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  1. I’ve always been a fan of, and that includes us because we poach young players too, of their being a minimum fee to snag a young academy player from another. Set a minimum tribunal fee of £2m-£3m and hopefully that will at least stop the bigger clubs clearing up and it gives the lower league teams say Southend who we took a player from, a sizeable amount of money to help with their infrastructure, debt, whatever it may be. The likes of Man City, Chelsea make a mockery of the academy system. Not saying it makes a difference bit the further down the football pyramid we go it will help a great deal.
  2. Yeah the Club, owners, manager and players don’t give a f**k so why should I?! He’s signed a new contract, he’s going nowhere.
  3. Why can’t we play 4231 again. Would love to see Tzolis, Rashics and Cantwell there. Oh well if we can get to ht at 3-0 i’ll call that a success
  4. I can forsee him having another crack at the championship so as many as he likes. He’s going nowhere
  5. I’d rather lose all 38 games than have Big Sam at this club.
  6. This is an sbsolute farce. We are seriously going to go down as the worse team in the PL at this rate. We need to revert back to 4231. We are too exposed at 433 and its only going to get worse.
  7. I was duped into thinking this was a league cup game with those players on the bench. Messaged my Arsenal supporting mate and told him i’m not expecting anything after seeing that line up (especially with the back and forth banter that we were gonna beat them) Hope to be wrong come 5pm.
  8. Yep i took those odds. Like Bet365 giving away free money
  9. Personally feel we’ve upgraded the squad. A lot of the players we’ve brought in i wouldn’t groan about seeing their names in the starting line up. Players like Stiepermann, Placheta, Hugill, McGovern, etc have been good servants but i always felt our bench never really had any game changers or were the same faces subbed on in the 86th minute, in which not to change the game but to waste time. Plus barring injury/suspension that would only be their case to start. We now have a more in depth unit with every single position up for grabs so no player is 100% nailed on this time round to start. So in essence, eventually i feel we have improved the starting 11. Might take a few games but by game 10 i’m sure the players playing will be a lot different from the ones that started against Liverpool.
  10. Its insane. He has come in and ripped out the soul of that club. Sold most of their academy players that came through over the years. You know its bad when we take their best youngster from their academy, regardless of division. That club is poison through and through and most of their players probably couldn’t wait to jump ship this Summer.
  11. I don’t think his time is up but was surprised to see him start. Adam Idah has had a good preseason and with some of the crosses going into the box on Saturday Teemu was no where near them. Just felt a Sargent or Idah could have maybe got on the end of a couple to test the keeper. Plus especially with his limited preseason and recent covid recovery i thought he might have been a better option from the bench.
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