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  1. Just listened to the press conference on radio Norfolk, and was fairly impressed with what he had to say. He spoke intelligently, and sounded determind and would demand 100% from every member of the squad. Obviously we will have to see how the season pans out, but for now i will be 100% behind him.
  2. Just wondererd what impact Grant may have on some of our players, and who`s game he could improve the most, when a new manager comes into a club, they often turn fringe players into first teamers etc, or turn one of the players into a much improved player. I would love him to give some of the younger boys a chance, i`ve got a funny feeling his knowledge of midfield,will improve Hughes game no end. your thoughts ?
  3. I think he could be a great signing, obviously we have not signed him for his pace,  and i could not think of anyone much better than him, getting on the end of crosses from Croft and Huckers, his hold up play is fairly sound and its another option when our current game is not working. As stated many times, lets just give the guy a chance, and if he plays poorly, then maybe its time to critise then.
  4. Surprise signing indeed, signed until end of the season, obviously good ion the air and good hold up player, could be a good signing if he is still fit and hungry.
  5. 1-0 down, and its sounds like we are playing terribly, sounds like a fiesty game too, 5 bookings, lets hope worthy and co earn their money at half time and give them a kick up the back side !!
  6. Both Earnie and Joe Lewis have sustained injuries, Earnie`s was done playing for wales, falling on his wrist, x-rays have confirmed its not broken, but are unsure if he will be available for Saturday. Lewis`s injury is worse, he has fractured a cheekbone against Orient, and is out for about 3 weeks, so this leaves us with no back up keeper if Gallagher gets injured.
  7. When Leon was a Norwich City player, he was always one of my favourites, yes, his first touch was poor, yes, his finishing left something to be desired, yes, he was not always aware of players around him, and yes, he often ran with the ball with his head down, often unsure himself where he would end up, yet despite all of these short comings,  he always gave 100%, loved to get stuck in, and gave his all for us. But since he handed in his transfer request, he has gone down in my estimation, not for handing in the request, becaus i could understand that, but for the way he stated he would never wear a City shirt again (gallas-esque) and now to top it off by stating he cant wait to see Coventry beat us, i do feel he should at least show some respect for us, the fans, because we always supported him through thick and thin. Saying that there has just recently been some, shall we say, rather unfair editing on interviews etc, so maybe this is just another example of that, but if this is true, then someone who i always respected has lost it.   
  8. I tend to agree with Dicky, yes things could be better squad wise, but last season we brought a few new players in, and played awful,  so yes we have a very small squad, but we are playing good football. I will support City through thick and thin, but i try to maintain a positive outlook, some posters on here only post negative or very critical comments on players or the board etc, i`m sure there are some posters on here who have never posted positive comments, which i find very sad, i suppose the old addage is very true, that some people are only happy if they are moaning.
  9. After all the work the club has done re. Kick Racism Out Of Football, surely they have must ban the guy who racially abused Dickson Etuhu. If they fail to do this they will make a mockery out of this campaign, and be seen not to take a tough stance on racisim. I for one never wish to see or hear this at Carrow Rd. If this was up to me he would recieve a lifetime ban.
  10. Ok, so we all feeling pretty depressed today. No new signings, losing another striker, but things could be alot worse, we still have some quality players, we are playing decent football, we are looking like a "team" on the pitch, and most of all, we could have been born Ipwich supporters,  compared to s they are in dire straights, selling two strikers, only getting one in on loan, playing poor football, and as stated by Alan Brazil on talksport yesterday, are virtually bankrupt, so yes, things could be better, but, they could also be a lot, lot worse !!
  11. I have to agree with kidcanary, i`m sure the club had other targets/plan b c or d, but at some point you have to focus or concentrate on your main target, and at the stage when they realised the deal could be off, was there enough time to get a medical, agree personal terms etc. Worthy was slated when he let Danny Crow leave, but as most of us sam on Big Ron Manager what kind of attitude and work ethic he had, and i too was one who was disapointed when Crow left, I`m sure it would have been easy for Worthy to state Crows attitude was very poor, but he didnt and i think he deserves credit for that. I am as upset as anyone that no one has been  brought in, but i do not think it was for the lack of trying or preperation. And Shyster,  i think your post was pointless too, if you dont wish to read a post, or you find it repetative stop reading!! 
  12. Leon has been signed for an initial £600,000 rising to £1,000,000 based on apperances etc, and we have also missed out on Cotterill,even though he signed personal terms and passed a medical, after Wigan put in an 11th hour bid, and lured the player with premiership football. 
  13. Now on sky news leon has gone to Coventry for one million, i for one am sorry to see him go. All the best Leon.
  14. Best time to go down for me is about 11am as you can watch them train for about 1hr, normally a small match at this time then about 12-12.30 they finish training and are happy to have a chat sign some autographs or a couple of pictures, and yes its free, hope this helps
  15. I will be sad if we do lose Leon, as i like his all action 100% style, i know he often runs with his head down and his touch and vision certainly needs working on, but  if this is true, and he is having talks with another team, Worthy must be feeling pretty confident of signing a replacement striker.
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