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  1. please call / text me on 07799 621152 (Shane) if ticket is still available, thanks
  2. Yep, and the media are just talking about pace, power and goals for utd, come on city show them we are premier league too!!!
  3. have you seen the replica shirt for sale, i cant say i have ever seen it sold anywhere else other than Norwich? have you, lets see who has! What shop and where (not internet either for the smart arses)
  4. Well said, spot on and fully agree with you, stability is needed for the managers position and i wouldnt want NCFC to be part of the merry go round search for another new face, people also forget we havent had Ruddy in goal since before Christmas either and those are big boots to fill which must have had a more defensive mindset to instill in the team!
  5. Agree with this, went to the loo at half time and there were no sinks,how bad is that and how can this pass premier league regs!!
  6. i have queued for 2 hours before on movers and shakers week and never moved my seats because nothing was where i wanted to move to, great idea to have a forum on this as its just pot luck when you go to club, i have 2 seats in lower barclay area A next to snake pit and want to move to area B or C lower barclay anywhere back from half way up! The club should have a better way of managing this IMO
  7. Yes, use the squad like yesterday and see how we go, its good for a break from the prem pressure!
  8. It was a joke, couldnt get on 10.57, the told us to get on football special, firs the tickets not transferable, then we were told it was dry train, then it wasnt, then it took a full 2 hours to snake through the Norfolk countryside and they opened the bar! the return was even more disorganised when at 17.39 the east mids train pulled up and it was just one massive crowd pushing to sqeeze through the doors, not too much of a problem if you are an adult but for the kids and lees able it was very poor.....shame on greater anglia and east mids for being so off the mark and cocking up both ends of the journey, they should get football fans involved in thier planning sessions!!!
  9. The governor1 and willing to sit in away end, sounds to me like a paul ince fan (the governor) must be a manue fan me thinks, you decide!
  10. quick goal in 2nd half for us and their heads will drop, come on city!
  11. Agree, need fox to sit in front of back four and break up their play and pick a pass, we have no one else who can do it at the moment, if Fox doesnt play i just see Arsenal picking us off with defense splitting passes, we will see!
  12. Agree Brucie, im sick of all the team bashers, we have been through some really bad times in the last few years and some really good times, trouble is the expectation has gone up with each good spell, im happy if we retain EPL status this year and with the squad we have, we can do it......if we get behind the team otherwise we will send the club into turmoil again!
  13. Agree with you, when i walked away from white hart lane about 3 weeks ago everyone was full of praise and looking forward to the season, now and just a couple of games later everthing is doom and gloom, i support the team through good and bad times, we are not able to compete with most teams in this league financially so people need to accept that and move on, Chris H deserves a chance, teams need a few games to gel, a few weeks ago people were saying we need new strikers, now its new defenders! The wins will come, the players are good enough, just need a bit of confidence from a win and we will be off, no easy games in this league either, I''m with you ncfcrule!
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