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  1. hello fran. im confused as to why u hav placed a comment about pro evo 4, when yet u are clearly a fifa boy!? you have said tht u constantly play pro evo yet our backs turn and you are on fifa. wot kind of a fan do u call urself? pro evo clearly does not do norwich justice as they are woeful. the common call amongst our college group reading your post is that you should go back to your morning times, black coffee, and a game of the boring fifa. On a lighter note, me and shane and jonny and chunk would like to challenge you at your favourite game ''pro evo4'' and show you how the real boys play. we wont b taking any rubbish about fifa. pro evo is the real deal, and us lot will give u a real thrashing. see you at one of our houses, crying on the floor after a heavy loss very soon. Kind regards, Benz Oh yea and u better be at green lane 1 o clock on thursday, and y didnt u reply 2 the txt. fangita Spicy meatballs on ur spaghetti bolognese
  2. Apparently the Matthias Jonson fee was around £900k and could even rise to over £1M. I hope we didn''t spend too much on Ward as he may not even be required to play next season.
  3. I think it is crucial that another centre half is brought in. Is worthy still pursuing the Primus deal? I haven''t heard any other names mentioned. I would be very concerned if we went into the new season without another defender joining.
  4. It depends if there is a clause in his contract that he can be recalled by Arsenal. I think you''ll find that he spends the entire season on loan to us though. You''ve gotta remember we are doing Arsenal a favour by giving their future star regular first team football. Vieira will not be allowed to leave Highbury without Arsenal having a replacement which sounds like it could be Maniche. Bentley is a totally different player to Vieira.
  5. I think Nigel is more likely to know what is happening behind the scenes than an australian news site.
  6. How tall is he? Is he good in the air? Has he got a good goalscoring record? Does anyone know anything about him? Worthy said he was after a striker who plays at international level. Is this our new number 9??
  7. If it was going to happen it would have happened by now. Please Worthy move onto another target before it is too late!
  8. Will Hucks return for the Real Mallorca friendly? He needs to be match fit and sharp for the start of the season.
  9. It''s gotta be Damien Francis who will shine this year. Would not be surprised to see him scoring into double figures this season.
  10. Damien Francis is always deadly in the penalty area maybe he would step up. It is vital we have someone that you would bet your house on scoring everytime because in premiership you might not get many chances so pens must be converted.
  11. I have also noticed this and it is something i am very concerned about. However, both the positions in question have been singled out by Nige for strengthening.
  12. Starter for Sweden in Euro 2004. I''m sure if Worthy wanted him we could find £1M from somewhere to bring him to Norwich.
  13. Maris Verpakovskis would be a good signing but plays for Dinamo Kiev who payed something like £3M for him and with his excellent performances in Euro 2004 his value would have risen. Good to hear we are going for a striker who isn''t Scowcroft.
  14. I still think that a centre half and a target man should be our top priority. Scowcroft deal looks to still be on. Is it me or should we be going for a striker with a premiership goalscoring record. I cant recall Scowcroft ever scoring prolifically in the premiership or in the old nationwide div 1. Does anybody know what his record is like???
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