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  1. salp as given by my girlfriend Smart Arse Little Prat knows one to know one !
  2. your writing/spelling/grammar is getting so bad that it is difficult to read your drivel sod off to your own pathetic team''s website before we all start on it ...if we could be bothered
  3. [img]http://www.pinkun.com/_images/forums/chickenfix.jpg[/img]
  4. well my phone numbers wrong but at least they''ve got my seat number right!
  5. just an idea for the next few months will the team will still flights out of Norwich airport? [img]http://www.pinkun.com/_images/forums/080123_Salp_fllyme2themoon.jpg[/img]
  6. I think this should only work on a one-off basis: if we want a player and ''money''s tight'' then why not chip in? It''s the same as the Hucks situation. Get the wallet out if you want (or purse as Delia did) but to put money into a pint pot ala ''round of drinks'', well, someone always comes out a winner and it ain''t the teetotal driver who put his tenner in in good faith. money in, money out is the way it should be whether it''s us or the directors. it works in my house! 
  7. junk throw ins ball''s out of play - free kick just like a goalkick or corner how much prancing about and resulting time wasting do we have to put up with?
  8. ''The programme will be broadcast on its website from 5.30pm on Saturday January 5th and allows viewers to email or call in to take part in the debate.'' 5.30? doesn''t give us much time to get home from the match and take our coats/hats/scarves off, say hello to the missus/kick the cat does it... and will they show highlights? after all, it gets edited for half time at the ground ok or will it be another ''copyright issue'' in which case it''s a radio show
  9. well, my seat is in area J in the Jarrold on the halfway line (row L which is excellent) and the people around me (who I''ve known for a few seasons now and help make it a friendly area) make a lot of noise and are on their feet at the slightest opportunity
  10. it''s 18 quid for me to sit where I have my seat, I really don''t want to sit up in the Gods, and of course Bury would get less of a share if I opted for a poorer view and my 18 quidder was left empty!
  11. so, I''m a season ticket holder of a few years... I would like to sit in my ''own'' seat for the Bury game but I would get charged the same as a casual punter just because it''s in a prime location (halfway in jarrold) thanks  TicketTeam 
  12. Dion as player-manager he knows the game and players and fans respect him
  13. perhaps we are keeping Cureton in cotton wool with a view to the transfer window?
  14. there are are enough posters on here who can''t even spell yet alone speak English so good luck to Dave
  15. for a printer you''ve got a bad choice of fonts for your post do not shout, it only detracts from what you are trying to say
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