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  1. Was going to say Naismith. How disappointing. And then I saw the name Leroy Fer. And a Team was dull enough to take him from us.
  2. Will not be an easy game. None are. Please Good Lord we win 2 - 1 Don't care who scores. Come on you Yellows
  3. I can remember those very good days. Europe & Flying High. Very Lucky. Travelling up from Somerset regularly. Staying in Chalk Hill Road near the Train Station. This Paulton Game was a Home Game. I live 9 miles away. Still chat to the Paulton Winger who claimed Cody McDonalds shirt.
  4. Good on him. hope he & Team has a successful season COYY
  5. Agree with Capt. Pants. Not Billy's fault. We required an experienced Midfielder with Premiership games under his belt. Not a young up and coming player. Billy will have learnt a lot. Let's hope our Board learns
  6. Really hope Todd finds his potential with us. There is a Premiership League Player in there. Come on Todd, COYY
  7. I thought I had heard ( tv or radio ) that Mitrovic at Fulham was on £100,000 per week
  8. Well done NCFC. From the heart. We lost a 23 year old colleague this year. See & speak to him every day. Suddenly gone. You wish you could have spoke to him more. Massive shock. You never know
  9. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. The Nations League - Is Nonsense. Whether Southgate took it seriously or not. My question is : Does he now know his Best Starting Eleven, and Formation ?
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