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  1. As promised and as we have received such fantastic response from Norwich fans hers an update on where we are upto. The petition now as over 400 signatures on it in 4 days and the fans at Bury have had immense media coverage of our campaign. We have been on local bbc radio, national radio and Channel M on sky. Our campaign is also on the nation supporters trust website and the local papers are now running articles. The Manchester Evening New and Bury Times and BBC Radio have also contacted Southampton and in fact I ma told that southampton have switched off their contact us email address as they have received so many complaints. Blackpool took a drum (With Southamptons permission but when they started to get too noisy singing with it the stewards went in and grabbed it off them causing minor scuffles). I myself go this email response back from their fans liason officer and I am sure you will agree that the excuses are very lame indeed. - Thank you for your email addressed to Leon Crouch. I am in charge of all supporter related issues, and have therefore been asked to reply. Allowing instruments into St Marys would be contrary to our ground regulations. Your comment regarding the Blackpool game is somewhat disappointing and is only looking at one side of the coin. We were approached by a Blackpool supporter who asked permission to bring a drum into the ground. This was allowed. However, we not only received several complaints from the Blackpool fans about the noise, but it also created a serious health and safety issue as our stewards were unable to fully hear commands via their radio‚Äôs from the control room. On this basis, and given that we have learned a valuable lesson, we have agreed to abide by our own Ground Regulations and such requests will be declined. It is also worth noting that in the 7 seasons that St Marys has been open, many, many away supporters have created an atmosphere without the need for musical instruments, a prime example being Leicester City in the previous round of The FA Cup. I am sorry that we have been unable to help further on this occasion Regards David Luker Head of Supporter Services - So the reason they wont allow it is that too much noise interfers with the stewards ear pieces, what a joke. Why then did England play at St Marys (and take drums) a couple of years ago and why did Sheffield Wednesday take their full band last season? Southampton have also put a news release on theiur main website as follows http://www.saintsfc.co.uk/news/?page_id=9614 We are not giving up the fight though and their ignorance to how fans feel and their contempt of the Bury fans is only making this an even bigger occasion for us and our support will now be much greated both in numbers and voice. Once again Norwich fans have been great, some of the responses on the petition have been heart warming and everyone at Bury are extremely grateful. You can still help the cause by emailing dluker@saintsfc.co.uk or if not already done signing our petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/bury-fc-drum-campaign Once again thanks for the support brads1    
  2. if they were confident of winning why not let us do what we want then. They are scared of getting outsung because we are expecting to take 5 or 600 more than we took to Carrow Road. Should be interesting whatever happens.
  3. I cant understand why he is retiring the guy looked very dangerous against us (Bury). I know we arent a Championship side but he as alot to offer maybe coming off the bench. He seems atop bloke as well at the end of the game at Gigg he shook every Bury players hand.
  4. Is he an Ipswich Fan? The good thing about us shakers fans is that we have never won anything and never will so at least we cant be called glory Hunters!LOL!!  We are an happy go lucky bunch because we have to live in the shadow of the these damn United fans who walk round with their sharp tops on. Pretty sad really. Us true fans (Bury/Norwich) are what football is all about. Does delia make prawn sandwiches???
  5. loads of fans have emailed Southampton and they havent even had the decency of replying to anyone. How can two clubs be so different. We came to your safety officers and they were great, yes there were rules but thats fair enough. Go to Southampton and they are the opposite. Football in this country is going downhill fast and the powers that be want us all like Man Utd fans sitting nice and quiet eating sandwiches.  
  6. thanks for your comments. much appreciated. All I said was that Roeder could have shook caspers hand Ive never slagged anyone of. Anyway its your choice and you are entitled to it. Thanks to everyone who as signed upto now anyway. The fact we were kicked out of the FA Cup last year makes this years competition so much more of an issue with us lot. Whatever wiz might think I genuinely hope Norwich do well this season because everyone I met down there and in the social club at Gigg were great. One of your fans even stood at the supporters coach and shook loads of Bury fans hands to congratulate them. Thats what football is all about, not just Man Utd and their millions.
  7. cheers matey. Great response from a great set of fans!!!!
  8. Already 2  signatures. Cheers Tim and Michael much appreciated by everyone up here.
  9. I everyone. Bury Fan here. I know we beat you and I can understand it if you wasnt that bothered about this issue but it is starting to cause quite a stir at Bury and in the media up here. Southampton have decided that we are not allowed the drum at their ground even though the home fans have them. The fourth round is a massive day out for all shakers fans and it is because of this that we have started a petition to try and persuade Southampton to reconsider. We have emailed the club and explained that we arent a club who have trouble makers and it is purely for entertainment reasons and we have even highlighted your club because your powers that be allowed the drums. Please can as many people as possible sign our petition and stop southampton spoiling our big day out!! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/bury-fc-drum-campaign
  10. heres a report from anorwich fan. Seems quite fair http://www.themightyshakers.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=548258#post548258
  11. the pitch was a mud bath. Did you go?? The pitch at Bury is excellent and the ground is very good as well. It was simply a case of the Bury players being up for it and the home fans being that 12th man. I have a lot of respect for NOrwich fans after coming down to carrow road but totally unfair to say a mud bath. Considering the torrential rain we had not many prem pitches would have been as good.  
  12. Hi everyone bury fan here. Obviously Im chuffed tofay but I had to feel for your fans. I cam down to norwich and its a damn long way, i wouldnt fancy it on a tuesday. Dont get me wrong Norwich werent very good at all but we seemed to step up our game considerably and with the bury fans making a hell of a jose all night I think we just wanted it more. No hard feeling I hope and all the best for the rest of the season!!  
  13. I have been to the ground and the pitch is in brilliant condition. A bit disrespectful to say mudbath. I think you will be very surprised we have a nice ground, pitch and we dont play hoof ball. Get your facts straight and have a good day.
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