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  1. Duda is not very good, just messed up a decent attack
  2. He was earlier. Now that should give him a huge boost in confidence
  3. We should've tried Drmic up with Pukki in one of these 'nothing to lose' games from the start
  4. Hesgoal.com working for me, stops every 20mims or so. Just needs a refresh (so they can pop an ad opportunity in)
  5. If they are acting as actuaries then long term it would be cost effective to just let the virus do what it will. Maybe they thinkit will lift a burden off the NHS (after the initial expense of treating everyone). Diseases mutate much quicker than we can combat them. It's only a matter of time until something unstoppable comes along and wipes out a chunk of the population.
  6. He's alright as a CM. He does give us a little extra in the air. If we had his aerial presence, vrancic's vision and Tettey's holding skills combined into one player we would have a decent prem standard DM. Anyone know a good genetic engineer? Personally I would play Vrancic and Godfrey in the DM positions when possible (and I know Godfrey doesn't even think he is best in that position, but in my opinion he's wrong 😂). Just so we had some strength to protect Vrancic so he can play those killer balls upfield. Let's face it, a 3 year old could muscle Mario off the ball. Anyway, McLean, average champ midfielder. Always tries his best though. I can't knock his attitude.
  7. Good evening all! I'll be picking... Hoffenheim v Bayern AWAY WIN And for our match Cantwell and Pukki to both score! At 9/1 Good luck everyone!
  8. Krul Aarons Zim Hanley lewis Vrancic Godfrey Emi pukki cantwell Drmic Because why the hell not!? Or Krul Aarons Zim Godfrey Hanley lewis Vrancic Trybull Emi cantwell Pukki Or Aarons Zim Hanley lewis Godfrey Vraancic Cantwell Buendia Pukki. Drmic Or 11 random names pulled out of a hat Because what the hell do we have to lose?
  9. I'm gonna head to România and pick FCSB v Chindia Targovista HOME win And for us to score in both halves 😜 Good luck everyone! 🍀 🍏🍋🍏🍋
  10. Krul Aarons Hanley zim byram Godfrey vrancic Duda buendia cantwell Pukki
  11. You miserable lot. I agree vrancic needs more game time but hernandez is, imo, only good for coming on in the 2nd half and running quick. His final ball is usually poor. What happened to the positivity LDC? I'd love to make a huge compilation of everyone's negative squit at the end of the season when we stay up or, even if we go down.
  12. After holding them and chasing them around for 60mins some players needed to come on to freshen up the legs. Great performance overall and we should take that into the next game with our heads held high! And put in another great performance against another top team. OTBC 💚💛
  13. I retract my statement after seeing it back again 🤣
  14. I retract my statement after seeing it back again 🤣
  15. I might be wrong but there is the Internet outside of Norfolk right?
  16. Thanks guys, didn't realise it was on normal TV over here, I will avoid the centre of the city
  17. Would like to see the game tomorrow in Amsterdam. Does anyone have some recommendations?
  18. Krul Aarons Hanley zim byram Godfrey vrancic Duda buendia cantwell Pukki This would be my shout
  19. I have a ticket but would like to get one for the Mrs. does anyone know how I can get her one next to me? (It'd be her 1st game). Is there any option available to help this?
  20. Over to France for my pick.. Lyon v Strasbourg Home WIN ooh lala Canaries to win either half! (Personal bet I'm put a quid on us to win 3-2) OTBC! I wanna see some Liverpudlian tears this weekend when we ruin their 'perfect season' Good luck everyone!
  21. I hope Dennis doesn't give their fans an excuse when we win. I can just imagine them saying the conditions were horrendous.... Blah blah (White noise) blah blah
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