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  1. 3421 - attacking wingbacks, Sara and nunez as a midfield duo, Rowe & Sainz behind Sarge with Kenny marshalling the back line. Probably played too much FM recently.
  2. Good player to potentially bring off the bench next season, will bring a bit of nastiness to the team and will be handy to have as a mentor to any youth making the next step into the first team.
  3. Shame if true. If played as wing back in a back 5, we probably would've seen the best of him.
  4. Absolutely not. Was a good manager for the years he was here, but the club has changed since he left. A fresh start across the club is required.
  5. A lot of money to let him go which we don't have.
  6. If Bolton get promoted from League one, I can't see him coming here anyway. From the games I've seen when Bolton have been on Sky, they have certainly been enjoyable to watch.
  7. Duffy and Hanley will be here next season - Probably good to keep one of these two to provide a little bit of guidance to any youth coming in (bought or academy). Duffy whilst inconsistent is probably our best CB.
  8. Likely all we could afford. Idah wanted out, we had to get a replacement and SvH was the only affordable option available is my bet.
  9. Disgraceful first half showing. Truly pathetic from a bunch of ‘experienced’ players.
  10. Someone on BBC sports VAR debate has suggested suspending it for the next season to work on improving it and bringing it back once it's a bit more complete. I'd be okay with that but I wouldn't trust the PGMOL to operate it smoothly.
  11. Ball retention is a bigger issue, we lost possession cheaply far to often last night and allowed sheff wed to get back into the game.
  12. The amount of screaming at the ref he’s done this evening, I’m surprised he’s got enough oxygen to continue running.
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