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  1. Anyone know of any tickets available tomorrow? willing to pay good money and even sit in the away end. i know its a long shot
  2. [quote user="chris_sabian"]Regardless, I hope Hooper doesn''t come here. Scoring goals in the SPL means absolutely nothing.[/quote] Yer cause Jelavic struggled!!
  3. I think Hooper is a really classy striker, at the end of the day if he gets chance he will put the ball in the back of the net, at whatever level you play you still have to finish and he is a proven finisher. 8 million is a lot but you pay a lot of money for a man that can score. The only issue is Celtic being in the champions league, if they were to get knocked out in the qualifiers it could happen but there 2 nil up with home leg to play, I see them in the group stage, they will all be on a big bonus if they make the group stage.
  4. "On 21 August 2012, Bassong signed a three year deal with Norwich City, for £5.5 million making him the clubs record signing, taking that record from Dean Ashton (£3M)[10], he is also Norwich City''s highest earner as the club matched his £40,000 a week wage that he was earning at Tottenham." Wikipedia is the source, I know anyone can edit but just nice bit of reading if true.
  5. When speaking about this players wages, do you not think that Bassong would have been on his sort of wage bracket, we pulled that off. Bassong was bought from Newcastle for a few quid by THFC therefore I believe he would have been on more than a man that went to THFC of a young age. Tom Huddlestone hasn''t really performed to the standard they once thought he would achieve, I don''t think THFC would want to put him on a big wage contract for that reason. a loan deal would consist in THFC paying a percentage of his wages meaning we probably could afford him. Our gaffer should drive down there and pick him up, personally he fits what we need in the middle of the park a PRESENCE to dominate which Huddlestone can do.
  6. Eight bells seems the best place to be hopefully we can start the atmosphere in there for this fine day!!!
  7. just a heads up, a player from our club will be heading to Sunderland I believe it will be Wes Hoolahan. I''m sure I will get slated and someone will want to know the source but I cannot divulge on that info. The person is pretty reliable too. Many thanks
  8. when do people think the Fulham tickets will be announced, me and mates are keen to make the party.
  9. The weather is bound to be fantastic the atmosphere is going to be rocking and NCFC will win 3-1!!!
  10. How many players are on the book at Norwich, do we now have to sell some players? especially if more signings are imminent!
  11. Tom Cavendish your talking about china? Do you really think Holt is in the same league as Anelka and Drogba? No he isnt in the same league as them and therefore wouldnt get a big move to china! 1 million signing on fee, i very much doubt that he would get as much as that. he would probably be looking at 250k - 300k signing on fee at the most. Holt is looking for a retirement fund and he wants Norwich to give it to him, Norwich feel at his age he isn''t going to be worth what he wants and wont break the bank, there is the stumbling block McNally went back on his word that''s the truth. Grant Holt feels betrayed, he did everything Norwich wanted him to do last January. and in all fairness i dont blame him!!!
  12. After watching the previous regime closely in the media. Lambert was very quiet only talking when he had to, unlike Worthington who really did enjoy using the media to his advantages and disadvantages too, Lambert rarely spoke about injuries transfers and rumours, Lambert never came out and quash any rumours or admit them, under Hughton i feel you will see NCFC a bit more media friendly which i also look forward to. Thought i would share my thoughts.
  13. well my sources are close to him aswell so either way he is still having a scan and not looking good
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