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  1. Chippy Minton

    Have you always supported the Canaries?

    I moved around a lot as a kid and chose QPR as my team. My grandad played for them in the 30''s. When my lad was born we lived in Norfolk. At 4 or 5 years old he wanted to support Man Utd because his uncle did. I told him he was born in Norwich so should support Norwich I bought him his first kit that year and I''ve bought him a shirt every year since for his birthday in July. (I still have every one - including one with Ward on the back bought about 2 weeks before we sold him!) We got season tickets the following year. He''s now 30 and still a season ticket holder.
  2. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]I think that is harsh. He has an unbalanced squad strong in the attacking midfield weak in defence and defensive midfield and only one credible striker. He has been let down by scouts/recruitment and the board. He is juggling this group and grinding out results but with a touch of fragility on the way. His substitutions rarely make for the better I accept. Will the board back him in January I suspect not but if he can move on Brady and Naismith for decent money it could be put to good use but only if invested wisely and we have a mixed track record there[/quote]

    He continues to not help himself though by making us fragile by playing Martin at centre back and being completely tactically inept.[/quote]

    From the stand at Craven Cottage RM looked to have a good game.
  3. Chippy Minton

    AFC Wimbledon 👏

    No hatred for MK Dons nor judgement on the Wimbledon of old, just admiration and pleased for the true fans, is that ok?
  4. Chippy Minton

    AFC Wimbledon 👏

    Above MK Dons in league 1. How good must that feel for the true Wimbledon fans? A great reward for sticking with their club - as all true fans do.
  5. Chippy Minton

    Thoughts for Mr Norwich and allround nice guy

    I first met Peter in 1986 when he coached the team I played for. A thoroughly genuine fella. All the best.
  6. Chippy Minton

    How Are You Feeling About....

    The squad - not yet finalised more ins and outs to come

    The manager - to be given a chance

    The board - Unknown new members

    Transfer dealings - unfinished

    Our chances - even given the above, still better than most
  7. Chippy Minton

    Timm Klose

    You really are a lovely warm human being Grefsted!
  8. Chippy Minton

    fans 'cheated' yet again

    Cup run = 1, possibly 2 more matches = a few extra ££''s plus possibility of injuries.

    Survival in premier league = £m''s and the possibility of becoming an established top level club and the opportunity to have a crack at the FA cup in a couple of years.

    You choose!
  9. Chippy Minton

    Spurs vs Norwich - Match Thread

    ''Bonus'' - something extra or in addition to what was expected.

    I think ''bonus points'' is quite correct in this context.
  10. Chippy Minton

    Worse than Hughton.

    Agree with OP.

    The sooner we get back to concentrating on football the better.

    Apart from cover in defence I think we did what we could to get players in. If they dont want to come what more can we do.

    As for bidding in increments, that''s the way it works. Spurs for Berahino, Real Madrid for De Gea, Chelsea for Stones all did the same.

    We now have a (arguably better) squad for AN to work with until January at least. Let''s get behind them.

  11. Chippy Minton

    Tbursday Night Channel 5

    The comments might be more rasher than usual.
  12. Chippy Minton

    Tbursday Night Channel 5

    There might be some rasher comments than usual maybe.
  13. Chippy Minton

    Well done Alex Neil!

    [quote user="Buh"]My impressions of Alex Neil are growing all the time. He really is a superb football manager and a great fit for our players.

    He demands his players to be better, and they are. 4 points from 3 games is a good start but the most pleasing thing has been how we "belong". We play some really good football, it''s exciting to watch and it''s getting results.

    All the transfer bollocks is a side note. That''ll resolve itself.

    Well said. Next Wednesday we focus on the football again. [/quote]
  14. Chippy Minton

    Well done Alex Neil!

    Good enough for the PL? Was his conversion rate good enough in the Championship for us? I don''t think so, but his strike rate for the cherries was better. Perhaps he feels he will score again when he goes back.

    Times change old son, not sure you''ll find it the same when/if you go back.

    AN in my opinion is handling this really well for a new/young manager. More impressed with him in every respect every time he speaks.

    I feel we are in for a good season.