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  1. Enjoy the view, without a doubt the best in the stadium so long as you are far enough back , I can't wait to return to block K when everything is back to normal.
  2. I'm confident he's not comparable to Max Aarons' attributes in that position, yes. At no point have I said anything negative about Rupp, so prejudice my opinion all you want.
  3. Come on, Rupp v Aarons at RB is not comparable at all. Can you see Rupp bombing down the wing or taking on a man? You don't need to see someone play in the position we're posing here to know they don't have the same attributes, we've seen enough of Rupp in midfield to know that.
  4. The Preston game was always going to be more limited than the others, I'm more excited about this being a step in the right direction for attendance in October.
  5. Can't wait to get back in the ground, if we're still looking (eventually) at 8k fans, less than 1/3 of our capacity and it is properly organised then I have no problems with going. There is plenty of evidence that suggests it's very difficult to catch coronavirus outside, especially if socially distanced.
  6. There'll be loads of articles like this until the window closes in October. 'Norwich will sell if the price is right' isn't going to garner many clicks unfortunately.
  7. I completely understand the reasoning (both economic and otherwise) behind opening X or Y, and if only we had a government that had some semblance of a cohesive plan. I appreciate there are different concerns outside of the stadium, but as an event in itself, from everything I've seen about transmission outside and how to prevent it then a football match socially distanced is far safer than being in an office with people. We're still only talking about a stadium which is a 1/3 full, and I would argue that it will impact the R far less than other decisions already made. Lets not forget that clubs at L1/L2 levels aren't likely to have more than 1k-2k fans in the stadium, even Bournemouth will probably be limited to this kind of amount.
  8. As you are insisting on continuing your trolling... Cantwell is young, English (so counts towards homegrown counts) and has a full season of PL experience which included him being our second top scorer. Clubs are willing to pay vast sums for players with that sort of background; £20m is without a doubt the starting bid.
  9. I'm sure we'll see more players go over the next few weeks, certainly Leitner/Trybull/Drmic will either leave or be loaned out. I'm ignoring your trolling at the end of the post.
  10. I wouldn't have a problem with the grounds being closed if other places were also closed too. How can the government justify having places like cinemas, IKEA, Lakeside, large offices open (and completely indoors) and not open up a football ground - which is outside and especially when it's very simple to strictly enforce social distancing in all-seater stadia? I'm fine with the government imposing restrictions, but there is no logic at all to their mishmash of laws.
  11. It shouldn't make a difference as long as whoever is looking after iFollow from a technical perspective lives in the 21st Century. They should have a scaleable infrastructure which means you wont notice a difference whether 1 person or 1 million people are accessing it at the same time. 'Streaming' is going to be the default route to broadcast for most sports brands/networks in the next 10 years, and Sky have committed to removing their satellite infrastructure too, so get used to it (and get used to having multiple OTT subscriptions for PL/EFL as they all roll out their own services).
  12. Fairly certain that the club have already confirmed if you have people in your 'Friends and Family' group on your ticketing account they will consider them as 'in your bubble'.
  13. Recent seasons have seen all midweek games in the Championship available via Sky either on Sky Sports or via the red button. I've not heard good things about iFollow in general, so I have no confidence in them being able to cope with increased demand now that season ticket holders across the country will be accessing it for free - but beggars can't be choosers. Fingers crossed we have some news on the ballots soon.
  14. I still have my reservations with that, you are right it's a lot but we've proven we can easily run through them with the players we have. This season is going to be completely unforgiving, and whilst I'm sure we're more than likely to throw the game against Luton, potentially 8 games up until the window closes and then regular Sat/midweek rounds of games are going to stretch the squad. Accelerating the process is fine, but we could easily have played 3 or 4 more times before the process is completed.
  15. Whilst we know roughly what the clubs plan is, one question they haven't answered is how different season ticket costs are impacted. For example someone sitting in one of the lounges in the City Stand pays more than someone sitting in the Lower Barclay. But the way it's being set up could mean that they end up sitting in each others seat, whilst City Stand man/woman is paying X for the ticket and Barclay man/woman is paying Y - that seems a bit unfair. I'm more than happy to go, it's essentially outside so transmission rates are extremely low with correct distancing. It will be interesting to see how they manage entrance and exit from the stadium though. Got to be the Jarrold for me, best view in the ground. Any of the seats directly behind the goals or in the upper tiers behind the goals - no thanks.
  16. I agree to an extent, but I'd add the caveat that we could find ourselves in a similar position as last season fairly quickly. Both Klose and Zimmermann have pulled up in pre-season games, and whilst they are clearly OK at the moment, last season shows we're only 90 minutes away from struggling at CB again. Clearly the club are looking to bring someone in, so I have no concerns on that front, but I'm not sure I'd want them to wait to October -we've potentially got 8 games until the window closes for something to go wrong.
  17. There is some great stuff on The Athletic, and obviously Michael Bailey is dedicated to Norwich so we'll still get good coverage on there next season. It's well worth the money, especially if you can get one of their half price offers.
  18. Don't really like it, but it's not like we haven't had blue kits before - so some of the fuss surrounding the colour is a bit stupid but people get so angry about things nowadays it's no surprise. I do think the club have scored a bit of an own goal with the rainbow/'for heroes' tweet the other day, I doubt anyone expected the kit that was revealed this morning. I think we've also got to remember that Errea will have been affected by the pandemic, so I wasn't expecting any sort of groundbreaking kits this season.
  19. Yeah, but to be fair this was designed by a 6 year old if I remember correctly.
  20. Damn you, I was just about to post we were losing to get the moaners going.
  21. The point was that Dean Lewington played for Wimbledon before AFC had a need to exist.
  22. I think we'll be there or thereabouts all season, but it really depends on the mentality of key players after last season. 'Project Restart' was an unmitigated disaster for us, and Farke and his coaching staff have a huge job on their hands to try and remove that from players minds - part of that is bringing fresh faces into the squad, but imagine we finish September having picked up a scrappy point at Huddersfield, a close win at home v Preston and then defeat to Bournemouth. Players with a weak mentality, and there will be some in our team, will already be panicking. That's all notwithstanding that we still don't know for sure when fans will be allowed back in. If Farke manages to turn our end of season form around, he's done an even better job than winning the league in 18/19 in my opinion. With the squad we have at our disposal, even an up and down season should see us somewhere around the playoff spots (see 2016/17) - I think we'll definitely finish top 6, but we need to finish top 2 to justify the decisions we took last year.
  23. What, a bit like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eWiz_qr1gw
  24. Quintilla will be able to travel to Germany though, so does the fact that he will travel there and potentially play (and I assume get tested for corona) supersede the advice on quarantining? I'm assuming the answer is 'he's been in Spain, so he has to quarantine', but with club under obligation to test players surely it makes it far easier to justify him taking part.
  25. Agreed. I'm slightly torn as it means we'll likely kick off the season with 'another' defeat, but there is absolutely no benefit to us making our fixture list even more congested than it already will be.
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