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  1. See they’re after Hourihane as well. Certainly trying to strengthen
  2. I think the only player i would have had back would be Drmic, and that was due to all our injuries. I still feel Drmic can be a hit at Championship level as an impact player frim the bench moreso than a starter. I feel sorry for him if his recent interview is to be believed. I hope our club doesn’t treat players like that. They are still human after all
  3. Clicked on the thread thinking an Ipswich fan had posted something.
  4. I used his name as an example. Plus i’m glad you’re not on the management team thinking one of our certain starters will be moved on if he picks up another injury.
  5. Didn’t they already lose the EFL semi final? Thought it was a one off game instead of the two legged tie now
  6. Thank God you’re not the management team as i’m quite the opposite. Yes he’s had his fair share of injuries but is a key player for us and for the last half of the season will be the difference to get us over the line for promotion. Louis Thompson is a prime example of injury prone yet still on our books. Byram and Jarvis in the mix there too
  7. Even if they did the unthinkable and gained promotion they would be lambs to the slaughter against Luton, Barnsley, Rotherham and such. Straight back down.
  8. See Caleb Ckukwuemeka is still being linked. SSN have Club Brugge, an unnamed PL side and us still interested in the the Northampton youngster
  9. The thing is Arsenal are expecting him to force the move through so they can pick him up for a decent price? Force the move? Decent price? If Webber was not around i’d fully expect that but facts are he is contracted to 2024, had his head turned in the Summer transfer window, not only was he not sold, he was dropped. So sll these deluded Gunners thinking they are getting him on the cheap are insane. They can go on about how they are a bigger club, can offer premier league football, more cash etc, etc. But it just goes to show we won’t be bullied by the bigger clubs these days. We either put up or shut up. Liverpool, Barca and Everton all came in with lowball offers and with the exception of Barca all paid the player’s value. So them thinking they are paying £15m and a couple of loan signings makes them as insane as them lot down the road.
  10. Always game for a laugh so ventured over to Aftv to see what their take is on the Emi transfer. I mean they are a deluded bunch at the best of times but some of them are certain £15m-£20m plus a loan signing is enough to tempt us in to selling. Obviously been a while (if any) that Arsenal signed a player from The Championship as our club will laugh off that bid. Most feel that he will be pushing for that transfer so can pick him up for peanuts. Emi along with Max is destined for great things and personally feel he could do much better than Arsenal. Never thought i’d say that lol.
  11. Its officially the half way stage. We’ve played everyone once and really does go to show how good our achievement of being top at this stage has been. From the top half of the table we have played 8 away, 3 home. We have also played 13th and 14th away. I’m not sure how the other promotion pack fair but definitely puts us in a great position.
  12. It does amaze me skimming through there forums and to see they would have probably got a good result if they didnt have so many injuries. How we’re not all that as well. Obviously must of missed a midfielder player playing at left back, first choice gk out, Onel, Mumba, Idah, Rupp and Placheta out, Dowell, Cantwell, Hugill and McClean all with lengthy spells out and not quite ready for 90mins. The mind does boggle
  13. We must keep at all costs. £30m in January or £100m come August. Think we can wait a few months.
  14. Great result. Top of the league, having played the teams in 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
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