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  1. We used to have a cat called Huckerby but he got run over.  I assume he was alright crossing over but must have ben hit wandering back slowly with his hands (paws) on his hips.
  2. Every time I hear "I Love It" by Icona Pop Ft Charli Xx, I can''t help thinking the chorus is the perfect song for Fer:   Lee-Roy Fer, We Love Him!  Lee-Roy Fer, We Love Him!   The verse is a bit trickier:   I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone. I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn. I threw your sh!t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. I crashed my car into the bridge.   Soooo bad but maybe something like:   I got this feeling on a summer day when you were signed You came from F C Twente in the Nether-lern-ds I knew you’d fit into the team and play instead of Wes And when you score at Stamford Bridge…   Lee-Roy Fer, We Love Him!  Lee-Roy Fer, We Love Him!   <stands back and awaits abuse>    
  3. Argghhhh!  Another goal conceeded from a Doc free kick! He is useless - how many free kicks does he give away 25-30 yards out!  Cost us 3 points today,  First goal against Reading.  Plus countless others. In fact, we seem to give more free kicks away 30 yards out than any club I''ve seen.  I recon that we would have stayed in the prem and would certainly be in the play off if it wasn''t for goal from set peices!  Plus when we get free kicks we never do bugger all. I would love to analyse our Carling Opta stats!  Anyway rant over. KTF.  He may be useless but it could be worse he could be Deehan or Hamilton or Megson or Rioch,  Shacks and Charly as centre backs.  Doc Out! 
  4. I agree with AHJ.  Otto''s perception is about as good as his infantile sense of humour.  If his last game before this was Brighton and his next is Palace he should shut and leave those who cover more ground than Jarrett in the Carling Opta stats to see their team do the slagging off. After £1000+ this season and 3,000+ miles from my Surrey base I have earned that right.  The Doc was poor, but had to conceede the free kick as Green was welded to his line rather than sweeping the long ball.  Charlie was cr@p in the middle, but he doesn''t ask to play there, the defence looked solid second half when he replace the vacant Dury (mostly to blame for the second goal) in his natural left back position.  Hendo deserves the booing.....he is useless.  But I suppose if your only point of reference is Brighton he is a goal hero.  He not only missed the point black header he took it off the head of two other better placed players!  he also broke clean through on goal before that but decided to spurn his clear goal scoring oportunity to center the ball to noone.  How does he get to play and Jarvis not?  Javis scores a wonder goal vs Liverpool - dropped, transforms the game away to Luton, then dropped. The Reading fans were Chavs who thought throwing paper(cardboard!) aeroplanes at Hucks was funny.  Where were they when they were sh!t? Maybe if Otto didn''t wait till the Canaries visit him in Surrey, got off his @r$e and went to fortress Carrow road he might witness some decent performances.....then again he might not.  Fingers crossed we might draw Woking or Kingstonian''s in th FA Cup next year.  In fact, sod us, why not get yourself a Royals season ticket.
  5. He is quality.  I suggested that we look at him two years ago, then again at the start of this season when we were linked with Bircham.  I also suggested we should try to buy Lee Cook (formerly of Watford), pacey winger/striker in Huckerby/WLY mould. Who did we get instead the Doc (and the power to conceed free kicks in dangerous positions at will) and Jarrett, unpacey midfielder in mould of my mum. By the way, the song is "Chim-Chimney Chim-Chimney, Chim-Chim-Cheroo who needs Sol Cambel when we''ve got Shittu".  
  6. Islington Canary, my post like yours was written last night but only moderated and posted this AM. My point about being at the match is, that if after investing time and money witnessing the debacle first hand I can be humble and supportive then those listening on the radio should have patients too.
  7. Anyone who thinks Dean Ashton is a waste of space is out of touch.  He scored a great goal tonight, despite spending most of his time in midfield (because we didn''t seem to have one, would have scored another but for a great goal line clearance and finally set-up Javis.  Deano is class and has shown his commitment by signing an extension to his contract. Plus anyone critising Greeno has a pretty short memory.
  8. Judging by the timings of these postings none of you were actually at the game tonight? Whilst all the players and staff were booed off at half time, they were applauded on, except worthy coming out last was booed again - so there is certainly more decent tonight than I have ever witnessed. Before we go overboard on Worthy we need to have a cast iron better cert ready to take over - you''ve got short memories if you can''t remember the football we played under Hamilton, Megson, Rioch and Deehan!  Worthy has brought the club more success than we''d had for over a decade. He has also been unlucky with injuries - and some transfers who looked like coups have taken a while to bed in. Enough pro Worthy stuff though!  WHY DOES HE FEEL THE NEED TO PLAY PLAYERS OUT OF POSITION? When we have injuries give the players waiting in the wings a chance.  He could have played Javis up front from the start.  He scored an awesome goal against Liverpool last year, a good goal tonight and looked lively.  WLY is not a striker he''s a winger - play him on the right.  Charlie is a left back, play him there not in midfield when Jarrett is on the bench.  Don''t play Henderson at all.  For each good thing he does 5 bad things, he gave the ball away cheaply and couldn''t defend tonight. Also, while we''re bashing Worthy why can''t he change things until after they''ve gone wrong.  Don''t wait till the oposition score before replacing the player everyone can see is having a bad night.  We had no midfield tonight - rather than let WLY struggle with no service he could have pulled him to right wing and substituted Hendo for Jarrett and switch to 4-5-1. Personally, I see no better managers out there.  Every manager has a sell by date but Worthy deserves some loyalty for the success and stability he has brought to the club.  Judge him on his performance with a full squad and a bit of luck.  If you don''t support him, support Delia and the team and suffer in silence.  ANd I can right this after having blown £50 and got a soaking going to one of the worst grounds and seeing one of the worst NCFC performances in years.  Luton didn''t win to night, we lost.  But COME ON CITY!
  9. Here''s my top 3 (well 5 or 6 actually): When we played Wimbledon at Selhurst Park and their supporters had organised a boycott, the crowd of 3,000 was mainly City - and to the tune of Tiffany''s - I Think we''re alone now we sung: "I think we''re at Selhurst, there doesn''t seem to be anyone around... I think we''re at Selhurst, the singing of the city is the only sound... ...dobbie, dobbie, doop, doop, doop, der, der...." At Watford away last seaon after being promoted I liked the the subtle changing of the words to "follow the boys in yellow" to: "Follow, follow, follow......follow the boys in yellow... We''ll be beating Man U while the Scum lose at Crewe... and it''s off the the Premier we go..." At the same game I also enjoyed singing "Thats why your Nationwide...that''s why your nationwide" every time Watford screwed up! Also, about ten years previously we played Watford when they had Ronnie Rosenthal (sp?), and they use to sing to the Jewish/Cosak tune "Ronnie-a-ronnie-ronnie-a-ronnie-ronnie-a-ronnie-rosenthal-HEY!" Best player chants have to be "Malky/McKenzie-oh-a-oh.....he scored against the Scum, he scored another one..." just because there true!  Also "Yousef''s better than Juniniho" is one of the best rhymes in footy! Other than Norwich players, I used to think the song Manure sung about the Nevilles to the tune of Rebel Rebel was pretty good, especially the last line "....and Neville Neville is the name of your dad".
  10. I get Canaries World free with my NTL broadband - So I don''t mind the service. I go to 50% of games and watch the highlights even when I''ve been - I am amazed at some of the incidents missed, but generally it''s OK.  Some of the interviews are OK but generally the transcripts are published as Pinkun'' articles anyway. Last season I didn''t watch it at all as the excellent Footbal First feature on Sky guaranteed 50 minutes highlights at 10 (and sometimes the whole game at 8).  I don''t know why Sky don''t do this for the Championship - half the clubs down here are bigger than the smaller Prem clubs.  e.g. Sheff Utd, Sheff Wed, Wolves, Us, Ips***, Southampton, Palace, Leeds, Derby etc. all have bigger supporter bases than the likes of Wigan, Blackburn, Fulham etc.   Where abouts in Surrey do you live Branston?
  11. Pro Evo is God. I have an updated memory card with this seasons Premiership (pah!) and Championship leagues (well not all the Championship Teams as the max league side is 20....but all the important ones), updated Kits, sponsors and transfers etc. If anyone wants a copy - send me your memory card and a SAE (Both recorded delivery just incase) and I''ll update it for you. The Doc is awesome as centre back, Saf scores from the centre circle and you can beat the scummers at Portaloo road......Its just like real life. Barry BTW I know I should get out more.
  12. I think the upturn in form is because Hughes has been captain since we dropped Flem. Hughes attitude is top draw though.....He came right up to the fans after we sung for 45 minutes solid away at Watford for no return and aplauded us.  He also did the same at Brighton (probably for pay £22.50 for such a cr@p hole!)
  13. Do you get anything different on regional chanels?  Because I can recieve Anglia and region BBC through SKY?  
  14. As an exiled Canary, after the luxury of 50 minutes highlights of every game on Sky''s Footbal First last season - I must now adapt to the mediocre coverage of the Coca Cola League. Does anybody know when and where I can catch Norwich highlights this season?
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