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  1. The point is, we may not be playing well or picking up points, but we’re not cut adrift. Something needs to be done, yes, and there is time for a response. A lot is said about players confidence affecting what they do. Is DF having a crisis of confidence in his abilities, leading to constant tweaking of formation and players?
  2. Collectively the bottom 7 teams have won 2 games out of 39. Not sure it’s season over just yet
  3. Worked in Westminster during the week for 3 years and adopted The ‘amlet to watch midweek football. Great atmosphere, burgers in a brioche bun, bedsheets with team names on, and the fans changed ends at half-time.
  4. I agree and I know it’s early days but Arsenal are not looking like one of the big boys.
  5. Happy to contribute. I know I don’t post much but love reading all (well, most) of the threads.
  6. If Peterborough and Cambridge get promoted will that make 1p5wich - OFFICIALLY- the 4th best team in East Anglia?
  7. Sorry didn’t see it. Thanks for the update
  8. Still look regularly without posting. Haven’t got the wit required!
  9. I moved around a lot as a kid and chose QPR as my team. My grandad played for them in the 30''s. When my lad was born we lived in Norfolk. At 4 or 5 years old he wanted to support Man Utd because his uncle did. I told him he was born in Norwich so should support Norwich I bought him his first kit that year and I''ve bought him a shirt every year since for his birthday in July. (I still have every one - including one with Ward on the back bought about 2 weeks before we sold him!) We got season tickets the following year. He''s now 30 and still a season ticket holder.
  10. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]I think that is harsh. He has an unbalanced squad strong in the attacking midfield weak in defence and defensive midfield and only one credible striker. He has been let down by scouts/recruitment and the board. He is juggling this group and grinding out results but with a touch of fragility on the way. His substitutions rarely make for the better I accept. Will the board back him in January I suspect not but if he can move on Brady and Naismith for decent money it could be put to good use but only if invested wisely and we have a mixed track record there[/quote] He continues to not help himself though by making us fragile by playing Martin at centre back and being completely tactically inept.[/quote] From the stand at Craven Cottage RM looked to have a good game.
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