5 times. for an hours worth of football this is not any where near good enough. He can''t pass, can''t tackle and doesn''t want the ball      I agree pretty much about everything else, although hux best position is wide left/attack so if we could play a system that would free hux of defending duties then that would be perfect.     At the end of the day we are relegated so lets look forward to winning matches again I''ll be there cheering the boys on whatever league we''re playing in. Come on you yellows.
  24.     Just have to say now that the season is over, but Gary Holt was without doubt the worst player in the premiership this season. I can''t understand how the hell he keeps getting picked. He can''t pass, can''t tackle, he''s never available to pass to and his positional sense is fking woeful.     So all I hope now that it''s all over that we can finally get through to worthy is that this bloke has to go. Whoever comes or goes just get rid of this waste of space. I have watched this idiot for the last 3 seasons now i can''t take my eyes off him, as I can''t believe he is actually playing for Norwich City. All he does is jog from one 18 yard box to the other and nothing in between. GOD I HATE HOLT. It truly is like playing with 10 men.     The funny thing is he actually got in the scotland squad.
  25.     I would like to say there seems to be a few rumblings around about sacking worthy, ok his use of subs is baffling; e.g. 1  (taking hux off at soton may not have pleased some people but that wasn''t the problem, it was why did he bring on a left back, charlton for him when you have a very good defensive minded left mid in jonson (who he''d just slated in the papers for not being more attacking)give him a chance to respond on the pitch) e.g.2 (taking off and not playing saffri for most of the season (great ncfc midfielder) in favour of holt(worst player in prem) ok saffri was injured so let him off this time, but what did holt do in his 30 mins on the pitch (jogged around at half pace between our 18 yard box and the half way line marking an empty space, when they had the ball . but when we had it ran to the nearest brum player so he couldn''t be passed the ball. TOTAL S****. Has anyone noticed how saffri''s run in the side has coincided with our up-turn in results. Playing with gary holt in our side is like playing with 10 men he really is that bad. I should know i''ve spent the last 3 seasons not being able to take my eyes of him when he''s on the pitch not being able to understand how the hell; a, he''s a proffessional footballer and b, how the hell he won player of the season in 01-02 which to be fair he wasn''t too bad that season.     Anyway I digress my point about the worthy out rumblings are probably the very fans who came flooding back to FCR when our football started to improve 4years ago. they probably didn''t sit through the hamilton, Rioch years like most of us i wonder how true this is. There are a few people I know who are like this and they are also the one calling for worthy''s head. (Fickle). Plus as much as I like this board I have absolutely no confidence in this board being able to pick a good manager worthy was 3rd time lucky I guess.     Worthy should stay as long as he wants just for giving us hux if nothing else. I just wish he wouldn''t persist in his desire to get gary holt on the pitch at any opportunity Worthy he is S**** and just so you know that  i''m not jumping onto the holt hating bandwagon that seems to be gathering pace you can check out any of my previous posts from the start of my messages on this board that I have been consistant throughout with this view of holt. Also just for the record that I wanted dean ashton long before we signed him much more than anyone else who got a mention. God he''s good Come on you yellows We will do it. It''s meant to be
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