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  1. Once again we go to the worst form side in the league must win and for three quarters of the game are dire.With proven goalscorer on bench and charlton centre mid and safri on bench and jj out of position and the oap at right back.Then there is the clueless robinson and hughes the so salled playmakers. and we have the likes of etuhu the sunday league standard and lazy with it.then we have spillane cave brown jarvis brothers and other ackademy lads with no chance of being played.Worthy will probably give them the same treatment as danny crow send them away on freebies only to see them end up with success at other clubs.WHEN ARE THE BOARD GOING TO WAKE UP TO THIS. 
  2. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] How can u say McKenzies crap!!! its his return to the side that coincided with our good run of results!   he is fast, Strong, Pulls players out of position and creates openings for others to run on and score... ok so he misses chances... find me a striker that doesnt??? i know we lost last night but dont criticise everyone! he had a bad game so what.. Huckelberry missed an Easy chance but i dont hear anyone saying he''s Crap!!!!  I think McKenzie is a fantastic player and we are a much poorer side without him... as has been proven already this season. jas :) [/quote]spot on
  3. [quote user="ncfcrooferman"] Well done Mr Worthington great team selection 4-5-1 against a very poor Burnley team who for 15 minutes didn`t know what was going on should have been 3-0 at very least !!!! Master stoke to play a 34 year old left back in centre of midfield who come May will not even be on the playing staff why was not young Spillane given a chance in this position (probably to good or kicked a ball at Worthless in training) 3 million pound panic buy on the bench after he scored winning goal last week seems like a typical Worthless type desision to me Two loan players at club one playing because of Mcvieghs injoury the other AOL playing for the reserves another waist of monies when younger lads like the Jarves boys and Cave Brown along with Spillane should have been given their chances as we have nothing left to play for despite the rubbish coming out of Coney play off`s they went out the window in January with the cr@p Worthless bought in the tranfer window After tonight if Delia`s chef in her restrants had dished up cr@p like we have just witnessed she would have had sacked him so why oh why does she put up with with the cr@p week after week month after month we have had to witness DELIA DO THE RIGHT THING SACK WORTHLESS AND THE OTHER TWO CLOWNS AND SAVE NEXT SEASON SO WE CAN HAVE A REAL GO AT GETTING UP UNDER A NEW MANAGER !!!!!!!!!! [/quote]well said mate
  4. [quote user="South Norfolk Old Boy"] OK you Mckenzie supporters shoot me down. We were completely on top an he missed four clear chances in the first 20 minutes. Heads went down. Fleming and Drury get caught fumbling again and the season''s over. Over to you! [/quote]Mackenzie missed one chance when through with keeper to beat so.It happens to the best of players.His workrate and the rest of his chances were made mostly by himself as once again the midfield was not there for the majority of the game.Would you say the header he had which was cleared of the line by harley his fault if the answer to this is yes then your a bigger idiot than first thought.Give me eleven mackenzies any day i suppose you will be calling earnshaw next for not having the ball all match.Have a good look at the midfield we dont and have not had all season and slag them of along with worthy for buying them.Then you might be able to slag of the forwards who have to make there own chances WHY DO YOU THINK ASHTON LEFT US.simple is it not no supply. MAKES forwards look bad.Enough said.APART FROM WORTHY AND YOUR BACKROOM BOYS GO AND RUIN SOME OTHER CLUB.
  5. Just not going to happen would love us to get that sixth spot but to get all seven wins which is the only way we will get sixth.And to be honest we are still not playing that well in fact theres got to be lots of supporters who are going to be twitching tonight and this against the worst form side in the league.I have a feeling we might just scrape a win tonight but i am not that confident and will not be having a wager on this one. fingers crossed and everything else i think. Come on city suprise me go and do them 4-0 
  6. Todays game against sheff utd is a very big game in worthys future at carrow rd as the result in this game in my opinion will determine worthys future.Win it and win it playing exciting football which will be a follow on from last week against another top side leeds and i think it will keep him in a job for the remainder of the season and the whole of next season .I also think the worthy outers of which i have been since the new year could also be on the turn and willing to forgive not all but a big majority of us.I stood by worthy for a very long while until the new year changed my mind after watching us at leicester get a win we did not really deserve the football we played was apalling.The games that followed need no explanation  scum performance at home was possibly the worst i had seen from a norwich side for years.I hope worthy can turn all us worthy outers around and get the once loved atmosphere back at carrow rd.But one thing is for sure buying the likes of etuhu after watching his noshow games while on loan is certainly not the way to do it.I  think he needs to look long and hard at his counterparts foley and livermore who need to take as much blame if not more for a lot of the inept performances this year.Good luck today worthy heres hoping for a good win.A no show today and it could be bye bye worthy.
  8. I think the best thing for us is to be held up in a very long traffic jam.and not make it to elland rd.Worthy will have a different escuse then if the roads turn out to be clear i reckon min 2-0 down by half time.God knows what the score will be by 4.50 probably 5-0.I really hope i am wrong but the football we are playing with no midfield at present is one big yawn.
  9. Dont you feel the inevetable is about to happen again at elland rd sat.Just waiting for worthys  boring match assesment and excuses.He could save himself some time by recording it before the game as it is allways the same old story workrate etc etc.Then we can look forward to all the ktfers dribble about why we should keep this loser and his inept coaching staff.Surely after the next two games leeds and sheff utd he must have reached his sell by date.So we can start playing proper football again under a new manager mark bowen please would do for me.
  10. [quote user="Clifton Canary"]Just some simple questions: Which current realistically available manager would you have instead? If you want to get rid of the manager you have to suggest alternatives. Likewise the Board. They have proved themselves to have a good mix of prudence (selling Ashton, who was desperate to leave, for a reasonable price) and ambition (blowing the budget on Huckerby) over the last few years. You can''t question their commitment to the club, although some of their official comments have lacked the input of a spin doctor. Who would you have instead - a few hard-nosed business men who just want a profit? Or perhaps some proven supporters with a few million to spare? It seems that we already have the latter option in place. And what if you worked hard and earned a small fortune - would you be prepared to sink large parts of it into Norwich City, knowing that you were not likely to get a good (or any) return on it. So come on - if not Worthy and our current board,  then who? [/quote]Mark bowen would be hungry for success as a manager.
  11. [quote user="LinkNR9"]Cheers, AT - anyone you fancy as a replacement for him?[/quote]Mark bowen allways respected him did very well for us would he come i would like to think so.
  12. [quote user="LinkNR9"]Always Travellin - Good to see an old sparring partner back on the Board, but your outlook seems to have changed. Any particular reason for that? [/quote]I said all along i would give him till start of new year but after watching us beat leicester i came home depressed.Then the fiasco against the scum not to mention palace away then we beat stoke but i was still depressed.We are playing shite football and picking up the odd lucky win. We need a jason koumas type player everybody knows this apart from worthless foley and livermore.Good to see us on the same side for a change.I think after leeds and sheff utd he will be gone i will not be going again until him and his so called coaches have gone.
  13. The way we are playing. play offs are laughable to even ask the question creativity in our midfield at the moment is zero about the same as the passion inside carrow rd zero everything at the club at the moment adds up to a big fat zero.The last person to leave the club please turn out the lights and we know who that will be dont we.
  14. [quote user="Cheeky Monkey"] I  have absolutely no doubt that I am going to get a severe putting down after posting this but to be truthful I don''t care anymore. There are only 7-8 weeks left of this season.  Lets be honest, Worthy isn''t going to walk or be sacked before the end of the season no matter how much shouting, demonstrating or waving ''Worthy Out'' banners we do. We are only 6 points of a possible play off position with a possible 27 points available.  Ok, a few teams have a game in hand or so but it still CAN BE DONE!!!!! Why don''t we just leave Worthy and lads alone to do their job without all this whinging and bickering at the back of their minds. Lets give them the support they need!  We are SUPPORTERS!!!!   [/quote]I find it very hard to believe you are still mentioning the play offs for us.That is the first time i have been to a home game and been bored the performance was laughable.I  left five mins before time missed the winning goal but that didnt seem to bother me i was just glad to get out of the ground and dont think i am not a passionate supporter.Me and my mate had a four hour journey there and back the only real positives i took from the game was the performance of never say die leon and was very pleased i saw his comeback goal.mcveigh showed his class again hux did his best but overall left very unhappy. I have also cancelled the rest of my games this season and will go again once we have a new manager and proper coaching team mark bowen would do  for me.
  15. [quote user="LinkNR9"] Rocky - this is the most incoherent and non-sensical input that has appeared on this site for a long time. I''ll have a pint of whatever you''re drinking, please. Why do you think the NCISA held the meeting tonight? They are hardly a supporters group that is extreme or reactionary in its views. The mere fact that they felt the need to hold the meeting tonight speaks volumes; they are a group that has a true concern of the way Norwich City are going down the pan at the moment, not KTF''s like you with their heads buried in the sand, holding on to some misguided belief that dear old Nigel "got us promoted once, so he can get us promoted again". Well, as someone so rightly said on here tonight, working on that logic, Worthington got us relegated last season, ergo, he can get us relegated again!  Demos at Carrow Road. A slump in season ticket sales. ''Worthy Out'' chants at matches. Canaries fans having a go at each other on the terraces. The meeting tonight about which you''re so scornful. Are these events occurring because fans are happy with the situation?  "Come together again as fans, team and club and go forward", you say. What planet are you on? This Club, the fans and the Board have not been so divided since the Chase era - at least the fans were united then.   "When your marriage gets difficult you don''t chuck your wife after 5 years previous good service." To use another analogy - your car has given you three years decent service but has let you down for the past two years. Do you hang on to it in the hope that it might magically get better and not let you down on the outside lane of the Southern By-pass? No, of course you don''t, you get a new car.  The past two seasons have seen the continued decline of the team and only one person is responsible - Worthington. The increasingly hysterical and desperate ramblings of KTF''s like you and directors like Skipper fill me with joy - it signals to me the end of this awful management team is not far away. And not a moment too soon.     [/quote] Suprised for once i agree with what you have written and very well put over.I stood by worthy until after xmas i went to leicester and although we won, i could see what a mess we looked a complete shambles never come away from a game after a win and felt so depressed.But the ipswich game sealed worthy fate with most supporters i feel to see a team with no money whatsoever totally outplay us in every department with a bunch of a kids was definately not acceptable.Worthy has had money to spend so he should do the rightfull thing after the palace fiasco and resign whilst still leaving most fans with  fond memories of the success we had under him for a while. 
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