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  1. Dutch Chris speaks english and dutch, he is a big norwich fan living in holland. Find him on facebook by searching for dutch chris norwich
  2. Japan''s away shirt is nice and cameroon''s home shirt is good
  3. Stereophonics were to be the support, maybe if they released that info a few more tickets might have been sold
  4. I saw cedric anslin in liquid once, he was really friendly and brought me a pint, he also had a pig ugly fat bird hanging off of his arm
  5. I''ve just purchased it, if everyone who was at the parade brought it we could get it to the top of the hit parade.
  6. That will be why he didn''t have suit on last night like the rest of the team
  7. Mike liggins has confirmed on Twitter that look east are having extensive coverage of it as well as a review of the season, liggins will be in with the crowd getting reaction, someone else is up with the players doing interviews
  8. I think he is just trying to drum up a move and he knows we may need a new keeper.
  9. Adeyemi only needs one more game to get a medal, he should be in, it would round off a good season for him
  10. A big thanks to wedgie who told us over a week ago that the 13 may was the day, thus allowing us all plenty of time to book the day off work. Well done wedgie
  11. It is the stage for the festival hence why it is going up already, but due to the work being carried out on the war memorial it is to be used to show off the trophy as well, this also has the benefit of saving money, which is needed as city council are skint
  12. Further to the club statement, anyone not wearing a stupid jesters hat or a green and yellow wig will be asked to leave the stadium prior to the presentation
  13. Who was the numpty in the deerstalker hat?
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