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  1. Farke , decent manager with the best team in the league but up against anybody decent and he cannot come close .Two years ago he was abysmal and this time he is going to take it to a whole new level.
  2. The squad we have now will be decimated when we go down this time so there is a good possibility that we may not find bouncing back so easy .
  3. Liverpool will almost certainly play a reserve side and win comfortably.
  4. Not sure we will end the season with 3 points , hard to see who we are going to grab a draw with let alone beat .
  5. This season is going to be even more embarrassing than two seasons ago . Something needs to change , style of play , manager or owners .
  6. You are the one coming across as a silly little child .
  7. What went wrong simple really we are nowhere near good enough for this league and don’t have the money to make us better . Truth is even the other relegation strugglers see us as an easy three points and we rarely prove them wrong .
  8. Agree with this we are to slow and predictable and carry almost zero goal scoring threat . Teams that survive tend to play with pace and passion and a will to win like we did with Lambert in charge . Oh for a Grant Holt up front now .
  9. A Pukki upgrade should have been the first buy of the summer .
  10. We carry no goal threat and still can’t defend , we look no better than our last attempt.
  11. Yes I think he will , 2 years older and slower than last time at this level but has earned the right to start the bigger worry is not having anybody good enough to replace him if he is struggling .
  12. I think what Klinsmann is saying is that staying put is a better career choice than joining Norwich
  13. Yes but the new owners have labelled this game a phenomenal historic occasion and there new slogan appears to be Running Towards Adversity
  14. What we needed was not a Hugill upgrade but a Pukki upgrade , very weak set of strikers for the level and it’s goals that win games .
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