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  1. Where are you? Where are you? Cmon let’s be having you! Dean Smith needs sacking after that result, hey Keith?
  2. I went in there once, met a few of the posters and had the pleasure of meeting Eddie the Eagle and Big Dunc! Wasn’t allowed back though unless I swore my allegiance to our owners and stopped being nasty to her
  3. Enjoy the game, I will be following online hope you see a goal and a win. If you see Duncan pass on my regards
  4. Yet again, a childish response but then that’s to be expected from you isn’t it? Bigot
  5. Really? Why can you not answer the question for once in an adult way? Grow up ffs!
  6. 1st live game, August 72 season opener v Everton, 1-1 draw Favourite player ever, that’s a hard one tbh I think Wes Hoolahan just edges it over a few others happiest away day, play off final as shared the day with my son when we beat Boro Best home performance, play off semi v Ipswich First NCFC shirt, 1973 one
  7. So you don’t find calling people from the Middle East camels, offensive or racist? Maybe I shall ask my colleagues here in Oman, where I am currently working, how they feel about being referred to as camels?
  8. But very true nonetheless. Same as people forget 2009 conveniently when talking about relegations under the current ownership, and the fact we were in the third tier for the first time in 50 years! And you get the response that you are a binner, go and do something else blah blah blah because they only want to talk about the good stuff, which is all very well, but to get real perspective on a situation you have to look at the whole thing. I don’t deny Farke was very good in the Championship, but, the level above where we found ourselves twice under him his record was abysmal. It’s not just about players either, it’s about the whole way he managed which for me personally, I didn’t think was fantastic. But that’s just my opinion, and I respect others have a different opinion, but I won’t say they are wrong just to suit my way of thinking.
  9. Oh yes, the bit he was good at, what about the woeful EPL record? You and so many others seem to forget that!
  10. That very thought crossed my mind too canarydan23, just imagine what it would be like if he came off the bench and scored a 95th minute winner, how many of those posting the Cantwell hate messages on here would give the lad any praise?
  11. We have the lowest number of goals scored after 20 matches apparently too, although we share that with Leicester and we have our worst ever consecutive run of games without scoring since we joined the football league in 1920 apparently
  12. Maybe when you started this thread you could have researched the fact that Woods release clause was triggered in a contract signed before the owners took over the club so how is it going to be the fault of the owners that he’s being sold? so before you chuck insults at me check your facts matey!
  13. But you mentioned Burnley’s rich owners, what’s that got to do with Pukki going to Newcastle? As you said that’s not what’s being discussed, but it’s ok for you to mention ownership but not me? Hypocrite.
  14. Ok, yes he did a great job at Championship level, how about that? So can you accept that he was woeful in the EPL, too?
  15. Whereas for the second season running in the PL, we are embarassing, yet you still think it’s nothing to do with the owners, the model or the fact our players aren’t PL standard?
  16. But I thought one of the top German clubs were going to appoint him, and we would see his true worth? Thats what all the crybabies who didn’t like him getting sacked here said anyway! Maybe he’s not as good as people think?
  17. Interesting to see what criteria you use for made it, as there’s players on that list who clearly haven’t? Thompson, Idah, Sorensen, Mumba. Where have they all got regular football? I hardly think a few 5 minute appearances can be classed as regular football
  18. Really? No Ill feeling towards him? Try reading what people are saying on this thread and tell me there’s no Ill feeling! I agree at times he doesn’t help himself but some of the vitriol that’s posted on here about him, and indeed other players, is disgraceful!
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