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  1. Cliff the Canary

    Still on a learning curve.....so get a grip....again

    Oh please just go away
  2. Cliff the Canary

    Delia simply never ever learns

    Delia put no money in last year, or the year before and before that! she did however call in the shareholders loans in 2011! so what’s your point exactly? As many posters have said she simply can’t afford to own an EPL team (or even a EFL team for that matter) you and many fans seem content to accept mediocrity as the status quo for the club, whilst those who seek ownership with the ambition and funding to take the club forward are deemed to be pant wetters and naysayers! If Delia really had the best interest of the club at heart she would actively seek new investment, not set up a ‘self sustaining model’ and succession planning putting her pennilessness nephew in charge! It just stinks of the empress hanging on to power regardless of what’s best!
  3. Cliff the Canary

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    That’s the attitude that keeps Delia in power! lets be in the bottom 6 of the top 26 teams, that’s the ambition of the current owners! what will it take for fans to rise up against this tyranny
  4. Cliff the Canary

    VAR _ Man City

    Yes! This is the perfect solution Guess it would be too much for the premier league to adopt such a sensible approach
  5. Cliff the Canary

    VAR _ Man City

    It’s interesting video assistance has been an excepted mainstay in cricket and rugby union for years! Does anyone know when it was introduced to these sports and what the fan reaction was? As for the encroachment today, like Max Aarons against Arsenal, the Wolves defender was a foot a best into the area when the penalty was taken, but ultimately he cleared the rebound! Interestingly there was a Man City player encroaching a yard and a half, if he’d have scored the rebound, would it of been retaken still????
  6. Had originally quoted in my post above, but didn’t work
  7. Thank you for your thought through reply! You’ve made some very good counter arguments, some which I take on board, some which I could retort but let’s just say we’ve reached an impasse! My signing off note is that, no I don’t expect a billionaire to pump endless funds in with no prospect of return ( although this is not uncommon in the EPL ,Bournemouth anyone??), but someone to invest in the short term to get the club established and then look for returns long term. When the Thai owners of Leicester first invested did they look for quick returns? Leicester I think area good comparison in terms of fan base, stadium size etc when they were brought by foreign investment, so why wouldn’t Norwich be attractive if marketed in the right circles! Let’s just hope the self sustainable model works and we bounce back first time otherwise we face a bleak existence in the championship hoping the academy throws out a few gems to sell! One of us will be able to say I told you so! Badger, enjoyed our dialogue, all the best
  8. Can’t argue with anything you’ve said Purple! Precise and articulate as ever! I’m guilty of seeing everything through accountants eyes where everything is black and white and have neglected the ‘human factor’ as you pointed out with freeloaders having a negative effect on squad morale. whether a player is successful or not the effects on the accounts are the same with wages hitting the income account and the net book value of the registration being amortised over the length of the contract! The hit comes in the resale value and the profit or loss on disposal! However as you’ve pointed out this doesn’t take into account the player taking up a squad place. FFP has always confused me? How do teams like Crystal Palace, Bournemouth etc, with smaller grounds than Carrow Road manage this? Ticket revenue must be significantly lower so how are they able to balance the books and satisfy FFP without direct shareholders investment? I don’t know, but clearly there must be a way! I’ve followed Norwich since 1985 and been viewing this forum since the Lambert years. Despite the ups and downs in that time I’ve never felt the inclination to post! However this year I really felt the club had done so much good work to get us here, yet they’ve not given it a go! I respect DS and MWJ and true fans who believe they are doing the best for the club, but football has moved on, like it or not, and their model of a self sustainable club is not compatible and unlikely to succeed in top flight football! That’s why I think the best gift they could give to club is to step aside and allow someone with the resources to take the club forward! Now I know everyone will jump on me saying no rich investors are banging on the doors of Carrow Road, but that’s not how it works! The Club has to be aggressively pitched in the right circles to attract interest. I don’t think the current shareholders are interested in selling the club, yes they’d take investment that doesn’t dilute their holding, but that’s basically asking for a charity payment! If they were serious about selling can anyone explain the ridiculous succession plan of putting nephew tom in charge!
  9. The capital I’m referring to is ‘capital’ put into a company by its shareholders for further investment, specifically releasing cash for player investment. Like any business you need to make capital investment to generate revenues, whether it’s machines in manufacturing or properties in property development projects as an example. Obviously there is always an associate maintenance cost (wages for players) and an inherent risk involved. Players registrations are an asset on the balance sheet (refer note 13 Intangible Assets) therefore are also capital in nature. From an accounting perspective they are never a liability, but on disposal can result in a loss on the statement of comprehensive income ‘SOCI’! (or if the self funding model works we hope to see plenty of ‘profits on disposable’ on the SOCI) Agreed the players value is time limit which is why the cost of players circa £42m, is amortised circa £27m leaving a NBV of circa £14m (also refer note 13) It could be argued that I know little about football and rightfully so, but as a qualified accountant I know a little on this subject. I agree the Jarvis and Naismith transfers were disastrous and bad capital investments, but the reaction to this to not invest at all is equally disastrous as we are now witnessing! Its like a manufacturing company not investment in new technology to produce more sophisticated products, when all it’s competitors are, leaving it unable to compete! Anyway just to be clear, I am not and have never advocated that the club under it’s current ownership and model go out and recklessly spend millions potentially risking the financial future of the club. What I’m encouraging is a change of ownership where there is shareholder support which allows for capital expenditure to compete at the highest level, where there is enough capital reserves to suffer losses on bad investments (let’s remember folks we’re talking about Naismith and Jarvis here, not Ronaldo and Naymar on mega mega bucks), where a young progressive manager and sporting director are given the funds, tools and opportunity to fulfil their potential, is that too much to ask? Yes it is whilst DS & MWJ maintain their tight stranglehold of the club !
  10. Yes! But he has to be given the capital to investment first! Capital which needs to be released by the majority shareholders! as is common knowledge, due to the self funded model and majority shareholders who are unable to invest personal capital into the club, minimal capital was available to invest in the playing squad, why the embarrassing amount of <£5m was invested in the summer! Therefore my point is not naive and stands true!
  11. Cliff the Canary

    Most frustrating season since Roeder

    Exactly! Whilst the comparison to Roeder may be a bit off, the main points of the post are sound! The lack of investment has defined this season, and the finger of blame can only be pointed at a certain two people!
  12. Cliff the Canary

    Frustrating, but so proud of the way we are playing.

    Yawn another thread of delusional optimism from LDC! You posted a thread 41 minutes ago and got shot down, so you thought you’d do it again!
  13. I’m sorry! Does Stuart Webber have any control over the amount of capital invested in the playing squad? Im not denying there is a hint of arrogance about the guy, but that comes as part of the course for anyone with ambition! However his remit this year was to take a championship squad with the bare minimum of investment into the EPL and compete with teams who regularly spend >£20m per player! Given that remit, what’s the biggest surprise is that SW didn’t resign before the season started! As per many of my post the problem with NCFC are the owners who are financially unable to run a club at this level! surely this must be obvious to all???
  14. Not Webber or Farkes fault! They’ve played the cards they’ve been dealt! 100% blame rests with our esteemed majority shareholders
  15. Cliff the Canary

    Still in there fighting - and we WILL improve results.

    Oh Lakey! Just do it one! Your delusional optimism is embarrassing