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  1. 10 out of the 11 first time, only got the second striker on the second attempt.A very good team.
  2. My dad worked in the print room at Jarrolds for 49 years and he told me he never woke up once and thought, "I wish i didn''t have to go into work today!" Great stories of a once great company.Fortunately, he retired just before it all went wrong.
  3. I have never been able to get onto www.canarysquares.co.uk Always get error messagesCan anyone else access that website?
  4. [quote user="Rupethebear"]......it'';s easy to stay until the end if you live in Norfolk, when you have a 5hr round trip for a home game perhaps you would see things in a different manner!!![/quote]I have a 250 mile round trip for every home game and leaving 5 minutes early does not make one drop off difference to my journey home. The way i look at it is if i am going to spend 5 hours travelling to a game, i am going to stay for the entire game.
  5. Would have to agree with pretty much all of that Mr Chops.We are clearly weekest on the right hand side, as we all know strikers make terrible right wingers. To give the lad some credit, he did well to make a chance for himself in the first half cutting accross the penalty area to the near post and getting something on the crsoss  (Sadly, he missed the target) Not much else i am afraid. The least developed of our accademy players right now.
  6. I assume you don''t use it very much, if at all then...nothing like an informed opinion.
  7. He was poor tonight, no escaping that and it was also his error that turned the game.Although i would rather someone else had a run in the side,  i really don''t think some of the venomous remarks flying around are necessary.
  8. "Askou while good at scoring headed goals is much more of a defensive liability than the Doc"As Askou has only played two or three games, I think that it is a little quick to judge, don''t you?
  9. Way off the mark? Which particular marks did you disagree with out of interest?
  10. Hasn''t this debate about Doherty been going on for too long to be considered a "bandwagon"?
  11. The Auctioneers in Greenwich used to show all the live games. They also had a couple of smaller sets, where they would put other games on if a "big game" was on the main screen.This was a few years back mind.
  12. The bigger picture? a one day competition that has been running for a little over 35 years or a fabulous test series against our rivals that''s been going for over 100 years? There is no comparison there, sorry.
  13. I would rather win the Ashes every single time.
  14. You''ve clearly put a lot of effort into these ratings...i tend to disagree with most of it.It''s a funny old game, Saint!
  15. Jon Sheffield used to live behind the park in Old Cattion we all hung out on during the late 80s. He has a pile of cards with his photo on that he would sign and hand out when ever we knocked on his door. Ian Culverhouse had a tiny house near that park as well.
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