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  1. Have to agree. When John Bond went to Man City and took Reeves with him I was infuriated. Just Googled it and realised I was only 8 at the time .
  2. Can't see anything but a City win after Saturday. 3-1. Emi first goal.
  3. Just been watching this. Great seeing the team spirit. Hope most of those guys are still with us in the Prem.
  4. Are there any keepers on this list? Would love to know who makes the cut ahead of Tim .
  5. He actually committed himself to saying he thinks we'll stay up next season as well. Usually he questions the point of us even being there .
  6. Very true. Hopefully Emi himself will be a bit more discerning about who he chooses to play for though.
  7. Crazy. Not even made the first team recently.
  8. With Fulham destined for the drop surely this guy would be worth a punt as a second striker?
  9. Happy to see Swansea get a drubbing. They've been riding their luck ridiculously.
  10. It's a good point. I feel we'll try and push it to 40 but knowing us it'll be between 30 and 40. Maybe add on based.
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