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  1. Is it a 14 digit code? As I sent them an email asking why I have not got my code and they sent back don''t forget your offer with a 14 digit code.
  2. I want to see Tuffalo play left back. The Liverpool lad right back. with Brady and Redmon on the wings with Hooper just behind wolfWinkel.
  3. I did the same thing phone them and send them an email . they sent me a reply with an email saying don''t forget your offer if a 14 digit code ?
  4. I really hope he starts Ricky van wolfwinkle and not grabbin I want the wolf to get his last chance and would sell grabbin in Bournemouth pay 6m
  5. I had Ajax,Barcelona,celta Vigo they all won now I have £52.50p waiting for the code....
  6. I knew Lewis grab was a big mistake Saturday The one in five chance striker you don''t get that in the Premier League hence we need to get rid. For me he is the worst striker at the club yes even worse than The wolf. Hooper is the best finisher but is a fat lazy shit. And we need a great central defender so why not bid for the Celtic land break the bank Take your finger out your arse and put a it''s in your wallet and spend some money otherwise and skinny in Paris in like last time when we have so many chances then the defence fucks up and lets in a crappy go
  7. Hope this is true as he will do ok up in Scotland. My uncle works for Celtic told me this. Is it part of the deal to bring the Celtic lad down he did not say
  8. Ok as I''m from Luton I go and see Luton play as its my home town club and sometimes I have to work sat morning so don''t get time to go up to Norwich that much. Andre gray is a good striker he was excellent down at Luton and scored 30 goals the season we won the conference. Has done a good job for Brentford as well they payed £500000 for him. And Luton have a sell of 25% I think. He cost Luton 50k from Hinckley. I would say he is slightly better than grabban. But not worth more than £5m think he will do ok next season but he is on his way to hull for £4 to £5m as Luton are set to get £1m to £1.25m
  9. (Strikers)I would get a decent central defender and a striker but only if we can get better than what we have? We have two one in four chance strikers in Ricky and Lewis Cameron Jerome will score 15 this season if he get the chances. laf won''t get a chance but think he would do ok as a lone striker. Hooper we know he can score just need to get fit. So we have to get a strike has to be better than them !! Good luck. (Defender) this is more important for me!! I think we have ok Central defenders in bass bass and Martin but they are just ok. Turner and Bennett are not good enough and of championship Standard. So we definitely need to try to get Central defender who would you get?
  10. I to think hooper is are Best finisher just need to stay fit and get into shape. With Ricky and Lewis we can''t afford these luxuries of missing 4-5 chances before you score one in the Premier League. The good thing is they create these chances bad thing they don''t have Hoopers finishing.
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