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  1. What a load of s**** NCFC are along with their manager. Not a shot on goal this half because he yakes off the leading scorer. Thrown away yet again!
  2. Had Pukki? (He played Scottish football).Give the lad a chance why don’t you!
  3. Idah has gone. City sign Hooijdonk. Norwich was hesitant to approve Idah’s loan to Celtic until they secured a replacement, and with van Hooijdonk’s agreement to join the Canaries, this condition has now been met. Copied From Celtic paper.
  4. You are correct. Yes he will. And there won’t be a big clear out. NCFC don’t have the money due to the pauper owners and Webber.
  5. Ffs get Barnes off! He really is shocking and now is showing his age!
  6. He might have scored but his nemesis is to defend, not make goals for Jota.
  7. He wants to go to Birmingham city. I wonder why! Nothing to do with Mowbray of course.
  8. Well, at least they went 15mins without conceding. Shocking marking though!
  9. Wagner will be sacked if NCFC go out of the FA Cup, because that is the only way they can raise revenue for the transfer market, other than selling Rowe, Sara and Sergeant.!
  10. Nothing worthwhile to say! I contribute to this forum in more ways than one! You? I doubt it, No common sense!
  11. Why talk about developing the stadium of a dire football club?
  12. Whilst Delia and MWJ are at the helm, there is no plan or vision. Knapper is a yes man, and will do what he is asked to do, just as Webber was! NCFC is just another football club going down the pan through a distinct lack of know how, and capital. Get used to it!
  13. Short of quality for sure. Has Hernandez crossed a decent ball yet? 0-0 written all over this one!
  14. He could have done it on the pitch. It wouldn’t have mattered. There’s enough of it on there!
  15. Do you think pensioner’s haven’t been there, seen it and done it! They suffer the same crippling cost of living, high fuel prices etc etc.how do you subsidise them?
  16. So, pensioner supporters, living on the OAP, are supposed to contribute the same £ amount?
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