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  1. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Says it all, we must do better. Drop RVW next week, he''s out of sorts, that chest chance was a joke, my granny could have put that in.[/quote]It''s not quite gelled for him yet, but to drop him would be counter-productive. He has quality, what he lacks is confidence and form - he''ll only get that from continuing to play games. He should at least be given a chance to play alongside Hooper from the start before he is rested.
  2. [quote user="lincoln canary"][quote user="AJ"]Me! Seriously, we''re so out of form since the Chelski loss I''m amazed we''ve turned you over today. Especially without Lowton & Westwood. Will be interesting to see how we fair without the big man for a few weeks. Time for Kojak to stake his claim and for Lambert to kick Weimann up the backside UTV[/quote]   You deserved it. Unfortunately I''d not get too excited about takin points from us as many teams will while we continue to play like that. [/quote]What do you mean "continue to play like that"? You''re just spouting nonsense. Whether you like Hughton or not, whether you liked the style of play today or not, it has to be said that this game was a break with, rather than a continuation of, the way we have typically been playing football.
  3. [quote user="Kangaroo Court"]There was plenty to boo about today but that wasn''t among them. Redmond is too young to be playing 90 minutes of every game and anyway never looked like creating anything. Just running around and shooting into the stands isn''t going to win us any points.[/quote]What were the things that should have been booed in your opinion?
  4. [quote user="NCFC for life 1993-"]Hughton subs Redmond. Crowd react! Enough said![/quote]Redmond off was a good decision. He was getting frustrated, and its never a good idea to have a frustrated 19 year old player on the pitch as there''s a risk they might do something silly like react to provocation or something.
  5. i feel worse because i feel we should have got something out of it. A draw, certainly. Brad Guzan was the difference. Can''t really fault too much with how the team was set out to play.
  6. [quote user="ron obvious"]Martin & Snodgrass combining to get past the last man (several times) was the best thing about our game, & looked our best chance of creating a goal.[/quote]I was surprised not to see Whittaker play at first, and disappointed as I saw it as an overly defensive move at home. But Martin surprised me with his attacking play. Just a real shame that no joy was got from it.
  7. [quote user="Herman "]What are you on about you idiot.[/quote]I''ve no idea either. He''s certainly talking like an idiot.Martin''s had a good second half.
  8. [quote user="Reverend Timothy Smallpiece"]Sitting in the Old Rectory, writing tomorrow''s sermon whilst watching a stream of our shambolic performance against Spurs I can''t help but wonder if we have inherited something unwanted from that lot down the A140. Vis a vis, we have splashed the cash unwisely. A few years ago, following a rather improbably high premiership finish, Ipswich loosened the purse strings. Their marque signing was Finidi George. No one had heard of him but he promised to be brilliant. He was useless. The question I''m pondering is this - is Ricky our Finidi George? One bullet header apart, he has barely touched the ball. Have we been sold a wolf pup? Is he the reincarnation of the original wolf? Ulf the Wolf scored one goal (Bramell Lane, if memory serves) and we all know how good he turned out to be. We also, all know what happened to  Ipswich the season they splashed the cash. The Lord moves in mysteriou ways. [/quote]Lets hope this silly overreaction doesn''t happen every time we lose a game.
  9. [quote user="Manchester Canary"]I grind him blind said a blonde poo that''s fright night.[/quote] :O:O
  10. Lets debate whether or not to keep this thread going or not. Who''s for? Who''s against?
  11. [quote user="Ketts Rebel"]Many thanks for your efforts..its a more difficult question than I thought! Hopefully it wont be too long before we see another Norwich player in an England shirt. [/quote]Is it because the day before, Kevin Reeves was busy burning the US Embassy in Islamabad?http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/november/21/newsid_4187000/4187184.stm
  12. They''re just friendlies that they decided to give a special name to. The Rous Cup was probably one of the more competitive of friendlies though. The Ciudad de Mexico cup was just a warm-up tournament for the Mexico World Cup.
  13. I find the background image to this a little bit more dated!:http://www.canaries.co.uk/team/
  14. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]1 game, 1 goal, not bad going![/quote]That''s the wrong Dave Watson in that game - not the one who played for us.It was actually Kevin Reeves in that game who was our only ever competitive England international. Dave Watson, Phil Boyer, Mark Barham, Rob Green and Chris Woods only ever played in international friendlies while playing for Norwich.
  15. As far as I can tell, this is the ONLY competitive England fixture that a Norwich player has EVER been involved in:http://www.englandstats.com/matches.php?mid=536Startled by this fact, but I believe it is correct. Happily will be proved wrong
  16. [quote user="7cc"][quote user="Mister Chops"]I suppose if it wasn''t full every Saturday, the burglary statistics would skyrocket.[/quote] haha they are mainly working class males, so therefore they must all be burglars. brilliant [quote user="deltic31"]They seem to think that the no standing rule doesn''t apply to them. Just like being back at school really![/quote] everybody in there wants to stand, everybody knows what it''s going to be like when you buy a ticket there. nobody cares. why complain about something that doesnt affect you? [quote user="Mister Chops"]Poundland were having a sale.[/quote] haha everybody who sits there is poor. its funny when people are poor isnt it? brilliant   never post on here but these 3 comments really are pathetic [/quote]I thoroughly agree.
  17. Bassong would be my prediction. It''s easy to overlook him simply because there has never been an African manager (that I can remember anyway) in the Prem / Football League. Would be great if he was the first!
  18. Tom Carroll not on the bench today. I would imagine if they are getting rid of anyone, it will probably be Carroll on loan. I''m not sure he''s necessarily Hughton''s kind of player - the player he''s most similar to in our squad would be David Fox.
  19. I liked him a lot, especially his obsession with Andrew Cave-Brown.
  20. [quote user="McLovin"]Lamelas a winger :)[/quote]well, in that case they can DEFINITELY spare a midfielder!!It seems he has a few strings to his bow: http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/aug/29/erik-lamela-tottenham-totti
  21. Also, I can''t see Zeki Fryers getting in ahead of Vertonghen, Dawson, Kaboul and the new guy.Maybe worth a try on loan?
  22. Spurs currently can choose 4 / 5 from Lennon, Townsend, Paulinho, Eriksen, Capoue, Dembele, Chadli, Holtby, Sandro, Dawkins, Carroll and Sigurdsson.With Lamela, Defoe, Adebayor and Soldado available in attack, I would imagine they''ll play 2 up front on occasions too.I''m sure they can spare a midfielder!
  23. [quote user="Dandy Mountfarto"]I was preparing to say its a silly idea but looking at how you''ve laid out the team, it doesn''t look a half bad idea does it? Shame that it will never happen though, I think the days of us playing multiple different tactics and formations over the course of a season are long gone. [/quote]We played multiple tactics and formations over the course of the last game.
  24. Yellowblood wrote: "Hughton needs to sort his tactics out"CambridgeCanary wrote: "Totally agree Yellowblood. It was the players'' performances on the day not the tactics or even the lineup"that is not what I regard as total agreement.
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