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  1. Could we all get a little bit real here? One season in the Premier does not leave us awash with cash - particularly after so many in Division One, where EVERY season is a loss making one.And when have we consistently played good football? We had a couple of decent years under Mike Walker and that is that. Yes, we like to play pretty football, and have often done so in the past but where is this idea that we had some kind of ''golden years'' coming from? We have never had the kind of success some of you seem to be alluding to. We are a medium sized club who will forever bounce between mid-table Championship and mid-table Premiership unless someone comes in with a large amount of cash. Get used to it.
  2. [quote user="salp"]dosn''t it boil down to the fact that there are still gents and ladies and hopefully most of all their ''kids'' who love to watch a footie match in the flesh, no matter the weather or the result,  rather than have to see it edited on the tele or hear it on the radio. or maybe just let them ''support'' the latest red or blue ''heroes''? [/quote]While the children are busy throwing mud at each other and going completely off track Salp, I think you are absolutely right. The football in this league may not be great but it is more competetive than ever, and those of us that live in Norfolk would have a long way to go if we wanted to watch anouther team. That''s why the likes of Blackburn and Bolton can''t fill their stadiums. I love footie, and as much as it pains me to see us struggle, I''m horribly addicted to the game. And I wouldn''t have it any other way.
  3. I think you''ll find he''s been whinging about the way we conceded those goals as much as anything else. Especially since he specifically said to them ''don''t give them space from throw ins''. Also, it looks like the papers haven''t got much to print anyway - everything today is just a re-hash of what was said on the night, except now they''ve got a reaction from Derby. Time we all got over it, really.
  4. Bit unfair on Zema - he had so many injuries smoking wouldn''t have made him any less fit!As for Smudger''s ''you have no knowledge of the game'', well even Chippy would admit he rarely set foot outside the centre circle. He was by no means a ''runner'', that''s for sure, so I think you''re being a bit harsh...
  5. I don''t have anything against a demo in principal - as long as it not directed at the team or manager in ANY way - but the question remains: WHY WASN''T THIS DONE AT THE AGM?There were enough grumblers there who could have made a difference but chickened out. All this ''we can''t do anything unless they resign'' stuff is nonsense. Doncaster was up for re-election at the AGM and he COULD have been voted against. But how many did that? Less than five. Why wasn''t there a concerted campaign to make a difference back then?
  6. Depends how far you want to drive - the one we always do is drive to Redbridge (Essex, a couple of hours drive) tube station, park there and take the central line in. Allow yourself an hour to get to Stamford Bridge. Otherwise you''re best to go as far south of London as you can - Stamford Bridge is an absolute nightmare to take the car anywhere near.
  7. Don''t know but whoever the middle aged guy behind me was (halfway up the jarrold on the half way line) that told me to sit down after I jumped up thinking Martin had scored can get the hell out of our club. I''m all for sitting if you''re in seats, but are we not allowed to get excited now? It was the first time I''d stood up all game, yet still he moaned at me for 5 minutes. I''d understand if he was a bit doddery on his feet but he was jumping about with ease when we scored. So - IF THAT WAS YOU, GO AND SUPPORT SOMEONE ELSE - YOU''RE THE EXACTLY THE TYPE OF SUPPORTER WE DON''T NEED!
  8. Colin wasn''t playing very well to be honest - Grant needed to change the shape and it was either Hughes or Colin that had to go, and our Jurgen was having a it of an off night.
  9.     Smudger, you are exactly the type of fan Delia was pleading with yesterday at the AGM - "read more than the headline", she said. Please do so, then we wouldn''t have to reply to uninformed, tiresome posts like this again.
  10. Well said. Shame there aren''t enough people willing to look at the facts. Most seem happy just to moan before anything''s changed. Tossers.
  11. [quote user="alex_ncfc"]What makes me laugh is how everyone keeps banging on about "let''s wait until Croft and Chadwick come back" - 2 players do not make a quality team and we are POOR with or without them.[/quote]That''s all very well but we have such a weak squad that losing one player utterly upsets the balance of the side, so essentially 2 players could make the difference between a crappy 2-1 loss to Sheff Weds and a crappy 1-0 win. 3 points is what it''s all about in this dreadful division. Earnie might have got us that on Sat. Good players make other players lift their games - ever noticed that?
  12.     Contrary to Cluck''s questionable ''knowledge'' of the man, I''ve actually met him and worked with him on various occasions in various capacities - although not for a good couple of years I will admit, and not enough to call him a former colleague (which perhaps clears me of any bias) - and he is a very inspirational coach. A bit ''take it or leave it'', but in my experience, players who warm to his way of working go a long way. Other managers and coaches up and down the leagues consider him to be one of the best young coaches/managers around and all were surprised Norwich were able to get him as they expected West Ham to really fight to keep hold. It is true that Pardoo wouldn''t have let him go anywhere else but Norwich as he knew how much Grant liked the place. As with all managers/coaches, players love or hate him, so I think Cluck was rather remiss in suggesting it''s all doom and gloom. But that''s what happens when you have a rather unreasoned agenda, eh?
  13.     Cluck, you mention that our promotion was ''freak''. You call yourself a true fan? To suggest that being top of the league for five continuous months is anything other than a job bloody well done is a disgrace, and a blight on the memory of the rest of us who thoroughly enjoyed that season - and were truly proud of the achievement.What has taken place since then should not cloud what was a wonderful season, and it is a cheap, cheap shot to suggest otherwise.
  14.     "Grant''ll be off if he''s any good" - talk about state the bleedin'' obvious. If there aren''t 99% of managers (and even players) who would see Norwich as a stepping stone I''ll show you my ass. The same goes for almost every club in the land. Get real and just hope he does the very best for us while he''s here. Honestly.
  15.     I don''t think Grant gives two sh1ts about people who can''t forgive him - and that was the point. He knows there''s a small bunch of moaners who claim to be supporters and he doesn''t want them here, much like the majority of us don''t. So let''s just move on, shall we?
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