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  1. [quote user="The Duke"]This may have been said in the parts of the thread i just skimmed, but Gow was all but signed by Wolves three weeks ago until he failed his medical. Wolves are one of the three i would say will go up this year and the fact that they showed more than a fleeting interest would prove that Gow is far from a lower Championship player. I for one am happy that we got the loans in today and they are in positions which we really needed to make stronger. I would rather have had one more Centre back in but as the saying goes "beggers can''t be choosers"[/quote]   So he fails a medical at Wolves, and is out of form at his current club, hence a loan. Hmmm.   Doesn''t sound like theres much chance of him being at top Championship side (like Wolves) in his current predicament.   i hope he scores some goals and proves me wrong, but hes not our ''new hero''.
  2. Agreed. Most uninspiring signings possible. We have been here before i think....But most of you are happy, so thats ok.  
  3. [quote user="jimbob"]I agree Jameswallis,all these so called fans who put Delia down all the time know nothing, lets see you do your bit then,  put a bit of your own money in.If you have your own home why not release some equity and put it into Norwich city football club, or set up a direct debit to put some of your wages in each month. Then let everyone moan about you.[/quote]   LOL. Quality. You couldn''t make this up.
  4. [quote user="Jim Kent"]So now we have finally secured wes is this the best replacement for hucks that we could hope for.  Now I know he is a different sort, but I can''t think of too many better replacments we could have got.  Also does this change anything as regards to the decision to release Hucks, for me not yet but its a very good start.  Well done Roeder and welcome wes.[/quote]   Erm. no. Hardly a fight for him was there. There are plenty of reasons why not too. I wouldn''t expect too much for him.
  5. [quote user="mozzer"] yeah - bring back Robert Chase... Very short memories - who has saved this club, raised our profile, put their own money in, set up and brought income into the club. You spineless swines [/quote]   Saved the club - no not really. Others were also interested at the time. Raised our profile - no not really. Unless you mean embarrassing us nationally? Brought income in the club - What did you expect her do do exactly? And where are we now? Good investments were they, hmmm? You brainless head-in-sand monger.  
  6. Nice one, Delia. Well written.   Some of us don''t buy into the constant spin. There are plenty of mongs on here who do though. Looks like a lady under some severe pressure to me.   Delia has taken the club backwards. The sooner her rein ends, the better for everyone, including her.
  7. [quote user="fleckmatic"]It''s been around a good 10 years I think - it''s an Internet thing. Comes from an epsode of Lovejoy where a binman picks out an ipswich hat from the rubbish and puts it on - it''s slowly changed fro ''binmen'' to ''binners''. Personally, I think ''binners'' is a bit crap - ''binmen'' is far better. [/quote]   I bet Ipswich fans are devastated by the term ''binner''. I think its embarrassing that WE are calling them that - after a crappy 80s sitcom, ffs?? And we wonder why the country thinks we''re behind the times!!
  8. Roeder is one of the least liked men in the football world, apparently. You will struggle to find many ex-players / staff who will privately say a good word about him!! I think this is going to be a real problem in the erm, second season.   It has been said by others that the reason for Roeders legendary second season syndrome is due to players and staff not wanting to work for him, and causing bad moral / feelings in the club.   Thats why its hard to watch it happening in front of us.
  9. i don''t think we should be slinging too much mud at Ipswich. Its a real possibility that we are going to be in a similar situation in the future. Personally, i wouldn''t turn down a similar deal if one was to come our way. This is 21st century football, some people really need to get with the times. Look at where they are, and are heading. Now look where we are are, and where we''re heading.   We may be eating humble pie in large quantity.
  10. [quote user="Fat Prophet"][quote user="blahblahblah"] [quote]Amazing how the board supporters are all for "prudence" but are able to disregard a couple of million when it suits them.[/quote] Would you actually rather be in Ips- er, their boat FP ?  Sold your club for a handful of beans and a midfielder from Plymouth to an arms dealer ? [/quote] No blah, I''d rather be where Hull are . . .   [/quote] Do you think the tahn fans really care about where the money has come from?....i wouldn''t myself. This is football, not a nursery school mate.
  11. [quote user="Punting Canary"] I am not sure whether the Smiths are about to move aside but whether it has come from the Smiths/Turners or associates I am not sure but I have been told from a reliable source that our transfer kitty is pleasantly larger than everyone thinks, and that things will get moving very quickly shortly.  Good things come to those that wait...... [/quote]   Thats exactly the opposite to what i have heard from an also very relieable source.  Thinks are alot worse that most think. Just goes to show...
  12. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Well, you never know.......[6][/quote]   I think that Glen has found his level, to be fair. Why would Blackburn want Roeder?
  13. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Out of the 3 I would pick Norwich. Not being biased.[/quote]   I am interested as to why you chose NCFC instead of the other 3 (not being biased)?
  14. [quote user="camuldonum"][quote user="tribes"][quote user="archer4721"] "The club is said to have not been "fighting" to keep him after some off the field problems came to the clubs attention."   Worrying. Is this what we need when struggling for points? [/quote] Have seen him play twice and he looked good both times. Not much pace but lots of skill. Does anyone know what these off the field problems are? Has anyone else come in for him? [/quote] Yes, last month he and three other players went to a club in St Anne''s and imbibed a large quantity of Falling Down Lotion.  On the way back to wherever they were going they trashed a caravan in someone''s front driveway and someone peed over it.  They were all fined by the club who had to shell out £5k in compensation to the caravan owner. [/quote]   Was he only wearing his underpants at the time?
  15. [quote user="GazzaTCC"]There seems a lot of indifference amoungst City fans about the possibility of losing Russell, which is surprising really considering he came third in our Player of the Season vote![/quote]   3rd during a season when we missed relegation by one game. Nothing to write home about. Was missing in action for large parts of the season. Average champ player.
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