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  1. Wouldn''t read too much into this to be honest. We''re prepared to let Bunn leave so Ruddy will definately be here next season.
  2. I have a feeling that we''re not done by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to our forward line. What this means for Hooper who knows, but I expect us to sign another striker shortly.
  3. Alex, is that your way of telling us you''re best mates with tom Meighan and Serge Pizzorno?!
  4. I expect some transfer news today/tomorrow but an incoming player, not an outgoing one.
  5. I take it RVW hasn''t signed for Fiorentina? The Italy deadline is shut now so maybe we''re still in with a shout?
  6. Our ball retention isn''t good enough, I would be more in favour of a ball player in there alongside either Tettey or Johnson rather than them both.
  7. I was told that he was at Colney last week. Don''t know how reliable that was though - probably not very as I would have hoped something would have been announced by now if it was the case?
  8. IMO Ayala has a lot of potential but he''s justr not currently robust enough to be a PL centre half. Hopefully this season in the Championship will toughen him up and coupled with his ability on the ball we will have an excellent partner for Bassong long term. As for Vaughan - there is no questionin his ability but in the days of 25 man squads and huge wages I still think he is a gamble but if he plays 30 odd games for Huddersfield this year then I would say the odds on that gamble shorten.
  9. Interesting post. I would however add that it is more down to his attitude than injuries that he has ended up where he is though.
  10. [quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="baldyboy"]3 more games max, if we havent won by then he needs to go! [/quote]   Huzzah! [Y] [/quote] Let me ask you both this, if we had Mourinho in charge and results had been the same would you only allow him another 3 games to prove himself? Too much is made of reputation - I doubt people would have been jumping up and down giving Lambert 3 games to save his job if he was still here and the start had been the same. Give the man time...
  11. [quote user="ellis206"]These doom mongerers that have appeared like a virus are going to create the downfall of this great club once again. Some of the rubbish that has been spouted on here is unreal, it was good to see Holt make a few of you look very stupid this week. Anyway, slightly concerned over the abuse David McNally has been getting over twitter, that would be all we need if he decided to bugger off because of ungrateful fans who have already forgotten the amazing job he has done for us. A few of you actually deserve relegation for not supporting the club during a tough spell, calling for a managers head after 7 games is ridiculous.[/quote]   Good post Ellis, I am fed up with all the kneejerk stuff. As far as I am concerned Hughton was the right man at the right time and I believe that will still prove to be the case. 17th would be a great result this season and everybody connected with the club needs to play their part to make this happen. The players will undoutably be short on confidence at the moment so our role as supporters is now more important than ever. We will come good and we will stay up.
  12. Would you prefer that Hughton and the players came out stating that we''re doomed? There''s 30 games left..... Jesus...    
  13. I personally cant see it as a years wages - that would have meant we were paying Lambert £40K a week.... seems way beyond us?  
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