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  1. A bloke goes to see his doctor. ''Everytime I see a lorry go past, I get an erection!'' exclaims the man. Sure enough, at that moment a massive eight wheeler zooms past and up pops the blokes manhood. ''My word'' shrieks the doc, ''this defies all medical science''. The doc gets his nurse to take a sample of blood and tells him to come back in a few days. A few days past and the man goes back to the surgery. ''Give it to me straight doc...what''s up with me?'' ''Well it''s bad news I''m affraid Sir'', the doc sighs.... ''You''re HGV positive''
  2. Makes me laugh when people try to act tough on message boards. Prob poop your pants if he took you up on the offer. Calm down...he just called you an idiot...why do you want a confrontation? Are you a tough guy?
  3. "...or come and find me tomorrow and call me an idiot in the murderers to my face. " Haha...Billy big balls. Hard aren''t you.
  4. "Me thinks you missed the tounge in cheek element of my post this morning." For that then I apologise.
  5. You''d poop your pants!!! Brilliant how you''re all ''hard'' typing away at your keyboard. Wishing someone an injury. Excellent. Face to face you''d drop an English. Clown
  6. "Hope the f***** does his knee again" Ahh...Billy Bigshot...if only you had the balls to say it to big dejan. All 6ft 13 stone of Serbian muscle. See where it gets you...dickhead!
  7. RIP Sir Bob Rob...not enough around like you anymore.
  8. Don''t string me up if I''m incorrect but I have it on good authority that there will be a PC at ''around'' 4 o''clock...fingers crossed this info is correct.
  9. Bloke in suit interviewed at showground...friend unsure who it was but was surrounded by 4 kitted up players and Gunn. Radio Norfolk interviewed.
  10. [quote user="mrdi"] [quote user="Irish Canary"]F5 refreshes??! Learn something new every day.....[/quote]   And when you hold the ''Alt'' key and hit F4, something MAGICAL happens. [/quote]   Hahaha...I fell for it!
  11. [quote user="Carlos Valderrama"]I have got them in an accumulator to win the league - Arsenal, Norwich, Leicester & Celtic respectively...[/quote] Accumulator is certainly the way to go...Man Utd, Norwich (at 40/1), Leicester and Darlington! £26,000 please!!!! (£10 stake).
  12. [quote user="Snakepit boys"]Great loads more loans to look forward to. I can hardly contain my excitement at preparing the top Prem clubs players for the future. At the same time all the transfer money will have disappeared (Again) on loan wages. Our clubs policies become more transparent as the seasons go on. I do not want a team made up of rejects and players considered "not the finished article" playing for us. I want Norwich City players we can be proud of. These defenders are only here because they are going to be free, quality costs money such as tiny who would of been a great asset here. Christ, Wolves have just offered us the amount we would not pay for him to get Shackell (Straight swap anyone???!!!) Again I say we are a Joke, We are broke and it is time to drive this organisation out of town. [/quote] Brilliant...not. So how would we pay the players if we bought them then? Loans are free....and you are claiming it would eat up our transfer budget to pay them....how would we pay players if....heaven forbid (in your naive eyes!).....we actually paid some money for them in the first place? How exactly would that work? And as far as preparing players for the top Prem clubs....why ever not? As you''ve put it...TOP Prem clubs....these lads will eventually play at the top of the English game...they obviously have talent...don''t they, or they wouldn''t be at these top clubs! These players still need development...although their talent is obviously apparant for them to ever be at these big clubs. Please tell me...step by step...how you would exactly go about running the club and make a profit? (It is a business at the end of the day!)
  13. [quote user="CNS-Canary"] Well .. If we sign Cligan i for one, will be gutted. Let''s face it. If he was highly rated then would they sell to a team in the same division? No.   Im keeping my fingers crossed for a double signing still [:D] Hoolahan, and Bell will do please [:P]   OTBC x [/quote] They aren''t SELLING anyone! His contract runs out so he''s leaving on a free!!! Why don''t you read up on your facts before ''Bashing'' him already? Of course he''d want to go somewhere if they offered him more money...right?
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