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  1. Hooton clearly goes into every game wanting a draw and the last 6 games show he isn''t even capable of that. Man City tried every thing to help Hooton, equalising twice, but he just didn''t have the man management skills to shackle Howson and secure the much needed draw. HOOTON OUT!!!
  2. [quote user="ReadingCanary"][quote user="AJ"]Great player. Not sure he''s prem class though[/quote]Only experience would confirm it.Players like Holt / Hoolahan / Snodgrass etc have all been able to make the step up form lower leagues.Barnett / Tierney / Jackson etc have not.It would certainly be a gamble. I''ve watched him in the SPL and he looked class, then in Europe it''s a mixed bag. Some games he seemed to be everywhere, other games not on the pitch.It would certainly be a gamble ![/quote] Jackson has never come close to Hooper''s goal scoring record even in league 2. Hooper is a class above what we have already (with exception of RVW). Those suggesting that RVW only scores goals cos of the poor quality of league are frankly ignorant. Any transfer is a gamble even "prem strikers" (look at Graham at Sunderland and Adebyour at Tottenham) Before the forum police get there first, I''m sure that''s not the right spelling of Adebyour!
  3. Do you by any chance vote BNP the 1englishman? Some of the blind hate directed to Hughton even in the face of success makes me wonder about some on here Man U, Spurs, Arsenal and Everton all beaten by us this season. Now safe despite one of the least potent strike forces in the league - a success in my eyes
  4. I believe Lambert would''ve had us relegated by now if he was still with us. Controversial I know but I''ve heard from a couple of independent sources that he was really not liked in the club. If you see what he has done with Villa with more money and more established premiership players and compare it to Hughton, I think Hughton comes out on top. This season was always going to be exceptionally hard and I expected us to be in the relegation zone for most of the season at the beginning of the season. I''d have Culverhouse back as assistant in an instant tho!
  5. I think those games are all games Tettey did not start in and that may be the bigger contributing factor. I would like to see how a midfield of Tettey and Howson would fair as Tettey like Bassong seems to bring the best out in others.
  6. If it were injury related the club physio would be sorting it out themselves not getting him to tweet for treatment!
  7. Hope not. He''s having a good season in a team playing to his strengths but last season he scored 6 goals in 38 games. Chris Martin scored more in half a season largely playing in midfield and was rated higher by many Palace fans. He is not the next Holt or the next Lambert. When was the last time either of these two scored less than 10 in a season? We need to buy players to improve our squad, Glenn Murray would be a similar quality of signing as Thorne or Wilbraham were but for far more money.
  8. Last season at Palace he was out shone and out scored by Chris Martin and most of the fans thought him a slow carthorse. Decent champ striker having a great season but he won''t be a step forward. Would not excite even if his name was Glenn Mokoena from Standard Liege Mr Cincinati
  9. He is a perfect understudy for Bradders in my eyes. He has energy, is good in the tackle and a reasonable passer. In the 2009/2010 season he was one of our key players at just 18 years of age. I remember his injury coinciding with a relatively poor run in form that year. You could say League one is his level but ask yourselves how much did Bradley Johnson stand out in league one that season and how wrong has he proven us since? 21 is still very young for a central midfielder and too early to write him off
  10. Am I the only one thinking that with Korey Smith''s recent return after 2 successful loans we have a ready replacement for the holding/box to box midfielder if there are injuries. People tend to forget he is only 21 and was a key player for us 3 years ago. Had you asked me then whether I''d rather have him or Bradley Johnson in the City midfield I would''ve said him (although bradders has proved many of us wrong since!). If Liam Bridcutt is of Tettey''s class then great if no better than what we have then no thanks
  11. It''s fairly ironic that the MOTD pundits (well mostly Hansen) were more positive about Norwich than many of our fans. Disappointing that we didn''t get all 3 points but as Hansen said we played well and didn''t look like a team going down. Despite a makeshift defence Villa defended very well, Guzan and Vlaar had fine games. We outplayed them but this does not guarantee a win in any league. Less gloom please leave it to Lawro
  12. [quote user="Gareth"]Does anyone have any idea where we go from here? Because I just don''t know what a reasonable course of action is.[/quote] Our only saving grace is some strength in midfield depth. Time for Hughton to show us some ruthlessness next game. We have nothing to lose but pride I would try a complete midfield makeover fitness allowing: Ruddy Martin Bassong(R Bennett) Barnett Garrido E Bennett Tettey Fox Pilks Wes Holt Butterfield and Jackson as super subs to change things if needed 442 is suicide against the top teams particularly without proper wingers or any creativity in the midfield.
  13. Lambert lost at St James Park last season 1-0!
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