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  1. Alex Neil''s record isn''t a myth, it is a fact, forty nine points from twenty two games with a rather decent result in the Playoff Final. Any attempt to suggest otherwise will, not unsurprisingly, attract accusations of being both a Binner and a Troll. The season hasn''t started, the transfer window remains very much open with significant funds still available. What''s the problem?
  2. Nothing at all to worry about, the first line of defence is still at Cambridge United. The Admiral Micky Nelson could put his head straight through it and still play on, in The Admiral we trust.
  3. If and I''m sure it''s a mighty big ''if'' this one happens then yes, I''m possibly in the minority who can see the sense in it. More than a touch of the Super Grant about it, a leader, able to come in and make an impact even if he isn''t pkaying ninety minutes every week and is very much proven.
  4. Strewth LDC even Ipswich Crazy would struggle to assemble an argument based on your premise! If the club had appointed Mavis the tea lady who, just like Gunn, would have made a complete balls up of the job then she to could be attributed with the Lambert resurgence? Moreover, had Captain Canary been equipped with a strong squad and millions to spend a year ago then not only would he be setting up his webcam to film Camilla Canary getting ''busy'' this evening but would also be attributed with the Alex Neil meteoric rise and Wembley glory? In both cases both Mavis and The Captain would''ve given the actual incumbents a run for their money although I''m not so sure the Chief Executive would''ve made her find her own way back from Yeovil. Such treatment is reserved for only the most deserving.
  5. Swansea was refunded after the event iirc, to put it mildly we weren''t much use that afternoon. Actually no, that doesn''t do the performance justice at all, nice gesture mind you. Not that Southampton was much better but there was at least a couple of ghouls albeit long after I''d headed for the exit but with the away season tickets you don''t tend to notice the cheepies quite so much as the envelope falls through the letterbox and that''s about it.
  6. Oh I suspect not, having renewed three away season tickets and been detached from £40 for the privilege I can''t think ''David'' will be diving down the back if his sofa to see what''s laying about in order to help. Good idea mind you and certainly for clubs that are out on a limb it''ll be pretty damn useful.
  7. It''s a moot point and certainly one that''s crossed my mind. A large group of infidels in a confined space must hold a certain amount of attraction for an ''Islamic Wrongun'' The bumping off of Alexander Litvinenko involved tiny traces of Polonium 210 being found in the Emirates Stadium, the eagle eyed will also be well aware this stuff can be rather bad for your health and certainly small enough to sneak past security. So yes, it''s crossed my mind that it''d only take one or two deranged minds to cause an immense amount of damage and harm and may unfortunately be something that does raise its ugly head somewhere in Europe.
  8. Probably not I suspect. There was only ever going to be a handful of clubs willing to pay that sort of money for Mings, clubs who otherwise simply won''t be able to get the players they need or want for next season. As seen last year with McCormack there''s always a chance a real desperado in the Championship might pay through the teeth otherwise it''ll be one of the newly promoted clubs in the Prem. He was never going to come to us so that leaves the other two, ergo Bournemouth have just paid through the teeth. Hopefully once Watford have dragged someone there to play for them at a vastly inflated price and Bournemouth are all spent out these sorts of deal will quieten down a bit. As mentioned by many others, £3m to £4m seemed about the level but £8m, really I''d much rather we stayed with what he have and either keep it in the bank or use it to go towards ground redevelopment. With Harry doing his garden or suffering from gout there will hopefully be a whole lot less of this sort of madness about.
  9. Nothing to moan about, how boring can life possibly get? Add to that it''ll soon be Wimbledon, I hate cricket, F1 is as dull as ditch water, the list goes on. Bring on an away day to South Wales in the rain, LDC pronouncements on the way back, delays on the train, tube strikes and all the other things that really make for a proper day out watching the Mighty Yellas. Bring it on, it''ll soin be August.
  10. Eton College have won the FA Cup more times than Ipswich, I''m not sure if the school uniform can double up as workwear at McDonalds with a couple of stars adorning the epaulettes? Of course they''d be quick to point out that this happened a long time ago and as such has little relevance in the modern game, equally we would very much say the same I''d imagine. Bless them, they''re clinging on with grandiose tales of ''Grandads medals'' and yet in reality they know very well we are now light years ahead of them.
  11. Oh do come along, you''d better brush up on your geography. I''d imagine they can draw support from as far away as the Isle of Ely, Canvey Island, Havergate Island and probably Rockall. As can can be seen above, they have an enormous geographic reach due in no small part to having such an illustrious past.
  12. Reading ''Bin Talk'' is somewhat reminiscent of the glory days of Comical Ali ''There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!.'' Just so long as they believe it despite an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests otherwise then they are happy little chaps. Bless their little cotton socks, their delusion really is rather quaint.
  13. Just when you think the week can''t get any better, inspired stuff indeed. Whilst we are on the subject and seeing as we''ve all been rather busy, has Portwanking been spotted at all?
  14. Redderz best game for us today, truly superb but as for MOTM, Bassong for me.
  15. Being chocked to death by an inflatable alligator somewhere outside Brandon I''d imagine. But, in the true spirit of this most glorious day, where is that sanctimonious cunt?
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