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  1. Uninspiring, nothing much to get excited about , it’s the Norwich way go for the cheap option . He’s not Smith though so at least he has that going for him .
  2. They are at least on the up we are sinking like a brick in water .
  3. Yes if Webbers good at one thing it’s spending multi millions on some of the poorest players around . In fact we now have mostly a squad of utter garbage.
  4. May have been in the dugout Alan Russell now 2/1 second fav just behind Wagner at 7/4.
  5. You really think Smith would have finished 5th or better ? the way results were going fifth bottom maybe . You were wrong , he was a **** manager end of and quite a few knew it the day he was appointed.
  6. I should think all the eggs have been used up on the few idiots who kept telling us Smith was the right appointment and he would undoubtedly turn it around .
  7. Clubs given up on promotion like most of the fans then .
  8. We **** tens of millions away on sub standard players I am sure we could find enough to replace a manager who will cost us lots more if he stays much longer.
  9. Unless he goes soon there will be no promotion this season , probably for the best not to go up with him in charge anyway.
  10. Shouldn’t they be trying their best for idiots like you who think the **** is wonderful ?
  11. Agreed , team on the up with American investors who have said they are going to back them all the way to the Premier League , or a nosediving Norwich who will be skint if we don’t go back up in two seasons , who will maybe get some investment when the current owners kick the bucket . No brainier .
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