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  1. yeah, but old times were a little different from now 😂
  2. Despite Kane's track record of not winning titles, he miraculously propels Leverkusen to the stated lead with 12 games remaining.
  3. Youngs are always devoted with outstanding efforts
  4. I find it amusing when fans of Brighton and Southampton engage in banter by singing 'you dirty Northern bastards' to London teams during football matches.
  5. I would consider Dresden as somewhat of a counter-argument, and perhaps Jena as well. These are two moderately international cities, each hosting highly esteemed universities, yet the AfD has managed to gain traction in local elections. Both locations have faced challenges with the far-right in the past, notably Dresden with Pegida.
  6. I have a sense that our chances of success have improved.
  7. I suppose it provided them with a justification to share over the weekend.
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