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  1. Maybe she and MWJ have. But I’ll tell you this. Her choice hasnt!! What is it. A premiership win ratio of 11.3%!
  2. Really! She owns the club. Are you telling me she and MWJ do not have an input!?
  3. What an earth is all this crap about players gelling, and not having played together? These players train every day together, they play matches in their training scenarios, together, they are taught about the opposition strong points together, how the opposition defends, how they attack, who is their strongest player, who is their weakest etc etc etc, they are taught their own teams tactics etc etc etc.! The manager picks his side based on such things! we obviously have a bunch of slow learners if they cannot take in what they are being told and cannot “gel” together! I think the learning curve here belongs to Farke and Webber. They made a fist of ducking it up first time round, and they are doing a good job of it this time round!
  4. Not to mention his radio interview!! It was, in essence, appalling. It’s obvious the man doesn’t have a clue! But I suppose he did eat some humble pie regarding his rant about supporters yesterday! “The project” is failing very very badly, and every season will be the same, it has to be, when the next prodigy will be sold to keep The club afloat. unless!!!
  5. I don’t think so, but defensively he would board us up!
  6. One disappointing result? Let me remind you, that’s 15 premier league matches overseen by Farke with a similar result.
  7. Loan players or city players, was (is) there a difference! They still cannot perform at this level, full stop!
  8. Hanley, Krul, Pukki, Mcclean, Gilmour and a few more are all favourites and are unlikely to be dropped (ever). Looking at the bench, one has to ask - Why? Some benched are the supposed quality players that Webber brought in and Farke wanted! He is wrong about more than just Hanley!
  9. They are already in it too deep! Far to deep. question have to be asked not only of Farke but Webber too! Absolutely shocking even with the “supposed” quality he brought in so Farke didn’t have “one hand behind his back” like last time in the prem”. I have to say looks like he has two hands behind his back now!!
  10. They will do very well to come back from this! Again a distinct lack of quality in the defensive third.
  11. We have a manager and a team of coaches who rely very very heavily on stats! Not to mention Mr Webber and his team, who rely very very heavily on the stats of players they wish to sign, and those they have signed!
  12. He needs to be playing amongst quality premiership players. He is a very good player, but he will learn very little at NCFC due to the lack of quality they have in their ranks. Tranining alone will not make you a star player but playing amongst quality players will.
  13. Nail and head KB. one has to wonder does the board have to sanction these transfers, or are they the sole responsibility of Webber and his team. Yes some of those brought in may have been successful, but in the longer term probably not, and I have to question the likes of Tzolis, cost about 8m, is 19 and sitting on the bench! Too many of these players have been short term measures and the deals done too quickly, rather than getting in the quality required! Leitner, Trybull, Stiepermann, Vrancic, Hernandez, Gianlounis, Mumba, Byram, Tzolis, Sergeant, Sinani, Pukki, Gibson, Zimmerman, Klose, Rashica, Lee’s-Melou, Krul, Gunn, Sorensen, Rupp, Dowel, Drmic,
  14. Bottom of the league already! Just saying. Totally outclassed and shows how out of depth we are.
  15. Nailed on. Brought up in the Farke ways, and tries to get his teams playing out from the back, and Delia and MWJ love him. Swansea was a progressive step for him.
  16. It’s been happening 2/3 times weekly for months and is the same once again for me!
  17. With clubs spending huge sums (Buendia, Grealish, Sancho etc etc etc) it is more than obvious the premier league is the toughest football league in the world and where many top players wish to ply their trade and showcase their talents. Rightly or wrongly, we don’t have that same capacity to purchase such players. We shop at the bottom end of the trough, buy the younger ones, develop them, and hope to sell them on at huge profit. Nothing wrong with that, (it’s been part of NCFC for as long as I can remember), but if financial self is much more important now than it ever was (and I’m not knocking that at all) as it appears, NCFC are never likely to put a team together that will compete above the bottom 10 of the premier league, and will struggle to hold even that position, and their aspiration of being one of the top 26 teams in the UK says it all.
  18. Yes I certainly do. One of whom we have beaten home and away in previous prem seasons!. My point is this, there is a clear lack of quality in various positions in the city side, it is very evident, fall six points behind the rest in the first 2/3 matches will be very very difficult to recover from at this level.
  19. Take off the green and yellow tinted glasses. Look at the third goal! Zonal msrkingnor not! Who was picking up Salah. He was free, in space, lots of it, and smacked the ball home, as you would expect a top striker to do. City missed an open goal near the end, so don’t bore me with excuses. There is a lack of quality all over the pitch, just as there was last time round in the prem. The only city class on show was Gilmour, and he isn’t ours! It might be one game, but look at the next two. Get adrift and relegation will follow. I cannot believe you think the formation looks good. We are short of a quality Cb, an attacking midfield player and a striker who can score!
  20. Agreed. However, I think Farke will feel hard done by. I know he buys into the self funding club, selling as we have too, as most of us do, including Webber. However, it was very very evident in today’s match that we are very short of quality in many many areas, and that has to be dealt with forthwith. If city are bottom of the league after the first two games I do not see them, Farke, Webber, or the system working at all, and that bubble will burst.
  21. It’s blatantly obvious we r short of quality at CB, an attacking midfielder and a decent striker. Farke has one hand tied behind his back already!
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