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  1.  I don''t think it''s his [MLJ] ability which people are questioning, it''s just the frustration - everyone knew he was injury prone and the likelyhood was, we would only get half a dozen games out of him a season, keeping Steady Eddie would have been a better option.
  2. Torquay away, that sounds a cracker! never mind a car, coach or train - I''m gonna crawl there on my hands and knees, lets hope my trip/effort wont be wasted! cos we''ll be sure to win away - wont we?
  3. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"]Never go back, unless it''s Nielsen, Helveg or Martin O''Neill :)[/quote]    Or Martin Peters who at 76 is still 10 years ahead of anything Ive seen at Carrow Rd
  4. So if we have a damn good squad already why do we play dire football then  Mr Munby?
  5. [quote user="ROSSI 46"] [quote user="John Boubepo"]BIG ISSUE? if things don''t improve Worthington will be selling the Big Issue on the streets of Norwich! [/quote] Can you explain John, what effect your post has had on the topic, becasue if the answer is none at all, then why make it?   [/quote] Sorry I was just trying to add a bit of light-heartedness, I think we all are fully aware of all the issues, not that I''m against people repeating them several times. When you''re chewin'' on loife''s grissle. Don''t grumble, give a whistle ...  In future tho Rossi, I promise to be more deadpan and serious and will keep my posts pertinent and correlated at all times
  6. Outplayed by Sweden but between 9pm and 11pm it''s always very hot in Germany! and Sweden are used to playing in extreme high temperature, it must be scorching in Stockholm plus Sweden had 17 players behind the ball and their World class player who plays in the reserves at Sheff Wed made all the difference! Cant wait for the explanations  when Norwich kick off, the excuses are  becoming so entertaining I think I will have to become a KTFer myself!
  7. Sorry Mac, my post wasn''t aimed at you, it just appeared under your post and appeared that way, it was actually aimed at KTFers in general who refuse to accept any criticism of the England or Norwich management even after poor performances against inferior opposition, even after glearingly obvious tactical mistakes have been made they would rather blame the weather or  make out  the rank outside opposition were packed with World class players!
  8. Ok I get it - as long we don''t play anyone better than Paraguay  and we don''t have to play in heat of more than 15 degrees and we don''t have to play any country with a climate of more than 20 degrees -  England will win the world cup. I just love the KTF''s logic Perhaps if Norwich play all their 46 games at home next season and don''t play any team better than Peterborough Worthington might keep his job. Perhaps Brazil will learn an important lesson and play hoof football in 2010 Or perhaps we should get real here and accept England were very poor during their first two games and Norwich have also been very poor for two complete seasons - why pretend any different?
  9. [quote user="John Boubepo"][quote user="Old Boy"] What does the other striker''s height have to do with whether Cole was played out of position? Does Owen regularly play alongside a 6''7" target man? An irrelevancy - [/quote] With a  6''7"striker most teams tend to fashion their tactics accordingly, you probably think it''s irrelevent because you watch Norwich, who play as if they have a 7''3" striker when they actually have a 4''10" striker [/quote] Are you sure Earnie is 4''10" John? my mate is Welsh and swears he''s 3''9" he also swears Worthy suffers from Dyscalculia, which according to Taffy means Worthy thinks Earnie is 9''3"
  10. [quote user="Hampshire Yella"]"At the end of the day, whether you agree or not, Nigel is the football expert at this Club, with more than 20 years playing experience in the top division and international level. He also holds the top qualification for coaching in Europe."[/quote] With all those qualifications and experience it kinda begs the question - why is he such a poor manager but then I guess it''s the same with any trade group - all doctors hold a similar qualification to each other but you still have good doctors and bad ones - Harold Shipman was qualified  doctor wasn''t he, Nigel is a qualified coach
  11. [quote user="Old Boy"]   Sven didn''t "play people out of position" - Cole is well used to playing there - and the substitutions were sensible. [/quote] So Cole plays alongside a big man up front regularly does he?  - the tactics were poor, in fact very poor which I think is why several people made a direct link with Worthington but most worrying of all is Sven appeared to be taking advice from McClaren! which doesn''t bode well for the future. As for the "sensible substitutions" you are going to be extremely pushed to find anyone other than blahblah of course, who would actually agree with that line
  12. [quote user="blahblahblah"] You seem to be very adept at throwing a bunch of negative comments together without backing them up, as if putting them all together gives them some form of credibility : Sitting too deep for who ?  We appear to have won the match, would you rather that our players exhaust themselves looking for a second goal and get caught late on, as happened to Japan ? Playing poor tactics - how were they poor ?  Making the wrong substitutions - How were they wrong ? Which players played out of position ?  The fact is we won.  No-one will care how we won once we out of the group stages.  I would expect us to play better in cooler conditions, and against teams that play a more open game.  We''ll have to see. [/quote] I take it that you didn''t actually watch the game then blahblah?
  13. I think there are two very worrying aspects here, the first one is - it doesn''t matter that you have the best 22 players England can produce [and they are very good] if the manager is totally inept, the 22 extremely talented players wont overcome the managers ineptness.    Norwich have a similar size squad of very average players and an inept manager, what chance do they have?    The second thing which worries me, from England''s point of view at least, is that every time the camera swung over to Sven, he seemed to be taking advice from McClaren!! I pray I''m wrong here and good ole Steve was actually trying to talk Sven out of making the  Worthington style errors which took place.
  14. Spot on Herb - Englands big mistake could be Norwich''s big opportunity!
  15. Just heard yesterday that Martin O''Neil was interviewed for the England job and he would have accepted it, if offered to him. Can''t help but feel England have screwed up on this one, I had the same level of disappointment at the hearing  Steve McLaren was to be England boss as I did with the appointment of Worthington at Norwich. The Martin O''Neil interveiw yesterday just makes it a whole lot worse
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