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  1. Oh, and we are going to walk this league according to many! Not according to the posts on here!
  2. Doncaster racecourse allowing 2,500 in today at the commencement of the St Leger meeting, but after today they have been ordered to follow the new legislation and race behind Closed doors. That will likely put paid to football supporters attending matches any time soon.
  3. I think NCFC can say what they like about fans returning, but the Govt are stating different which might just throw a spanner in their works! No 10 not ruling out tightening restrictions on the number of people who can gather together in England.
  4. With the announced UK spike this weekend of 3000 covid cases, I don’t think it matters one iota whether you have 2500 in a stadium that holds 27000+. Unfortunately people (especially the younger generation) are simply not following the rules, (we see it every day in the media), and football crowds will become a victim of that. It might be an achievable goal, but I doubt very very much it will happen because the authorities simply won’t let it. The population really need to react accordingly now, because from what’s being stated, the spread is going up and up and we will all be back where we started.
  5. Really. I think Covid is the reason. And particularly with Norfolk being added to the Gov watch list after the revelations of Banham poultry and now Primark in the city centre I don’t think you will see supporters at CR this year at all. Hope I’m wrong but just cannot see this govt allowing mass crowds for an area on a watch list. Track and trace will be busy with the Primark revelations!
  6. Shambolic to say the least. Same old story, whomever plays! That’s twelve on the bounce Farkes teams have lost! Don’t think promotion will be on the horizon any time soon. Hope I’m wrong, but again poor team defending!
  7. In fact Ricardo, whilst things have been better in Norfolk than most areas, it is not expected to last! It’s no secret that NNUH are gearing up for a second spike forecast for late Sept and October and maybe beyond and contingency plans have been made for that. Unfortunately the area has been swamped with ‘staycation visitors’ from many other areas and that is expected to bring trouble. We also have areas like GY where a local pub worker transmitted the disease to several others, and a nursery has also been affected. It doesn’t take much working out but I personally think NCFC are counting their chickens, and local authority will be the hoops they have to bridge, as well as Govt rules. Yes with 6000/8000 you can self isolate, but it only takes one with unsymptomatic symptoms! That is the risk!
  8. https://podtail.com/en/podcast/life-s-a-pitch/must-manchester-city-win-the-champions-league-befo He will be gone for 15m and wants to go. EDP sport suggesting webber being realistic at 15m. Read it for yourself before criticising others and ****ting yourself making stupid comments. As webber says every player has his price.
  9. Absolutely no way full capacity from October onwards particularly as Boris cancelled the sporting pilot model last weekend. And the season starts 12 September. So it's a start behind closed doors then and 1 from 3 matches should supporters get in as the club hope. Notwithstanding it is suggested a second spike could hit Norfolk in Sept/Oct and local hospitals are now making plans along those lines.
  10. You think ncfc have cashflow. What about the 30 million £ hole that covid has brought to this season. And behind closed doors in the championship will see that figure grow immensely. So will sky sports tv still be able to afford to pay for tv coverage with few punters taking up sky sports tv, which in turn will undoubtedly affect parachute payments. NCFC are as much in the doo dah as much as many other clubs in the premiership and EFL.
  11. Really. Didnt take webber long to change his mind by 5 million £!!
  12. Lewis, Trybull, Leitner, Vrancic and Cantwell and Godfrey. And if the price offered is right they will let anyone leave.
  13. I am aware that a person who had been in the ST waiting list queue for all last season has been offered a seat in the last two weeks. i myself just jacked mine in, so that should become available!
  14. Get your tin hat out BV. Some if not all of these “happy clappers” quite simply do not see, know, or understand the bigger picture. Young players might be coming in, for what? New signing Soto is being loaned out no sooner than he arrives. For what? A Championship club needs players who are experienced at that level. We have a club signing supposed young talent (released, injured, foreign unknowns and God knows what), for only one thing, money making, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the club actually being competitive, just pocket lining!
  15. Oh what joy. Where have you been! The news across the whole world is that the younger generation are responsible for the current uptrend! And have you heard of the term discrimination? But discriminating against an age group you are, which is unlawful.
  16. Must admit Capt. P I’m with you on the one. With a doc in family I don’t c anything changing for the better that will c CR with a full house ever again until that vaccine is available, which could be years off, tbh I have myself cancelled my season ticket, as I do not see getting to see 1 in 4 or more matches is for me, based on club selection, an entry and exit time to adhere to as well as social distancing and and no toilets being available, and being with my normal friends on match days is highly unlikely. Being vulnerable has its drawbacks too. Govt guidelines announced today certainly seem to back up these thoughts. It’s a new world. We and football have to get used to it.
  17. Don’t think that’s going to happen somehow. Today 31/7: The prime minister is set to announce that fans will no longer be permitted to attend the sporting pilot events allowing limited numbers of spectators at Goodwood, the Crucible and the Oval in coming days. It comes after evidence that the infection rate has risen across the country.
  18. Think you are right there JT. Government briefing this morning doesn’t look good for any sporting events with crowds: The prime minister is set to announce that fans will no longer be permitted to attend the sporting pilot events allowing limited numbers of spectators at Goodwood, the Crucible and the Oval in coming days. It comes after evidence that the infection rate has risen across the country.
  19. Really. The league table and stats don't lie. Think you are watching a different Farke team to me!
  20. You think Norwich don’t park the bus? What was it 1goal in the last 16 matches! That tells you all you need to know. Farke is wrapped up with possession, backwards, sideways, any way but forward! With little creativity in midfield they parked the bus, but weren’t good at it. Exactly what Drmic is stating.
  21. If not paid by D/D it’s a cheque. Arrived this a.m.
  22. As soon as Aunty and Uncle are gone, he will sell! A football club is a millstone around anyone’s kneck.
  23. I think what everyone is forgetting is that VAR is not a machine that makes a decision, a VAR decision is based on another referees interpretation of what actually happened as they see it. VAR is manned by a referee, who quite obviously see matters in a different way to a match official, who has to make an immediate decision, not one based on several cameras. So who would you sue?
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