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  1. Hugill did more in 5 minutes than Pukki all match ,a one season wonder who is now shot to pieces
  2. Promotion contenders not a chance . Toothless garbage .
  3. With Byram you will be lucky to get half a season out of him let alone a full one
  4. For one I hope we don’t get promoted again until we have new owners , in all honesty what’s the point it would just be same old all over again . We have gone from plucky little club giving it a go to the club the whole nation is laughing at . Now get ready for some big money sales and more cheap Unknown’s brought in ,which supposedly will make us stronger if we go up again .
  5. How do you know that they are over pricing him , we will want £25 million for Cantwell who has achieved what exactly .
  6. I doubt we will make any big signings as usual it will all be talk , we have already enquired about Dennis Man ran away from the £10 million asking price and settled for the Polish lad at around £1.5 million . Can we get 6 better players to replace the leavers ? That’s an easy one to answer , not a hope in hell .
  7. Dreading it really can see the 9-0 record going .
  8. Villa still have a squeak home to Arsenal who have an FA cup final on their minds and away to an already safe West Ham , tough but not impossible.
  9. Would be a huge gamble going with the three strikers we have now , Drmic looks as bad as anything we have had before ,Idah is young and unproven and Pukki is ageing and looks shot to pieces . Out of the three Idah is the only one i would keep ,afraid these will be our strikeforce next season though.
  10. Who cares who leaves we have said we are going to replace them with better, players who can take us up and keep us up . Surely we all believe this to be true
  11. Or maybe Man is the far better player and valued correctly but we as usual wont pay the money , as for bonkers valuations of players just look at what we are asking for our stunning failures .
  12. How do we avoid taking the Binners 9-0 record against Man City , on these performances you could see 11 or 12 going in
  13. Biggest bunch of white flag wavers the Premiership has ever seen ,
  14. Jamie Carragher said this morning on Sky that Webber’s stance on no relegation if the Premier finishes but the Championship doesn’t Is a non starter and the bottom 3 go down and the Premier league has no say on how the Championship decides to finish . We should just say that’s it and we are finished for the season stop the circus because whatever happens we are going to end up relegated .
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