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  1. Agreed.Whatever team we play, whatever mistakes we make, the fans must stay behind the team 100%.It would have been nice if the EDP and club officials had done a "wear yellow" day thing for this derby like the Korean''s do every time they play in the World Cup. Instead of giving out cheap bits of card, why not put plain yellow shirts on sale outside each of the turnstyles of the ground for a fiver each or something. It''d make a little extra cash for the club and that way pretty much everyone in the ground would have a yellow shirt on.
  2. Surely Grant himself could still do a job in midfield?
  3. Whilst everything you say is correct, it''s not all black or white.Sometimes they''re just not good enough - and all the passion and heart in the world can''t change that. Just look at Ian Henderson.Also, at that age, most of the youngsters are too lightweight when competing at this level. It doesn''t mean they won''t develop into great players in their mid-to-late twenties/early thirtees, but at 15, 17 and 18 etc. - weight and physique, usually speaking, isn''t on their side.
  4. Mark Rivers has been without a club for over a year... maybe it was him?
  5. The thing with derbies such as Villa/Brum, Liverpool/Everton, ManUre/ManCity etc. is that the supporters all live and work alongside each other 365 days a year - where as supporters of local derbies such as ours and Cardiff/Swansea''s don''t, which tends to make them more intense. Local derbies are a joke these days anyway with their 11am Sunday kick-offs. Real local derby atmospheres were killed off a long time ago.
  6. The tackle on Chadwick at Ipswich was one of the worst tackles I''ve ever seen at a football match. I don''t think it was a case of "fragility".
  7. I''m sure McVeigh could do a job for Norwich if played correctly.Question is, does McVeigh want to do a job for Norwich? On recent form you''d have to say no... he seems to be yet another Phil Mulryne or Mark Rivers.
  8. Actually Rivers isn''t playing for anyone anymore.Simpson discards Rivers Friday Apr 28 2006 11:59 Carlisle United striker Mark Rivers has left the club after struggling to break in to the League Two side''s first team. The 30-year-old moved to Brunton Park from Crewe Alexandra in January but started only two League games for Paul Simpson''s side. "I''d like to thank Mark for what he''s done in his time here and we all wish him all the best for the future," the United boss told the club''s official website. "Planning continues as we look towards next season though, of course, we''re all determined to finish this one off in style as well." Rivers made almost 250 League appearances for Alex during his two spells at Gresty Road. He also played almost 100 games for Norwich City in three years at Carrow Road after the Canaries paid £500,000 to acquire his services in June 2001.
  9. Erm, didn''t know it had gone?They played it against Stoke when Hucks scored
  10. If it were up to me I''d have the entire Lower Barclay and Snakepit standing - and bring back the ''proper'' footie atmosphere.I don''t buy all this safety reasons malarky - at a music festival you have 80,000 people all stood up in a smaller area moshing - and they''re allowed to drink alcohol at the same time!
  11. Every single interview since being sacked from City, Worthy seems to go on about how much he''s enjoying his break and how he doesn''t want to rush back into football management. I''m probably reading too much into it, but maybe Worthy decided himself after the Fulham game (or there abouts) that he wanted out of management for a while. Getting sacked rather than leaving meant a huge pay-off so maybe the whole saga was a little bit intentional?
  12. If Andy Hughes puts in an horrendous performance and we lose then he''s the worst player ever to wear a Norwich shirt.If Andy Hughes puts in an horrendous performance and we win, at least he puts in 110% effort and is player of the season candidate.You lot need to make up your mind. Hughes has done ''OK'' at right back, but no better than Colin before he was dropped. Just because Hughes puts in 100% effort every game doesn''t mean that Hucks, Safri, Earnshaw, Martin etc. don''t.I''ll never understand this "let''s vote for him because he tries hard" thing, because in reality, he tries no harder than anyone else on the pitch - the only difference is he isn''t good enough and his 100% effort is all people can latch onto.
  13. Andy Hughes. Player of the season.What IS going on??Does anybody on this message board, anyboday at all - actually go to watch Norwich play :|
  14. This annoys me because in theory, to be a match winning side, a team need only one player capable of scoring and the rest of the team to make him the chances, defend, hold up the ball and compete in a game of football.Penalties take away that entire ''football'' aspect and base the outcome of the entire game on a team''s ability to shoot from 12 yards. Plus, with a chance of 3 points for sitting back and not attacking instead of just 1, away teams would nearly allways try and hold out for penalties in every game and free-flowing, exciting attacking football would surely become rarer?
  15. [quote user="BarclayMan"]Obviously not a season ticket holder then, as if youda seen Doc enough you would have remembered a few, during his better days...[/quote]Obviously I am a season ticket holder - and I''ve seen enough of the Doc to know that these 40-yard passes to Hucks are one in a million, and usually the result of a hoofed clearance got lucky.
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