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  1. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Would be a good addition to the squad if this is true, however we are sadly let down by one thing and one alone, lack of money.[/quote] Well, it''s on the BBC. Short of Purse or Gunny or someone from Cardiff actually confirming it, I''d say it''s pretty likely to be true. And he''s out of contract this summer, so any fee will likely be nominal. I hope Cardiff can get their replacement, because he''d be an excellent addition to the squad.
  2. I think most will look at it and decide they were riding the wave of confidence caused by last Saturday.
  3. Asking who the most intelligent poster is is like asking who is the most sane in an insane asylum.
  4. [quote user="We Want Worthy Back"]Would like him here in some capacity. Ready for the top job yet tho? Who knows.[/quote] I think Barclayman suggests Malky here as assistant to Aidy.
  5. We need a hand to steady the ship. While I would love to see Clarkie kept on board here, I wouldn''t care to see him stay as manager.
  6. Hardly a secret "truth" is it; it''s confirmed on the official site Carl Moore is continuing to pay for the loan. http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1441847,00.html Below the picture.
  7. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Steve Burns is a chracter in Resident Evil: Code Veronica... a computer game... why post this here?! jas :) [/quote] Yes, because the only Steve Burns in the entire world is located in that video game.  
  8. [quote user="North Sea Canary"]Will get shot down for this but I still want Bowen.  But he wont come so thats the end of that. [/quote] I think Bowen would be a good shout; but I can''t help but think we need someone who has been in exactly the same situation as we are in now and has succeeded when doing it. Someone mentioned Holloway - and while he has the experience of a similar situation at Plymouth, his record at Leicester was very worrying indeed. I think it would be a bit of a risk to take him on - but one that could pay off well. Huckerby/Dion/Iwan/Crookie suggestions need to be treated with the derision they deserve. Don''t waste our time. Mark Robins is doing well at Rotherham at the minute, but then we can''t ignore the past few seasons of mediocrity. However, I would certinately not be too unhappy if he came through the door. He would know what fans wanted and I think would do his best to deliver. Would it be a step too far for him, though? Steve Tilson would be very popular with me. I think he''s a decent tactical mind, a great eye for a player and has shown himself a very capable man manager. Yes, his experience in the Championship was a negative one, but at least he has Championship experience. I suppose Clarkie would be a likely suggestion as well. Not a favoured one for me - I want someone with experience. Lawrie Sanchez was another name; experienced manager, but honestly what we need? Not sure myself. My choice would be Blackpool''s Simon Grayson. I think he''s a manager who''s turned a relatively poor Blackpool side into a decent Championship side - and on a budget. He plays the right style of football, and I think could cope well with the pressures he would face here.
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]He played two games Jas so clearly that''s enough time to judge how good he is [;)] [/quote] well of course! how could i of been so naive.. 2 games make a players career! jas :) [/quote] Well, Jas, I would suggest his lack of playing time supports my opinions. In a time when we were desperate for a right back, we turned to Andy Hughes rather than him. What does that say about him? Beyond that, I base my opinions on their impact for the club. A player like, for example, Andy Hughes was by far and away one of the worst technical players I''ve ever encountered. But his attitude and effort made up for that. MLJ clearly costed the club a fair whack in wages, had no impact for the club either on or off the field and was symptomatic of the decline of this football club. People whinge about Jarrett and Thorne - and rightly so - but at least they were involved in the squad. This guy was so bad, even our ill-fated managers didn''t think him good enough to make the starting 11 at a time when we relied on a midfielder for right back. That for me makes him our worst player ever.
  10. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"][quote user="Creative Midfielder"] [quote]doherty and stefanovic wud be a disaster. due to both being slow. shackell definately.[/quote] And Shacks is quick?? Doc for me every time. [/quote] He ain''t slow, and he''s much quicker than Doc! i reckon Roeder will start Stefanovic and Doc originally. Shacks might go to wolves now anyway [/quote] Actually, do you know who the quickest player over fifty yards is? Gary Doherty. Well, at least he was last season.
  11. [quote user="FozzyFan"][quote user="Graeme Miles"][quote user="FozzyFan"] couldnt make the gorleston game, but the people that did, what are your views on the youth. the likes of daley, adeami, habagham ?   [/quote]   You''re making those names up!! Habagagahem?! [/quote] very funny idiot ! his name is Habergham and he plays centre midfield i believe ! [/quote] Harbergham played left back and did commendably. Shacks really did encourage him throughout the game - applauded him when he did well and offered him advice when he didn''t. But overall I thought he looked decent. The youngster that caught my eye most was Manny Richardson, up front during the second half. His penalty was well taken, but besides that he chased everything down, appeared on both flanks in support of his wingers and really connected well with Hoolahan, playing a neat one two with him to set him up for his goal. If he can learn to be more composed with his finishing (for example, if you could give him Martin''s natural ability to finish) he''d look a fantastic prospect.
  12. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="TheMarshmallowMan"][quote user="Smudger"][quote user="TheMarshmallowMan"][quote user="WEEN_NASTY"][quote user="TheMarshmallowMan"] [quote user="WEEN_NASTY"]Another thought is this all just a cinical exercise to attract players.[/quote] I''m not even going to ask how you come to that conclusion. [/quote] Um missed targets? club not attractive? money problems? Investment? promotion contenders? club going places? Um rocket science [/quote] Are you on something? Numpty. [/quote] Is that kind of response a well reasoned one when it is on behalf of our beloved Delia & Michael? Point kind of proved that some people are obviously more Delia and Michael fans than they are Norwich City FOOTBALL CLUB fans.... [:$] [/quote] I don''t see how me questioning the lunacy of one poster''s suggestion this was some big conspiracy to attract players followed by a frankly bizarre post which seems impossible to follow as an attempt to explain this ludicrous suggestion. It is fans like you that seem to want to secularise our fanbase Smudger with little reason other than malicious intent. I would be happy to see Cullum take over - but when and only when all concerns are addressed. If you think Cullum has done that, you clearly haven''t read the article. [/quote] What like Delia has addressed all of the fans concerns over recent seasons? How can the offer (if it is indeed a genuine one) from Callum be any worse than what we currently have? [/quote] Delia has quite often attended public forums and is regularly stopped by fans at games. Neil Doncaster is easily contactable by email. I''m not sure what else she could have done to address fans concerns. The simple fact of the matter is we don''t have enough information to legitimately consider this offer and it''s impact on the football club. Clearly you think throwing money is the answer. I know it isn''t.  
  13. [quote user="ryank"][quote user="TheMarshmallowMan"] *rolls eyes* The Francis incident was proven to be a load of rubbish. But then I won''t let facts get in the way of a good story. [/quote] They werent rubbish, I heard it from the horses mouth, I also know where Leon was staying for a few months whilst *injured* and it was a dark place. So end of. [/quote] Absolute rofl! Yes, and those stories inspired McKenzie to come out with the retort: "Anyone who thinks I''ve been locked-up in a mental hospital obviously needs some help themselves" http://www.canaries.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~736273,00.html Again, don''t let facts get in the way of a good story, though.
  14. Get real; how on earth could you predict that Lewis was going to get a call up ahead of - for example - Robert Green and others? You couldn''t. Lewis has been called up to give him a bit of experience in training with the squad. He would get no where near the first team in a proper England squad. Glenn Roeder was totally right to sell out third keeper for an initial £400k that could rise to £700k with a decent sell on clause. Do you think he''d be in this position if he hadn''t made the move? I wish Lewis nothing but the best - but all this wouldn''t have happened if he had not moved on from Norwich. It''s a deal that''s helped all parties involved.
  15. Happy to have him a board; when he''s playing well, he''s a poor man''s Gerrard. He can lift the team, drive them forward and really create the chances. When he''s off the boil, though, he''s horrific! Still, would rather have him than lose him to Scotland or Charlton - even if it''s just for a year.
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