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  1. I’d have him back. Still a fantastic watch. Much better than Onel who’s still knocking about.
  2. Ipswich, Sheff Utd, Watford, Mc Dongs, Liverpool, Citeh, Wolves but right up there is West Ham for me Wife supports them, kids support them, in-laws support them, best mate too. Can’t escape it. Also taken a few of our better players over the years to. Not as bad as Ippo but they are in contention.
  3. He’s still our player so of course i want him to succeed. If his loan spell is a success then it can go either way. Comes back to us with a boatload of confidence and with a pre-season under his belt who knows then if he can finally reach his potential. Or cash in and sell with hopefully a few clubs coming in for him and pushing his valuation up a little. Celtic owe us for Gary Hooper
  4. Worth £6.7bn in revenue and over 70% more games shown. Tnt/Bt only secured one of the package’s. Oh joy! Rich get richer
  5. I’d be more in favour of scrapping the League Cup and every team starting in round one.
  6. The ‘keen on a reunion with Farke’ part had me a bit miffed. Did he not work with him for about 2-3 months. How much of an impact would Farke have made on him in that time span. Dare to say it he’s been around Dean Smith longer than Farke.
  7. Weird seeing my home town club Bedford on here. Good to see they progressed
  8. What a drab game. Would rather go out in the first round then go there midweek next round
  9. I always thought if we sold Max i would have the same gutting feeling as when we sold Emi. He’s been an outstanding servant to us but even his potential transfer to Leeds, has left me feeling a bit meh. It just doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Feel the last two years he’s stagnated. Who knows if he’ll recapture the form that make him such an exciting talent, but for me this transfer doesn’t hit like when we sold Buendia. I know time will tell with Stacey but from what i’ve seen from pre-season and the first game, as well as following his career when he was at Luton i feel he is more than capable of filling the void.
  10. Gone a bit quiet on the South American front. Hopefully can unearth another gem from there this season
  11. I still like Cantwell and agree he doesn’t deserve the abuse, but he doesn’t help himself with his cryptic messages and “time will tell” and “it will all come out” nonsense. Just put up or shut up and concentrate on your football.
  12. Exactly this. Farke owes us nothing. Its that bandit that sacked him. Its not as though he was poached midway through a season. I’m disappointed as i hate Leeds, but can’t begrudge him of having a job. Especially as they’ll be seen as one of the favourite’s and he has a 4 year contract.
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