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  1. Last night they only got 15000 for their home game against Palace, yet they have every chance of automatic promotion. A disgrace in my opinion
  2. He said on Canaries world he wants to see the team do well because when he finishes playing he is going to watch! Quality- one of us!
  3. [quote user="ricardo"] How easily they satisfy us. Another transfer window passes with no money spent. In fact by my calculations we''ve made another half million profit. That makes about £3 million for this financial year. Put Doncaster in charge of Northern Rock I say. They will soon be out of trouble. Norwich City F.C. Test bed and shop window for clubs with real ambition. [/quote] But their desks are about as mobile as the Ipswich back four!
  4. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"]I did, but not because I was expecting any signings, I was having trouble figuring out the surround sound system on my TV. All you heard on SSN for the last two hours was ''Defoe to Portsmouth if Benjani goes to Man City.'' All very dull in the end.[/quote] But he did go and Benjani didn''t, so how will this change our situation with Ched Evans? Sadly he may be recalled at some stage or is the loan irreversable as it had been changed to the end of the season?
  5. [quote user="Kathy"] I like this one best! http://stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/D1/aform.html [/quote] Thanks for that Kathy- I took enormous pleasure sending it to an Ipswich supporting friend, who perhaps not surprisingly, has not replied yet. Perhaps his tears had fused the keyboard!
  6. They have 3 suspended for the game http://www.lep.co.uk/sport/Suspended-trio-to-miss-Norwich.3727505.jp shame isn,t it!
  7. The have just sold Neil Alexander to Rangers, according to Five live. Now I thought they had £12 million to spend on new players, not heard a lot about people going there. Be a shame if they start sliding down the league!
  8. Hate to disagree folks, but I thought he looked quick and a threat when he played against us. Considering he had not made many appearances and therefore was probably not match fit I would think he is worth a go.
  9. I put this on the transfer page http://www.thestar.com/Sports/article/298273 it looks unlikely to me
  10. Try this http://www.thestar.com/Sports/article/298273 looks unlikely to me
  11. Read this article from an Ipswich fan. http://www.rivals.net/news/pgarticle.aspx?artid=2483_3076303 Hate to say it but I was amused!
  12. Good luck to you all down there, I had a long chat with a Bury fan on the train to Norwich for our game and we walked to the ground together, football as it should be, good luck>
  13. Bring ''em on. Bit of banter, bit like the terraces, well an armchair version.
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