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  1. Can someone send me the website that has been modded out please. Email to jack-carr@hotmail.co.uk
  2. IMO he is not big/strong enough to be a centre back. I thought he was doing a top job for us at right back before he was dropped.
  3. Chris Martin hasnt achieved a great deal yet but hopefully he will. Isnt Bally Smart a left winger in the mould of Hucks aswell?
  5. Hopefully they wont put out a full strength team. IMO we play our best football in the 4-4-2 formation so I hope we play;   Huckerby Brown Lappin Safri Fozzie Croft Drury Shackell Dublin Colin Marshall
  6. He will play left mid. Hucks does not track back when he plays on the left and Grant has realised this along with all of our opponents this season. Hucks is best used through the middle as he prooved against Wolves, he doesnt waiste his energy tracking back just focuses on creating the magic. Lappin will finally offer the midfield balance and support Drury in defending. Could proove to be a qaulity signing at 75k.
  7. Eagle isnt even slow. He is one of the quickest at Norwich but agree he needs to bulk up a bit. Shweeeeet left foot though.
  8. If our youngsters get used then Norwich could have a great future, all of Lewis, Cave-Brown, Rossi, Spillane and Asmat look promising.
  9. Forgive me if im wrong but isnt he about Earnshaws hieght.
  10. LMAO. Whats everyone on bout, thts hilarious and Dickson Etuhu is starting to look good IMO. I am better than Hughes and if he can make it as a pro why cant I.
  11. Danns declared that he wasnt going to sign a new deal at Colchester because he wants to play at a higher level. Colchester look set to go up but Danns still wants to go because he knows he could be at a bigger club.
  12. Chris, First of all Eastwood is 6ft but agree he isnt a target man, however he is going to be a brilliant player who one d IMO will play for England. I also think that if we get a target man it will just encourage more of this hoofball nonsence that  is currently going on at Carrow Road. PS Just heard Danny Shitthu has been transfer listed so you can add him to my list if we can get him for around 500k. Him and Shacks could be a very decent Championship defence.
  13. Neil Kilkenny would be an exellent signing for us especially on a free. He is an box to box centre mid who get forward whenever possible, could be just what we need in midfied. My realistic wish list this sumer; Paul Gallacher - new deal Greg Halford - 900k Neill Danns - Free David Vaughan - 750k Dean lewington - Free Neil Kilkenny - Free Keny Lunt - Free Billy Jones - 1mill Freddy Eastwood - 1mill The youngsters - given a chance and some out on loan. Oh and Mark Bowen as manager with Dave Williams first team coach.
  14. Mark Bircham would IMO be a good signing as we need a decent defensive centre-mid who can pass and isnt always injured. He plays with loads of passion and would give his all for the cause, he is a solid good championship player and one I would welcome with open arms.
  15. Looks good, needs something though. Maybe Green pin stripes spaced about 4-5 centremetres apart. I proper like arsenals yellow away kit. Think that would be perfect.
  16. Players I want who would probably jump at the chance to play for us who are affordable in order I want them; Greg Halford David Vaughan Billy Jones We should not spend a fortune and get a whole new sqaud because 1. we cant aford it and 2. the current set of players are still gelling. If we sold Greeny then this would make extra funds available to buy a striker but IMO we have enough strikers for this league as it is. This would be my starting 11 for next season; Gallacher Caveman Doherty Shackell Drury Halford Spillane Jones Vaughan Jarvis Etuhu Rotate the midfield with Etuhu, Robinson, Mcviegh and Hucks depending on form and fitness and same with the strikers. Rotation is the way forward, look at Spurs this and last season, especially Robbie Keane, he knows as soon as he starts playing bd hes gonna be warming the bence the next week so hes been playing fantastically.
  17. No, we would get around 2million for Green, probably from Everton, Middlesborough, Wigan or West Ham. Jason Koumas will not be playing for Norwich next season and the only way we could get Eastwood is if Southend dont up which is unlikely. Andrew Cave-Brown should be the first choice right-back or atleast given a chnce thier as he has been awesome for the youth/reserves this season. This would be my choice of starting 11 for next season; Gallacher Cave-Brown Drury Doherty Shackell Halford - 1mill Vaughan - 1mill Spillane Jones - 1mill Jarvis Earnshaw 2nd team; Lewis Louis-Jean Lewington Fleming Halliday Danns - Free Huckerby Lunt - Free Etuhu Mckenzie Mcviegh Gallacher Caveman Doherty Shackell Drury Halford Spillane Jones Vaughan Jarvis Earnshaw Not the best team in the Championship but up thier and very young. Rotation is the way of new football and with decent sqaud players such as Hucks, Lunt, Rossi, Etuhu and Mckenzie could be the way at Carrow road. With a decent coach such as MARK BOWEN and DAVID WILLIAMS this team could become a forced to be reckoned with in the Premiership in a few years.
  18. Lewis Foley Jones Shackell Drury Halford Spillane Safri Vaughan Jarvis Mcsheffry
  19. Against Wednesday Id go for; Green Caveman Doherty Shackell Drury Mcviegh Spillane Robinson Hucks Ryan Earnshaw As its away and were crap away it would be unfair to shove all the youngsters in. Then the next home game id go for; Lewis Caveman Rossi Shackell Drury Mcviegh Spillane Robisnon Eagle Ryan Earnshaw And proper get behind the team to get their confidence up and so they dont eel as much pressure. This is the team I expect to see; Green Fleming Doherty Shackell Drury Mcviegh Robinson Etuhu Huckerby Mckenzie Earnshaw With Spillane coming on for the last 10mins and probably being put at right-back.
  20. Billy Jones - Can play in defence or midfield and has been top qaulity for a rubbish Crewe this season, dubbed the next Martin Keown he is also England u19 captain. David Vaughan - An out and out left winger who can beat a manput in a decent crss 9 times ouut of 10 and is also good at tracking back and getting stuck in. Probably the best left mid in the league excluding Glen Little. Greg Halford - Qaulity right winger who can also operate in defence and up front. Always delivers a decent cross and has one hell of a shot on him and at 6ft3 has a decent physicl presence. He can also throw the ball like Gary Neville. Kenny Lunt - Available on a free would be a good sqaud player who could be the creative person weve been lacking in midfield. Kieth Foley - Excluding John Halls is the best right back in league, great going forward and brilliant in the tackle but might cost a bit more than 1 million. and more but cant be bothered right now.
  21. If Crewe do go down, which is veyr likely, IMO we should tey to sign Billy Jones and David Vaughan from them. They are both class in the Championship and could also be good enough for the Premiership aswell. They are the saught of players we should be after this pre-season. If Millwall go down then we should also try and sign Davey Livermoore who can also do a good job at this level.
  22. But Huckerby is wrong. IMO hes justing saying it to stay in the managers good books. We have many exceptional youngsters like Ireland u17 captain Mickey Spillane, Scotland u21 full back Andre Cave-Brown, England u19 keeper Joe Lewis, England u18 def/mid Rossi Jarvis not to mention Hendo and Jarvis who both lok promising when given a chance, also Rob Eagle looks like he could be a straight swap fpr Hucks in 1/2 years as he is quick, has flair and can cross, he can also defend unlike Hucks. We have a decent youth setup here its just Worthless refuses to use it. IMO we should have Dae Williams as first team coachas he is obviously the best coach at the club and he also knows all about the youngsters mentioned.
  23. Who thinks Nigel Worthington will be Manager of Norwich for the first game of next season? Unfortunately I do!.
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