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  1. I am swedish Norwich City fan but I am also a swedish football fan in general. I follow the swedish league intensely, as well as the swedish national team. So I have seen Jonson play for club and country on numerous occasions. Here are my view of him as a footballer. First of all, he is a fantastic team player. Always very loyal, hard working. You know that he will perform up to his level. That is one of the reasons that he is a favourite to the swedish national team coaches. They sometimes put "better" players on the bench and play with Jonson because they know he will give them a solid performance, offensively as well as defensively. When he came into the top swedish league at his hometown club Örebro SK in the mid-nineties he played as a striker and was at this time a good goal scorer on a national level. But as he has grown older he has become more of a winger, both for club and country. He mostly plays on the right side but can also play to the left, as well as up front. But don´t expect him to be a big goal scorer for Norwich. And his crossing ability is ok, not more. If he gets e regular spot on the team I´d would guess that he could deliver something like five goals at the most. On the plus side is that he is fast and brave. He doesn´t hesitate to challenge his oppenent and also tries to find space to be able to finish on his own. But as I mentioned he works hard defensively as well which sometimes means he doesn´t get forward as much as one might wish. According to media reports here Norwich paid something like 1,2 milllion pounds for his signature. If anyone has any questions about him I will be happy to answer them.
  2. If my spelling is bad it might have something to do with fact that I am swedish and prefer to speak and write in swedish. And no, I didn´t make it up. It was a news story in swedish press today. Jonson desire to move to a bigger league has been known for some time here in Sweden. So I believe it is a realistic move. Wether Norwich are interested or not is a different question. But I am sure he has Premier League quality, even if he isn´t a big goal scorer. My guess is that he would be available for a fee between 500 000 - 1 000 000 pounds.
  3. Here in Sweden there are today reports that Norwich are interested in swedish international Mattias Jonson. Jonson is currently playing for Brondby and is used as a winger or forward. Jonson (born 1974) have been expressing his wish to play in a big league for some time and would definitely sign for Norwich if the clubs could reach an agreement. Jonson is today saying to swedish tabloid Expressen about the rumour of Norwich´s interest: "It sounds very interesting. The Premier League is a dream. I am 30 years old and it is soon going to be my last chance to play in a big league in Europe". He also says: "The Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the world. I hope Norwich has a serious interest. We will se if someting happens. But it is Brondby that has the last say". Mattias Jonson has one and a half year left on his contract.
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