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  1. I agree ,and backs up my message last week re Roeder had Compromised the club and the chickens as they say, are now coming home to roost. It is embarrasing and pathetic to see him grovelling for players at this late stage when he should have secured our position in the championship with solid  and proven acquistions  in January. It is too little too late, and he should now resign, as  relegation  and league one (Div 3)is now a formality!! We need a manager that has knowledge of the lower leagues as opposed to Roeder''s arrogant and negative management  style (if that is the correct word)  that could put the club into administration. I, however believe it is all too late. !! This is the worst Norwich City team that has represented our club for over fifty years by avery long way!!
  2. Folowing Roeders stament that we need to score more goals and then he fails to start with our two top scorers and leaves Huckerby off the bench, I, along with most of our fans have lost total confidence in him and his arogant and negative mangment style!![:''(] Roeder like the players is now playing for his career??
  3. If he was injured, why was he not subsituted? because there was not any one else better? this strenghtens my previous blog on the theme of Roeder not focussing on limitation damage and protecting the teams/clubs position after all  the previous hard work, which could be so easily undone!!! Our position is fragile and he should not have gambled with the young pretenders!!!![:(]
  4. I am a supporter of over 50 years and having watched last weeks match, despite the win I thought we were dreadful; we could not pass the ball to save our lives. It is of no surprise that we lost today as the team selection which included the very light weight Gibbs just asked to be walked over; and it was. It  is apparent that Roeder is comprising the club to satisfy his desire and personal commitment to play the loan players with disregard to their performance. If any fan believes we out of the mire, jut look at the next four games that could and probably will put us back into the relegation positions. As for taking this under performing team away to Spain for a jolly just beggars belief. Yes Roeder has done well, but he above all people he needs to keep his feet on the ground, and as a priority get a loan striker in like Craig Beatie as a matter of urgency, otherwise it will be down to winning away at Shef Weds on the last day of the season, and we all no what[: the outcome will be!! [:(]
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