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  1. Hi all. Long, long time lurker here. Only been to a couple of games over recent seasons but now my young lad is getting keen. Living in arsenal and tottenham territory that's a big releif I'd like to take him to forest and brentford but both are sold out. Does anyone know how to get tickets being resold...if that's allowed. Happy to pay a premium. Especially for Brentford as otherwise we'll be going in the home end for this one... Thanks a mill all and Happy Christmas!!
  2. Could prove a great signing . He''s a family friend hence I keep an eye out for how he''s been doing. Did v well at mill wall and was very popular with the fans. A really great temperament and is an utterly dedicated sportsman. Should fit the NFC mould well.. not the quickest but knows where the net is and has good movement. Excited!!!
  3. Hi all. Has anyone managed to get the player working on android or iphone, so you can listen to the live commentary on your phone when out of BBC Norfolk range. Would be great if anyone could tell me how to do this. Have been trying for yrs! Thanks a mil GR
  4. I just saw Sol Cambell in Dale Winton... sorry I mean Tesco.
  5. Thanks Guys I thought the Hero could play Flash? That''s why I was considering getting one soon. Off topic but how do you rate your Hero v iphone? You used to able to paste a URL into media player with the old world site. Since upgrading i havene''t tinkered with it much so don''t know if you can still do this? Could I view it that way in a mobile browser if so? - I am not very techie as you may have guessed!
  6. Does anyone know if you can use the canaries player from a mobile phone internet connection? I want to be able to listen to games through the browser on my mobile but not sure if it''s possible. Any help would be gratefully received.   
  7. Does anyone know if tonight''s match is been shown on any of the internet streaming channels? Many thanks
  8. Nearly all of you seem to list Reading at least one or two places above NCFC. Amazing!   Is Terry Pratchett a striker for The Royals? :) NCFC are not my No1 love. Although they were considerably higher up the ranking in 93 and 04! probably just behing the Mrs & family. I only go fishing when it''s sunny too!  
  9. "Courage"......It seems the board have kept it for themselves.... http://www.thepublican.com/Pictures/web/i/v/b/courage_directors.jpg    
  10. Or is anyone on here well connected enough to get a call from the club updating them on the siuation this late at night? I''d really like to do something else tonight other than press F5 every two minutes :o) Suspense suspense suspense...... On the first Day of Autumn Delia gave to me......Shola Am...eeeee....bee. Or maybe not.
  11.                            Marshall Omosuzi      Kenny   Stefan      Bertrand Croft      Russell      Clingan   Hoolahan                Lupoli      Curo (last chance)
  12. What have Portman Road and a GUM clinic got in common? They''re both full of of Scabby c***s. This is of course not strictly true as Portaloo Rd is usually empty.
  13. Cheers all. That makes sense then. Appreciated.
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