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  1. Yes great point on the European bit, strange how it is now never mentioned ! 😢feels like there should be a better emoji for that disappointment - could be a new thread, emoji's that sum up my club (clearly not including yellow and green hearts).
  2. AFC Wimbledon think they are the Wimbledon of old - didnt like them either.
  3. I had to watch it a few times, just to let it sink in how bad that really was !
  4. Sad there is no TMS or better TV coverage - not sure if you have read it yet, but the book titled Bazball is great insight into this team.
  5. Ha yep saw that, was trying to think of something less controversial - never like Fulham since the 6-0.
  6. Yep a strange one, sort of started off making a point - which although I didn’t necessarily agree could sort of see the point, we’ve had it worse, grounds with only 17000 in attendance, but it then just becomes sanctimonious preaching about being a loyal supporter, and if you question anything or don’t renew you’re not. A very strange article indeed.
  7. The place to buy Amstrad Hi-Fi's and Stero's, look alikey Rubix Cubes etc. Always a place to go Xmas shopping when growning up as it was cheap and you got more.
  8. It's strange looking back, it feels like the leagues were fairer - or is it just a case of rose tinted retrospective glasses ?
  9. Not an old Norwich pic, but you can get yourself kitted out on the cheap (1973/4)
  10. Imagine if we could all play the same ring tone at the same time, that would be funny !😀
  11. posted this before, relevant to the recent FA cup match, and he mentions losing in the 3rd round to Leicester and how disappointing it was 1980s Shoot Annual.
  12. Seems strange that unlike other businesses they don't have a three lines of defence model, operations, policy/governance and then audit. It's due diligence 101 in lots of sectors, and something you would of thought that our lenders and external audit firm would expect. In the finance sector its an internal risk function, but in others normally a add on to internal audit or finance, which is then captured on the organisations risk register and reported on (and minuted) . The lack of internal senior challenge or some form of independent senior challenge, seems like a very strange model, and even more so that it has been allowed to continue. Very strange times.
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