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  1. That's because they'll be football franchises when he does move.
  2. Anyone seen some of the scores tonight? Northern Ireland won 11-0 Spain won 12-0 And Belgium won 19-0 Spain leading their group, played 4 games +35 goal difference. But what wound me up a little was reading the opening line of the BBC Northern Ireland match report "Rachel Furness equalled David Healy's record of 36 goals for Northern Ireland" Not sure I'm comfortable with them merging the male and female games like that with such wide disparity, it's still in it's infancy really. And hope official records don't go down this route in a bid to encompass the game as a whole. I get that it would be a nice to raise the profile of the womans game, but the parity isn't there for it to be a fair reflection statistically.
  3. Not usually a big fan of puppeteers, but Strippers the dog and bingo the cat were great during the 2017 summer season in Yarmouth. When Strippers runs off with the sausages yelling "Where's me bloody camel?" had us all in stiches, Bingo had let them all loose but told us (The audience) to be quiet.. Oh so funny. Thomas will love it.
  4. According to this:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_association_footballers_who_died_while_playing 8 in 2018 7 in 2019 3 in 2020 14 in 2021 Maybe due to the lack of football in 2020 it just delayed those with underlying conditions? Quite a mordib subject reading through those causes, it's a hell of a rise for sure.
  5. Delia once said you have to be aware of unpredictable Sheikh's and Camels coming down Carrow Road. He might've taken it literarily.
  6. We had a young girl in sales who explained that she was scared of heights when owners talked of vertical integration during a corporate presentation. One of my favourite "Any questions?" moments.
  7. He's probably stood by the door keeping an eye out for camels.
  8. Saw Fleck go down the other day and was thinking the same thing. There's been a lot of sports scientists in place for a number of years now,m So I can't believe they're being pushed to the point of being rushed to hospital. Could be the jab, could be less break and the football calendar being twisted up, could just be some players mentally stressed with the affects of covid and them carrying out through it without a proper 'down time' period. Who knows. Definitely seems to be a high occurrence.
  9. I normally quite like change and don't drag my feet... It's just when I see our current badge it makes me feel good, So many memories, silly little things with that badge on as representing us on away games, going into Europe. Only time can fix that, of course, once we start making memories with the new one i'm sure it will be good. Until then, it just feels so devoid of character and sterile to me and unable to separate that over-riding emotion. Everything about the badge has been become more generic/corporate, which doesn't sit right for a club who's not at all based on those ethics. I quite like our quirks. Probably 90% nostalgia talking right now... oh well.
  10. You know pre-digital content can be sampled into digital formats that don't even exist yet? They're not limited by current digital formats, hence why 1930's film Wizard of Oz is in 4k and easily put into 8k in future. Watch back some old Sky recorded digital footage from 2000's and see what it looks like today - shocking. As exampled, the concept of a "Digital World" is limited by current tech. They had the current versions traced into vector art already, and if they haven't I could've done it within an hour. There's massive crests above the ground, on the outside and inside the club shops too. So it had to be done for those to exist. You can see by the shape of the lines, how they arc and point to point that it's already vector formatted. But even vector formats can change depending on the rendering of the host application, raster images will still be used as the masters for majority of assets. This new design is more about getting down to a single colour screenprint and saving printing costs with a simpler design. Moving to a digital world is just something to tag on top to make it seem more of a necessity.
  11. Your 'M' is hanging to the left a bit too, I can speak to someone at the club and get that fixed for a few 100k? Put you a nice fancy lion on there too, if you want.
  12. @Mello Yello @Midlands Yellow Wish one of you had a different image or something. I keep thinking it's the same person talking to themselves when you reply to each other!
  13. Is he as unique in German football as he would be in the Championship? I think that's what gave him an edge for us, that calmness and absolute belief in the system paid dividends last season with no crowds. In the German league I feel he's more a drip in the ocean. Plus, he's shown that he needs the top players in the division to work his magic AND bring home the points, I don't know what Bremen have. He deserves a mid-table top tier team to see what he's got really, one with a scattering of quality players who he can build on.
  14. (IMO) We mainly get so many poor decisions as the law of average applies when you're not making chances with positive play. If you apply pressure in this league you will get decisions. I really don't buy refs (like Hooper) being bias towards us, but if they are swayed by such things at least in Shakespeare & Smith we have a bit more presence to test officials consciences. I don't think anyone from the prawn sandwich brigade has much respect for Farke, or any of his staff. So no favours (If they exist?!).
  15. Guy in the middle has the wrong kind of gap in his head judging by his hand, dirty dawg.
  16. Really believe this is to cut down costs on producing merch the more I look at it. It's yelling out for that black border on the outside.
  17. Original looks so much better(?!), it even looks more modern than this new one to me. I think i'm broken lol
  18. I just see the premiership lion and think of Barclays when I see it - I don't see "Us" there, which is more important than how it looks, really.
  19. Well think of the printing and transfer costs they'll be saving, they only need a yellow base layer and whack a green transfer on everything now. I'd imagine that was a large part of the design brief.
  20. If a user put that up, most of us would probably laugh. It's the fact that we have to go with it, that you start accepting it easier I guess.
  21. Looks so ****ing hipster and without character... Oh well.
  22. What would people think if it were to go round like Chelsea/Leicester etc?
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