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  1. K Lo

    Arsenal v Brighton

    We lost to Brighton and drew with Arsenal. That's consistent with Brighton beating Arsenal.
  2. K Lo

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    It's the basic appeal to the masses. If Brazil lost to Estonia (for example) I doubt we'd be seeing much about how good Estonia were.
  3. K Lo


    The warning signs were clear at Hillsborough; It was a potentially (more) dangerous ground. This is Wolves v Tottenham Hotspur at Hillsborough... in 1981.
  4. IMO, it's a sliding scale of gambling success against the threat of becoming the next Bury FC. That might sound quite alarmist but it wasn't that long ago that Portsmouth, Coventry, Bolton & Wigan were regulars in the Premier League. One or two false moves and they're fighting or have fought for their very survival. D&M probably are deciding what is right for the club but if Webber hadn't or doesn't buy into it, I guessed he'd be off. I'm inclined to trust Webber with Norwich more than any other previous directors that we've had.
  5. I think most of these mid/lower table teams have sussed Norwich out: Play physical Park the bus Catch Norwich on the counter. Pukki hasn't had a look in recently because every other club has done their homework now.
  6. K Lo


    That match reminded me of Norwich's season before last; lots of huffing & puffing but any team that parked the bus was too much for Norwich to get through.
  7. Do you only have a few years left then ?
  8. K Lo

    Today's Match Thread

    Maybe a Tettey Thunder B***tard ?
  9. K Lo

    Today's Match Thread

    Duncan Forbes I imagine
  10. K Lo

    Today's Match Thread

    Krul for MotM !!
  11. I imagine some Binners were wishing for a Leicester 10th goal, however, I do tend to agree with those that point out that not including scores before 1992 is somewhat arbitrary just for the sake of saying "Biggest Premier League defeat", when the biggest top-division defeat is 12-0, which occured on two occasions.
  12. That looked like n FA Vase match.
  13. and people still ride bicycles. Some even use pens to write words down on paper ! Sorry to break it to you like this.
  14. I didn't specify if it had to be stand alone or not and anyone wanting to listen to a radio broadcast could do so with FreeView on their TV.
  15. Doesn't your car have one ? TVs have them on FreeView.
  16. I'm amazed that someone doesn't own a radio ! I must have about 10 or so !
  17. and here if you'd rather read it (although it's truncated somewhat): Klicken sie hier bitte. I can't help thinking that although Webber seems to be very ambitious for himself and for himself whilst at Norwich, just another 3 years with us isn't really that long of a period. If we do get relegated end of this season, then it'll only be a (hopeful) promotion next season and 1 more season in the Prem.
  18. Re. spending, I'm not going to disagree with Webber's approach, he's far more qualified and knowledgeable than me !
  19. K Lo

    Ratings v Villa

    I thought that Cantwell had a good game today. He looked quite composed on and off the ball. Seemed to me as though the players weren't playing well as a team. Too many stray passes or players not knowing where the other player was going to play the ball.
  20. K Lo

    Villa must win

    *a must-win. Hyphenated as it's a compound adjective (~ game).
  21. K Lo

    EFL Trophy v Crawley

    If I've understood the rules correctly and my maths serves me right, Norwich U21s can not get above the 3rd place that they already occupy. "City must now hope that Crawley beat Oxford when the sides meet in the competition in November, and that both sides have a worse goal difference than Norwich." But if Crawley beat Oxford, Crawly's GD will be better than Norwich U21s. as it's already the same, and the only remaining fixture will then be Portsmouth Vs Oxford where both teams are already above us.
  22. K Lo

    Come on Leicester

    Doesn't matter when in the season it is. 3 points remains 3 points whenever the game is played. A Newcastle win today could have been the 3 points to them that would send us down.
  23. I clearly do. See my posts quoted above. I had already stated: "Level 10 of the English football league system" and "only the top 10-tier leagues", where "tier" means: "each in a series of rows or levels of a structure placed one above the other"
  24. I agree and my point was, and still is, that the other countries still have "a" league cup i.e. a knock-out competition of clubs that play in leagues but never seemed to have something that directly compared to our League Cup, so the statement from the BBC was, IMO, misleading.