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  1. The rumour  that Lambert had a meeting was posted on her during the panic. My theory is that with the team being a serious contender for automatic promotion, Lambert was trying to find out his market price and what Norwich should be offering if promotion is achieved. He could then report back to McNally.To add to this hypothetical situation a bit more, what if McNally was aware of this from the start? The extra publicity would raise the profile for Norwich during the transfer season and may attract the attention of investors. Initially bodging the messages of commitment fuelled the speculation.
  2. [quote user="The Norwitch"]silence the board[/quote] I mean ''silence the press''
  3. I don''t buy the line that the Cullum story wouldn''t appear because the newspaper MD is on the board. He''s in the business of selling newspapers and stories like that do wonders for sales. However, I''d imagine it would get a more cautious, less cavalier treatment but would still be on the front page. I''m sure anti-board letters would also appear because papers don''t want to lose touch with their readers. Both papers have always been soft with their anti-board coverage in the past anyway, because realistically their wasn''t big investors on the horizon, so I don''t think this will make a major difference - unless Gunn''s season quickly goes downhill. I''m not clear what talents Stephan Philips has for this job. His advertising/marketing experience may be useful - but I''m sure he will do all he can to get the club out of League 1, because if the club stays there and the occasional fans drift away, it will have a knock-on effect with his newspaper sales. You could also turn this on its head - rather than saying he will silence the board, he could take readers'' criticisms direct to the boardroom and it may improve communication from the boardroom to the outside world???
  4. As chairman of the board, Munby should show some responsibility for their part in all of this and resign this week. I''ve had no love for him since the 1-1 home draw with Crystal Palace that opened the start of the Premiership and he was all amiable about it - ''two teams up from Division 1, a draw is reasonable'', etc. If we had got two extra points from that game, we would have stayed in the league. The man may be a nice guy, but he doesn''t strike me as having any energy to drive the club forward. Gunn and Delia will be as gutted as the rest of us; they know their responsibility and will work their hardest to get us out the Championship. Gunn should return to scouting to lower leagues (we''re running out of them!) - Cody McDonald was a good find. As majority shareholders and fans, I don''t think Delia or MWJ should resign from the board. I''m not 100% sure of the legal duties of majority shareholders, but I think they would at least have to appoint a representative who would report back to them and vote at meetings on their behalf. So they would still be making decisions but be disconnected. It is better if they - or at least one of them - is there. They do need to be open to selling some of their shares (15-20%) so they are no longer take all the blame. Unlike many on this forum, I don''t have a problem with Doomcaster. He''s level headed (thus boring) and accessible. As the only member of the board who receives a salary, for his chief executive job, he needs to take a big pay cut until this mess is sorted out. Michael Foulger: I don''t know much about him and haven''t heard anything negative or positive either way. From that I assume he gets on with his duties on the board in a reasonable manner. (It is someone ironic that he his a director of a poultry firm - ideal for our turkey/chicken Canaries today.) I would like to see a football expert on the board - to challenge manager if necessary when they make a signing and when players aren''t played because of alleged spats.
  5. Could be their best bank holiday newspaper sales ever. EDP will have an 16-page Steve Gedge moan special.
  6. I can feel what you''re saying Tainted Tom, but we need quite the opposite. The club is on the verge of sliding downhill big style and we need a strong local press to make sense of what will happen. This video is just kids playing stupid.
  7. Come on EDP, this is pants. Can''t believe that a double stabbing isn''t the top story but this crock is. I can''t work out if the EDP is taking the piss our of local readers, or it has lost the plot by being unable to find anyone who knows anything about football. You won''t be laughing next year if Carrow Road crowds drop by 5000 and so do Monday sales.
  8. [quote user="Buckethead"]Stuff Curetons cake, he''s already had more than enough bites of the cherry.[/quote] I can''t fault Jamie for commitment, but he''ll need a cake for 100 missed sitters soon... PS patronising campaign, no doubt launched on a matchday to boost sales. "Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting just how important it is that Norwich City avoid relegation - and why your support to help them do so is absolutely vital and how it can help make a difference." Everyone knows how important it is, we''ve known for three seasons now - but there''s little we can do about it. Buying an extra mug won''t help at this stage, this year. Sing, clap and cheer, yes, but that will come naturally from good shows on the pitch - we don''t need to be told. The rest of the season is now in the hands of the players more than anyone else and they really need to work at it, like no other time in their careers - otherwise they''ll make history for the wrong reasons.
  9. I think administration will only be considered seriously if we are guaranteed relegation before the end of the season (so points deductions will be from this season) AND if their is no silver knight on the horizon (Cullum?) AND there is a major fans'' revolt against the board (the media won''t turn on Delia - but will revel in a ''poor little Delia'' story against those nasty financial types). So if the club does it, what happens? The directors lose control? Presumably Delia and Michael (and some other directors) become creditors because of their loans. Would the administrator then have to sell parts of what the club owns (ground, catering) to whoever wants to buy, or could creditors take payment in kind, i.e. would they get the option of owning the ground in place of the debt? If they can''t, this bothers me as it sounds like the club would then have to rent the ground from a new owner - which is bad in the long term.
  10. Brilliant performance from City - sounds like they''re oozing with confidence. I only managed to hear the second half, but it seemed like it had been going on all day, like one of those traditional village games of rugby, or cheese fights.
  11. On the assumption that some of the experienced managers named by the bookies did actually get an interview, what do you think they will now be thinking following Gunny''s rise to the top? * Norwich don''t have any ambition * Norwich haven''t got any money to pay for a decent manager -- or players * The Norwich board are a bit of confused mind... * "I''m didn''t get the job despite my qualifications! If I''m not good enough I''ve got no hope in this managerial lark..." (the first 3 of those seem to be established facts round these parts anyway) As for Gunny, I think he''ll do a good job and get us into the top half
  12. I go with the smoke screen theory. Delia is still mates with Worthy, so this works out well for both Norwich and Worthy. The approach is made, but it is not serious. This becomes the City story on the news for a day or so - giving reporters something to write about rather than chasing up rumours. It also takes a bit of pressure off preparations for Saturday - they can all have a laugh about it in training = bonding. Worthy benefits by getting credit from some Northern Irish FA for all the work he''s done so far and gets to affirm his commitment to the national side.
  13. He had a OK 40% win ratio (won 2, lost 3) at Leicester but didn''t get the job even though he kept them from relegation. Which available manager has got the biggest? (win ratio?)
  14. [quote user="plan b"]lupoli, no matter what he wants to do, is tied to us on a season-long loan, which could only be broken if he and the club both want to, so why would we do that and let him go to our relegation rivals? besides, i would have thought that lupoli is a lot happier now that Glenn has gone. [/quote] If, as City Angel says, we would get some of our loan money back then that sounds like a deal we would (unfortunately) make. Lupoli and Jamie upfront please this Saturday!
  15. [quote user="Huddy "]you might be able to show him how to play a formation that looks dangerous in front of goal at home, with the help of Salt & pepper pots and some cereal boxes. I''m sure he''d appreciate your input!![/quote]The pepper pot is on a "seasoning"-long loan from Yellows. The salt pop is recovering from a broken top. Substitutes look set to get their chance.   The new event - Breakfast WITHOUT Glenn - will surely be a sell out?
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