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  1. [quote user="noz4lyf"] yes, but yet again what does jamie actually offer for our club ? i understand he can score a few .. and i agree he''s done that well ! however, im sure ched evans could do exactly the same ! so could chris martin .. he''s not a team player ! [/quote] He defends from the front far better than most strikers i''ve ever seen (by the way Earnie never defended at all) I don''t want to be cliche, but the guy bleeds yellow and green, 110% from him every game,whether he gets chances or not. So I think you''ll find he is a team player.
  2. I can''t let this post pass without replying to it. You''re the sort of "fan" we just don''t need. You say he''s "the worse(I think you mean worst!) player" you''ve seen in your life, was last night your first ever match?! Yes, he should have scored from 2 yards right at the end of the game-he knows that, you could see it when the final whistle went. He is one of few players I''ve seen who really takes it to heart when he misses a chance. Especially now he''s back here. I''d still state, even after last night, Curo is our best striker. I know he hasn''t had the best season, we all expected tons of goals after the year he had last season, but he''s scored some good goals, and some important goals, and yes before all the anti-curo people reply, he has missed a few sitters. As for a poor man''s Earnie, well on goals, I won''t argue, but as for the rest of his game and his ability to play for the shirt, give me JC any day over that money grabbing alien. Roeder should be backing him by playing him against Sheff Utd, because it''ll only take one goal for him to forget about last night''s miss and we''ll see Curo on the goal trail again.
  3. First post in years! I can confirm it was him, I spoke to him as I work in john lewis. He was here for a family friends party. Def nothing to do with us at all. He said he''s done with management, and wouldn''t have gone back to Newcastle for "all the money in the world". Really nice guy, but was very shocked to see him. For once, an "I saw (insert name) in (insert local place)" post is correct!
  4. I don''t know for sure, but am fairly certain, this £2million never existed. I would say it was installments, add ons etc. So we never had  £2million in total to buy him. As for the money for Greeno and Mr Offside, I would imagine that was put in a jar for a rainy day.......   ....oh look it''s p**sin it down!......
  5.   But how many teams above us keep winning, other than the ones at the very top, there''s been no team on an amazing run of wins. Which is exactly my point, look at Dec 2005, we won 5 on the bounce and were within touching distance, imagine 5 wins on the spin starting tomorrow?  With attitudes like yours noone would ever acheive anything. Why are we called supporters if we don''t support, we just give up and moan. For Christ''s sake lets have some sort of fighting spirit, and then the players will follow.
  6. How some of you can slate a player who has been with the club for 24 hours is disgraceful. Brown needs our support and encouragement. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how he develops alongside Earnie, and how DD can help him. It seems to me at the moment the majority on here wouldn''t be satisfied with any signing we make, would look at the negatives, give pathetic stats to try and back themselves up. Dare i be positive for a moment- We are only 9 points off the play-offs. Now most of you will come back and say "but we rubbish, we don''t have good enough players, we''re going to be relegated not promoted, sack Grant, sack the board, sack Captain Canary, sack the really tall guy who sells programmes in the Jarrold." However, cast your minds back to the start of the season(2nd in the league), if we can get back to playing like that, then 9 points is nothing. We all know how unpredictable this league can be, particularly us, but with some sort of consistency, it''s possible. With a few more decent signings (as quality cost millions, and that''s something we don''t really have), we can push our way up the table. Rant over.
  7. I had a chat with Dickson last night (he came into the cinema where i work) I told him I''d like to see him shooting more from outside the box, as he got in some good positions, but passed instead. I agree with you NC, that his runs make him a threat in the area. He assured me that "it will come" and that he''s working on it. Aside from the football, I have to say he''s a top guy, very approachable and seemed happy to chat with me. 
  8. Give it a rest. You''re never happy. Hughes was captain last season and you give him abuse, saying he''s captain clappy etc etc. Now it''s back to Drury (our most consistent player last season IMO) and you slate him. I thought it was more than harsh to take it off him during the Premier League campaign, so I am glad he''s got it back. I think he leads the team by the way he plays not necessarily by the way he shouts and bawls. Plus what purpose does a captian actually have? Their should be 11 leaders on the pitch. He''s only there to toss the coin in a sense. So for Christ sakes man, get behind Jukebox- he is an able captain.
  9. Steve Foley calling from Ip****h, saying how nice it is in Suffolk, and that once Worthy''s gone, he''ll come back to Norfolk! Nigel says he ain''t bothered because he''s lined up a better coach called.......
  10. Hopefully, by now most of you will have realised this site is a shambles, and is just loads of people making up stuff(mainly Liverpool fans I''ve noticed!) If you haven''t read the following, to see why it''s not a credible site: "fulham want chimbonda because jimmy bullard said a good word about him to coleman.There after campbell aswell but unlikely as inter want him.There trying to get earnshaw but he is happy at cardiff so unlikely.They also want Bowyer to strentghen there midfield.They want Anelka but hes a bit deer.Bridge likes it at fulham so he will join.All these players (if they get them all) will be worth 30mil.There team next season will be ..................niemi.......................... chimbonda...campbell...knight......bridge........ malbranque...bowyer....diop.....bullard.......... ...........earnshaw....anelka...................." Spotted it? If not, you need help! BTW I wish something would happen at our club, I''m getting so bored!!
  11. The home kit look sweet. Can''t really tell on the away one, but definitely like white.
  12. I have sat in the Jarrold stand since it opened and was one of the south stand-ers. During the meetings for the new stand, they told us that it would be a hotel instead of a corner infill due to the fact that the infill would cost £1.5million, and they could only add 1500 seats. Do the math- it''s not a wise business move. the hotel will generate more money over time then just 1500 seats ever could. All you anti-board and Worthy people need to realise they are doing this for the good of the club. I hate the close season!
  13. Would like to echo CJF''s words- Cheers Steve! I''ve spoken to him on many an occasion this season, and he''s always been upfront and honest about the way we''ve been playing. Totally nice guy, shame he''s the one who is leaving ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  14. yeah, stop the hammers getting into the final which means they won''t get into europe, which in turn means we''ll miss out on £125k from west ham!
  15. Would like to report that I saw Greeno twist his ankle whilst turning to sprint. This was not long after he came out to warm up. He tried to carry on warming up and run it off, but it was evident that he wouldn''t make it. Was very impressed by Gally''s performance, would be more than happy to have him as No.1, if Greeno goes. Not much else to say, because it''s all being repeated by others on this board. Best wait until the summer on all fronts.
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