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  1. Agree with BroadstairsR. I don't know much about this three. Since the mention of Cuesta months ago, I had hoped that he was the cunning plan. If not Cuesta. Then Craig Bellamy for me please But Good Luck to whoever gets The Job. Hope young BK gets it right.
  2. Hoping Leeds get promoted Only due to the shorter journey from Somerset tp Southampton
  3. Have to say. With Wagner leaving so sharp after the Leeds match. Cuesta would have been named. So called, Wagner was going Win or Lose v Leeds. I thought announcement would have already happened.. Very disappointed no Manager has been named. I take it I'm a Pant Wetter ? I'd like Craig Bellamy here Would surely play the the style required. And knows the importance of our Academy
  4. The Head Scratchers for me this Season, and probably already been discussed - I apologise if so Looking back - Why was Batth signed. Even with injuries, McLean & Sorenson went to Centre Back rather than him The sale of Bali Mumba - What did Kellan Fisher learn this Season ? Should KF have gone out on loan, and BM remained at NCFC ?
  5. I think it is for Cuesta to turn down. What about Craig Bellamy ?
  6. I have sympathy with the Manager due to the injuries, to key players all season. A previous list does not include Onel. But you have to question the Idah & SVH. deals. Rumours say Idah wanted to leave. And SVH should be knocking on The Managers door this morning. Could we have got somebody else in ? Placheta being released without replacing, again questionable. Unless there was somebody in our U21's showing enough talent. BUT - Yet to be seen. Are we good enough to go up ? Before Christmas, many were saying that this was one of the weakest NCFC Squads. Aren't we punching above our weight ?
  7. We just need one or two players to return from injury to boost the squad. Especially, if we are to reach the play-offs
  8. I remember Fergie's explanation of Cantona's challenge ( assault ) on Goss, Cantona not carded. " I don't think forwards on the continent are taught to tackle". Fergie - the Ultimate - see you next tuesday. And Fergie's teams who consistently surrounded referees. in my opinion, is why Football wanted referees to have more protection. Only, the dimwits running football, created VAR
  9. As I have said in a previous comment. Oh for Football to re-introduce the good old tackle. And the Footballers who could give and take the cruncher. It is why I struggle to watch football anymore Having said that. From the photo above. In this Softball game that is played now. Howson should have been sent off. That looks Red and nowt else. Borja - You should be compensating all those who travelled to the game last night. Toughen yourself up
  10. Have to say. When we went to Bristol City in the League, and he had McLean at Centre Back. The thoughts of many and myself were WTF, David Wagner is in panic. But, is this the match that our Season turned. and we started looking up ? A brave decision. Nothing is guaranteed regarding the play offs. But he has given many, new hope for the remainder of this season Here is hoping for a Win tomorrow and lets keep looking forward - OTBC
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