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  1. I see making norwich chants as what sixth form free period are made for!!   But surely something to do with coldplay and chris martin has got to catch on!
  3. Craig, you were the first player i ever had on the back of my shirt. You always will be a legend You''ve been an honour to watch Joe
  4. Last night - fantastic! well played to us all! Loved the "EARNIE''S GONNA SCORE" 3 lions chant!   look on the bright side!  
  5. All you lot have been moaning for youth to come through last season. So why not now? Ryan Jarvis? Asmat El Ouargi? There are options there, we just need to get them through       But Sutton does sound like a good idea!
  6. Seeing as euell is on his way to Middelsborough, how about we put a bid in for ellington? Tall, has played with Earnie, proliffic at this level and wants to leave WBA???  
  7. The fact that so many youth players are in the photos must indicate a strong year for the academy!   who needs signing whens we have quality youth coming through!  
  8. Hello! Going to Sothwold with some mates for a holiday and it happens to coincide with the newastle match!! :-D Seeing as we are young''uns, how can i get from Southwold to Norwich via public transport?
  9. atm im in the norwich union upper, its a good group in there but the post coming down from the n+p roof is annoying. I like being near the goal, but dnt really want the sun in my eyes! Guessing that n+p or jarrold is place to be, but where are the better areas in those stands?
  10. with the movers and shakers week coming up, where does everyone think is the best place to sit?
  11. The people who have a view of the pitch without the post - those nearest the Jarrold Stand - are mostly the corporate guests. Everyone else puts up with the post in the way, but still get behind the team! The main vocal support comes from the second block from the left looking out, but it is backed up by the rest. Sorry if this offends you in anyway, but its just a some people having some fun! They arent doing any harm, and if the club hasnt recieved any complaints I dont see how it can be an issue.
  12. The support from here was immense today! Never gave up hope, well done! [6] Am I the only on who thought Dickson Etuhu had a good game today??  
  13. rossi is on international duty with england under 18s. otherwise ideal! but why not cavebrown at rb and spillane at rm!
  14. What worries me about Norwich is that we have absolutely no one who is prepared to take an attacking free kick. Its all crossed into the box. Lets sign someone who can actually take a free kick and score! Safri has potential but why dont they ever let him have a crack!   Marney and Bentley used to - and look where they are now!
  15. Does anyone have a link I can listen to the match without paying for the CanariesWorld? Im in Essex so I''m getting very weak radio, but if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks
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