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  1. I agree entirely Tom.  It would be very unfair to some of the players who have performed this year and want the best for Norwich such as Flem, the Doc, Shacks, Drury, WLY and Hucks amongst others.  Yes there has been poor performances this year but lets at least give the players a good send off so they can come back next year, after a difficult season knowing they have the support of the fans.  
  2. I like to refer to Carl Robinson as a traffic warden.  Bloody useless but always trying to direct things.  Have you seen him during a game with his arms flailing around.
  3. I think this has more to do with the building of the hotel and a safety issue rather than a hooligan element I would have thought.  Its definately more practical than trying to move some of the Barclay fans for the same reason. 
  4. I don''t really have an opinion on this matter but I can see both sides of the argument.  I personally would like to see Spillane play because as people have already said, he is going to be here next year and Rehman is not.  What I would like to say though in reference to bringing Rehman in when we did is that I would guess Shacks and The Doc have played a whole lot better as a result of the added competition knowing that if they have a few bad games, there is the possibility that Rehman would play at their expense if either dipped in form.  However with nothing to play for (apart from beating Wolves) we have to build for the future and regardless of Rehman''s wage packet I think you have to give Spillane a chance in a position in which is regarded as one of his favourites to see what he can do. 
  5. There is a big difference in finishing 7th and being out of the playoffs by the odd point or two, but even if we win on Sunday we''ll be at best 10 points outside the playoffs surrounded by the might of Cardiff and Luton.  Does this really equal a good season?  Again if we win on Sunday we''ll have won as many games as we''ve lost in the league.  I honestly think a lot of fans could accept a season where we''ve played some good stuff but just fallen short like the year before we won the league despite the expectations we had at the start of this season.  Any thoughts...
  6. I''ve heard it on pretty strong authority its going to be FlyBe.  The reason for the delay is that the contract is dependent on what league Birmingham are in as they don''t want to be paying as much money in sponsorship for a Championship club as they are paying for a Premiership club.
  7. I think that Robert Green has been a great servant for the club but rather than it seemingly being a case of happy to be getting rid of him, I think we should be happy for him to move on.  I feel he has gone backwards as a goalkeeper in the last year or so and a fresh challenge would be good for everyone.  I like the look of Gallacher so far but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, he''s only played 2 games but I do like the idea of Gallacher and Joe Lewis battling it out for the goalkeeping spot next season with a bit of money from Green to be spent on the rest of the team. 
  8. Have to agree entirely with this post.  Is this how low we have gone as supporters to have to cheer opposition goals?  What if Worthy goes, do you really think any potential manager or new signing is going to come to a team who applauds the opposition when they score a goal?  I personally thought it was absolutely disgraceful.  You can see a difference, watching Arsenal last season was a pleasure to watch and I''m sure many fans applauded the quality and it was a matter of respect because from a personal standpoint, they were the best team I''d ever seen play at Carrow Road but purposely celebrating an opposition goal in order to make a point?  No thank you
  9. Steve Bruce?  No thank you, everyone moaning about hoofball have obviously not watched Birmingham lately, on Sunday against Villa they were terrible, lumping long balls forward to Sutton and Heskey and trying to get knock downs off that.  Yes Worthy''s time is up but lets not go to Steve Bruce
  10. To all the people sniping Deano, those who were at the game yesterday as well as those who have posted their player ratings have consistently given him the highest rating, I''d love to see what Henry or van Nistelrooy would do in our team with the service he''s getting at the moment, he seemed to be the only one chasing lost causes and performing like he cared, 2 shots from outside of the box both on target from chances he made himself.  He also as well as Greeno were the only Norwich players to acknowledge the travelling supporters and these are two of the players who are probably going to want to leave in January given the state we are in at the moment. Blame the coaching staff becuase we have done the impossible, made England''s best young striker lost in front of goal.
  11. Ooooooooh, Best = Portaloo Road without a doubt although probably due to lack of competition as well. Worst = Take your pick Southampton, MK Dons, Stoke, Watford, Luton, QPR, Wolves, Millwall, Coventry, today I personally would have to say the first halves at Luton and QPR which were particularly shambolic as opposed to the awful others. Can someone confirm but have we actually only won 2 from 29 of our last away games? Including 2 from 10 this year before the excuses come out about Premiership last year. Promotion, we''re having a laugh.
  12. Hi, Just got back from the game and thought I''d comment on the fact that Delia was in the Norwich section today sat almost behind me.  Numerous fans went up to her to talk about Worthy''s position and having personally witnessed and put up with another load of rubbish to go with Luton, QPR, Wolves, Coventry etc the list goes on, her argument seemed to be "look at the scum, do they wish they still had Burley?, look at Coventry do they wish they still had Strachan?" Whilst she did have a fair point I could never see Worthy after this job going on to manage Celtic or Hearts or any other team that is presently of a higher league position than us. Enough is enough and changes have to be made, this is not good enough, I can accept us not having the best team but lack of work ethic and general basic skills is almost embarassing as was mentioned to me many times after the game by passing Derby fans.  Instead of bowling, MAYBE WORTHY COULD TEACH THE TEAM HOW TO PASS TO SOMEONE WEARING THE SAME COLOURED SHIRT.  It would be a start. So much for back to basics.
  13. So the story goes that for persistent standing they were thrown out which was an absolute joke because anyone who was at the game saw that the Derby fans to our right were stood for the whole game yet nothing was said.
  14. Just wondering if someone could help me out as I''ve never been to St. Andrews before and wanted to know how far the walk is from New Street Station as on their website they say 20 minutes, if this accurate?
  15. In response to our strongest possible team, I felt that Jarrett should have played in midfield last night, he got some minutes under his belt on Saturday and in an midfield injury crisis like ours you surely want players playing in their best position not Simon Charlton in centre midfield.  However apart from that I have to lay some blame at Worthy because my mate sitting next to me commented that when the second goal went in he just had his head in his hands Sven style and looked clueless, yes these things happen but words of encouragement were needed, not a time to feel sorry for yourself.
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