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  1. [quote]But in reality every city player does have a price - we are not a club that can turn down say a £10m bid (a bit fanciful but Crouch is a more limited player and younger than Deano and he went for £7m ...[/quote] Agree with what you are saying here, Zipper, but just a couple of corrections: 1- Peter Crouch is not younger than Ashton. Peter Crouch is 23 or 24 whereas Deano is still 21. His Birthday is November 24th. . . i should know, i''m his number 1 fan!!!! 2- There IS 1 player on the transfer list. Paul Gallacher has recently been put on the transfer list and its looking like he may make a return to Scotland after not playing a single first team game since he signed for the Canaries. IMO i would be happy to see him sold as it would generate extra money which can be spent on signing an outfield player, and also he is surplus to requirements as we already have 3 more than capable keepers in our squad.
  2. What has Deano done to himself??!!!???!! http://new.pinkun.com/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PINKUNOnline&tCategory=Homepage&itemid=NOED30%20Jun%202005%2018%3A47%3A21%3A643  
  3. [quote]Gulp!, and big respect my friend.[/quote] Yeah i know. I''ve never actually had the chance to meet him but he is actually my cousin whch is pretty cool. He''s my favourite italian player for obvious reasons. I know where i get my skills from...
  4. [quote]Can''t be from oriel, don''t think she''s swore or threatened any of us once!! Cliff Park or Yarmouth High perhaps?! (Keep up the posting mel, we''re only having a laugh!)[/quote] Good point Kev, i reckon that Oriel is actually secretly the academy for Chavs, recently producing the finest crop of Chavvy youths to date!! Seriously though, where you from Melanie???
  5. Can''t agree with you more wizz, can''t wait fo the new season to start, something to look forward to every week again!!! Oh by the way, going back to the original point of this thread, i did forget to mention that, believe it or not, i am related to the simply awesome Juventus striker that is Alessandro Del Piero!!
  6. Hey guys, just wonderin if anyone knows whether the season review video is out yet in the canary store or when it is due out?? I haven''t been up norwich since Birmingham at home so i don''t know. Can''t wait to see Deano''s goals again, each one was sheer quality and also safri''s belter!! Cheers, Franny V  
  7. [quote]Jewel of the East coast Lowestoft, Francesco. Mind you, we are a bit scum infested here when they win!, although there''s still a lot of yellow and green about. My 4 and a half miles remark, refe...[/quote] Aah yes i remember now. That post referring to the pronunctiation (if thats how you spell it) of the legendary Suffolk(cough:sick town. Not a bad place, saw plenty of it when i was doin my driving lessons and test in the past few months. Too many bloody roundabouts for my liking though!!!!
  8. Damn, you beat me to it. I was about to post the very same thing!!!! I know that Worthy has a tendancy to play players out of position, but come on, playing Deano as a defender??? That just takes piss!!!  What a formation:                     Louis-Jean Ashton    Fleming      Charlton   Drury Shackell   Gallacher    Francsi   Helveg                 Ward        Jarrett
  9. Forgot to add that as much as i would love to see us sign Kristiansen i can''t see it happen. Worthy was apparently interested in getting Bents back and also was eyeing up Partridge wasn''t he?? He''s a winger and so would be similar to Kristiansen, and i very much doubt we''d get both. PROVE ME WRONG WORTHY!!!! By the way does anyone know of any developments with Partridge?? Has he signed for anyone, is he in talks????
  10. [quote]NW''s got plenty of good qualities, but giving young talent a real chance is not one of them - look how long it took before Shax got his chance. It took a shed load of goals from Deano before NW took t...[/quote] I agree with your post link, well... apart from where you say that the scouts aren''t very good. They might not be the best out there, but they''ve not got a bad record have they? Francis turned out to be a big success for us in his first season, McKenzie also, Safri is another, Drury when we first signed him. If i remember rightly there were question marks about these players as to whether they were good enough... look at them now, and they''re just a few of the many.
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