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  1. There was a sign up at the Watford game apologising for the cans, I believe it's a temporary situation due to a shortage of plastic bottles.
  2. That's different Jim, the Villa player is clearly holding the keeper, not just standing in his way...
  3. Maybe in training our defence looks good. Problem is in training it's up against our offensive players.
  4. Big difference between personal issues and personal circumstances/reasons.
  5. Is there any footage available of our pen shout from Saturday? I thought it was a penalty at the game live, but not seen it on any "highlight" reel since.
  6. The BBC live text agreed with us too. Shame that MotD didn't give these decisions any airtime.
  7. He might make a good right back, but from what I've seen he's a very average option on the left. It's tough playing wrong side, especially when playing a team with traditional wingers like today, but that doesn't excuse the number of times he was beaten or the lack of positional sense.
  8. Not so easy when you live three hours away and sometimes it's a late call as to whether you can do.
  9. We have four season tickets together and put two for Liverpool on buyback a week before when we had no takers from our usual group of family and friends. The game was showing as sold out midweek, this should be the trigger for the buyback seats to go on sale, however this never appeared to happen as the seats were empty and we didn't receive any credits.
  10. It would be interesting to know whether VAR would have disallowed the goal had the assistant not flagged for offside. Was there enough evidence to overrule the on pitch decision? Personally as much as I hate it, I think it was the correct decision. You can't use height or the fact that Schmeicel wouldn't have saved the goal had Todd not been there as mitigation.
  11. Very unusual for Todd to be in that position, he's normally edge of the box for corners.
  12. Didn't make it to the Liverpool game, but just wondered what the situation is at County Hall regarding parking? Is it fully open, or are numbers restricted due to the ongoing construction work?
  13. We should probably take 5-0, a rematch could be even worse!
  14. Their fans don't look like they've just scored when Pukki kicks off, so it does look like it could be a mistake from the officials.
  15. Beyond common sense, no COVID related restrictions for the Liverpool game. https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2021/august/fan-information-norwich-city-liverpool/
  16. Norwich are quite late to the party to announce their requirements. I'm fairly certain, at least initially, that it will be either proof of double vaccination or a negative lateral flow test from within the last 48 hours.
  17. I think it's correct, there will be a lot of hesitancy and also people deciding not to go last minute if they have any form of symptoms.
  18. I've just put two on buyback for Liverpool, will watch on Sky and save the 300+ mile round trip.
  19. It looks like all the TV games have been selected up until the end of September, so you should be fine. I do wonder however whether away fans will be initially allowed into games? August TV games: https://www.premierleague.com/news/2174186 September TV games: https://www.premierleague.com/news/2184019
  20. Governments have decided to use something that the FDA in the USA call an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). This allows a medication to be used before fully approved. Typically this type of EUA is used for people that are gravely ill, such as cancer patients where all other known options haven't worked. I'm not aware of an EUA ever being used for a vaccine prior to Covid, however I can understand why the approach has been used to fast track for the most vulnerable. Whether an EUA should be used to vaccinate the full global population is a contentious point for many working in the pharmaceutical industry.
  21. Phase 1 - Initial safety with very small cohorts (often around 16 people per study) Phase 2 - Larger cohorts (about 40 per study), looking at efficacy whilst continuing to check the safety. Phase 3 - large scale (300ish per study) that in a vaccine trial looks at efficacy over time (antibody levels) and long term safety profile. Typically 2 to 3 years, hence the 2023 date that is often quoted. Each product would typically have 10 to 15 studies across the phases, looking at different populations (ethnicities, underlying conditions, etc.).
  22. I'm not promoting either a pro or anti vaccination agenda, however I struggle to see how any government or company can mandate that someone has to be vaccinated with a product that is still at the phase 3 stage of clinical trials.
  23. Forty percent of people currently in hospital with COVID related illness have been fully double jabbed. This isn't knocking the vaccine, the numbers in hospital and dying would be far, far higher without it, but it's not the wonder than many people seem to think it is. I would feel more comfortable knowing the person next to me hadn't had the vaccine, but had performed a negative LTF in the 24 hours before the game, than someone coughing away but thinking it's perfectly fine to attend since they were fully vaccinated.
  24. I'd imagine it will be the same protocol as has been used at the recent test events. Either vaccine history or negative LTF results via the Covid PASS app (or vaccine history letter), or a negative LFT result via the NHS email / text message service. This provides a LFT option for those who prefer not to use the App and haven't been double vaccinated for whatever reason.
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