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  1. Just by winning their group i think they go into Pot 2 for the qualifying campaign when its drawn in October, and the nations that finish in top two go into the European Champs. Failing that they have the play-offs as a back up.
  2. Just goes to show how ridiculous its getting in the league now. Forest spending £150m just hoping to finish 17th as the norm where as a few years ago a club spending that would be expected to finish around mid-table. Only ever going to get harder every year you’re out of it.
  3. Rashica out of the squad in his best position. Bit harsh but fair
  4. Even if they achieved a miracle and got promoted they will be equal to a Rotherham and yoyo between the two leagues
  5. Italy has 6 debutants last night and even the German manager came out and said how surprised he was at how good Italy were. They are going through another transition understandably after missing out on another World Cup. Gone are the days where they picked players from all the top clubs. Italy had players representing from Torino, Sassuolo, Verona, Empoli and FC Zurich. Gnoto an 18 year old forward from Zurich got the assist. So when England play Italy in a few days be very surprised if you recognise anyone from the Italian line up.
  6. I feel Farke has taken the brunt of $hit here where it comes to the PL. First season he was given no money whatsoever to spend on players so was inevitable we would go down. Second PL season he loses Buendia and Skipp, ok we spent money this time, but on utter dross and arguably i say this was a weaker squad than the first season in the PL under Farke.
  7. Bit off topic but just seen Ebou Adams has got a move to Cardiff. Worked his way back up the leagues after his release and now plying his trade in The Championship. Good on the lad
  8. We haven’t turned up all season. Why would we for the last game of the season.
  9. As much as i can’t stand Spurs, i would prefer they get the 4th spot over Arsenal. Still a bit salty that they called off their games with one covid case compared to us who were riddled with it. Though that says more about our management. It is also amusing seeing Arteta implode as well as my Arsenal supporting mates.
  10. Its the same rehashed tosh we hear every year we’re in the PL. Nothing new in there. Except he’s wrong this year in which we did spend big and has really bitten us in the a$$ this time. Again no mention of the likes of Bournemouth and QPR cheating FFP rules over the years. Unless he knows what Delia’s bank balance is and know’s something we don’t there’s not a great deal we as a club can do to compete financially.
  11. Quite like the look of Luton’s Adebayo. Tall, quick, strong. At 24 as well Rowe and himself could form a budding connection
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