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  1. must be the same dodgy knee charlie austin failed a medical with hull but passed, qpr want him, they''ll pass him!
  2. the difference is, he is best mates with the chairman, and has openly stated he can move on to a better club, people forget when they had a bad run he could of been sacked if it wasn''t for the loyalty of the chairman. We knew we had a good manager, so would never let him speak to any1, even man utd (i know they wudn''t come calling).
  3. i know he has no experience, but why not karl robinson? young, plays gd football, up and coming.
  4. you can''t loan in from scottish clubs outside the window so this is obviously rubbish
  5. cant understand why people are moaning great back up signing scored 10 in 31 starts last year 17 in 31 year before and 10 in 28 year before that well done lambo for getting back up in.
  6. peterborough would want 1 million plus for lewis dunno why he even gets mentioned, that fee is over the top and your paying for potential something will already have in the GK department
  7. another solid champ defender left footed if i remenber rightly another captain type of player
  8. look the days of us signing anyone for a transfer fee with any sort of big reputation are gone, this guy is coming to the peak of his career and has something to prove at this level. i''d much rather have this guy than say sign james harper on a free transfer who is on the back end of his career which is now going downwards
  9. where do people think we are going to get these young and hungry players from? he is captain for them and managed 5 goals seems worth a chance to me
  10. whats wrong with wiggins? i thought he was our back up LB
  11. he wears that pink kit in support of a cancer charity
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